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  • August 6, 2017
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Entrepreneurial Leadership And Project Management


Digital marketing channel is one of the most ground-breaking and fresh perceptions of the 21st century. The digital marketing does not have any exact proper definition or proper meaning. Digital marketing can be explained accurately with emails, advertisements, pay per clicks, text messages blogging, fax, broadcast, etc. These examples define the term of digital marketing.

Apart from the examples given above, there are few more channels available which are traditional channels like TV, radio, print and billboards. Digital marketing is the most powerful network for the advertising as like the double click strategy from Google for internet which has become the closest linking between each and every places almost (Chaffey et al., 2014).

Part One

TWO types of digital marketing channels to access the target audience & discussion

Before identifying the digital marketing channel it is required to understand the different channels of digital marketing. By identification of proper channel will help best for the business propel help. There are many digital marketing channels available which can be chosen for business to target audiences, but the most effective TWO channels for the company Marks & Spencer will be:

  • Display advertising
  • Social Media Marketing

Display Advertising

Display advertising is one of the most important channels for the company like Marks & Spencer. The company can target audience more and more by improving their display advertising. This channel includes graphical designing advertisements. After making the graphical advertising the company can put those content into their websites, e-mails, instant messaging apps etc. This kind of advertisements can be text, images, even audio or video clips. These advertisements can be visible to the audiences by going through their internet searches, emails or can be by the hoardings of the road sides. These advertisements are required to be very relevant and should contain effective information of the Marks & Spencer products otherwise these could be misplaced of information to the audiences also (Dadzie, 2015).

Social Media Marketing

Entrepreneurial Leadership And Project ManagementSocial media marketing is the most crucial channel for Marks & Spencer. Media is anything, everywhere in this days. The company a target most of their audiences through social media marketing defiantly. Social media is the only channel that cannot be ignored by almost any person in this world so, the marketing process will be very easy and most effective for not only for the Marks & Spencer but any companies of the worldwide. The standard marketing mediums which are available traditionally are television, radio, social media site advertisements. When we open any website or apps in mobile we cannot avoid me from being viewing advertisements which are default by the website or mobile application that we are accessing (Role of Social Media in Tourism Marketing, 2016).

So, social media advertisements or marketing will be the most and accurate channel for the Marks & Spencer. Almost 80% in this world uses social media sites, so this is the main key channel for the company to target their audiences by providing advertisements into the pages of Facebook. The company can promote their products, offer discounts via advertisements on sites or through mobile apps. Digital marketing is the most effective and valuable process in this days for targeting new customers towards the company products because everybody is addicted to social media. People uses most of the times into social sites even in the relax time of their office. So, the company can process their products adds to the social media sites or into the mobile applications that will help the company in target their audiences or customers mostly (Jessen, 2014).

Two online marketing platforms and their use for target new customers.

There are many online platforms available online for marketing but the top most platforms which can help in target new customers for Marks & Spencer are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter


Facebook is the top most platform for marketing and target new customers. Almost 80% people uses Facebook daily. So, target new customers will be very easy and effective for the company by selling ads to the timeline of Facebook. Facebook is casual and has a friendly environment of the company is great for marketing and target new people. New people create accounts every day on Facebook which is a plus point for Marks & Spencer that they can target a lot of people every day almost. Marks & Spencer need to create a business fan page and have to promote that page through the company by placing the link to that fan page. This online marketing Facebook business page revolves around further by the conversations with the audiences through the posts of company related articles, company products images, videos of company products or marketing videos etc. by viewing those posts in the business page timeline audiences can share those posts and comment in the posts also. Those post can create new audiences if they like the products picture or videos (Chu and Manchanda, 2016).


Twitter is another good and effective tool for online marketing. Twitter can help Marks & Spencer to broadcast their updates related to their new products or offers across the web. People follows Twitter pages and all the twits made by the company comes in the timeline of twitter users. By the broadcast of new updates daily via twitter can attract new customers towards the company surely. The customers can retweet the official posts made by the company which will go to the timeline of other customers. By using Twitter as marketing platform can revolve around dialogs and communication for the company so, the company can be sure about interact with Twitter as much as they can.


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