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  • June 1, 2018
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Dissertation of Procore


Dissertation of ProcoreA procore is a cloud based construction management software application. It was built for the construction industry’s professional. It aims to increases productivity and makes easier project management.  It is very crucial platforms that cover the entire project lifecycles (Juristo and Moreno, (2013). It is integrated and collaborative system which connects people, application,and devices in central workspaces. By using latest technologies companies are able to connect and integrate their existing business solution and also it allowssafesharing of all important data.

According to the Brodnansky, (2016), in the construction workplace, with the help of construction software business can run operation with greater flexibility and focus on growth role ofthe procore in the construction companies is that it helps to build the data and provide the entire life cycles for the construction company.  For any type of the project management, it is important to make complete it on time and with accuracy. By using with such project management software, abusiness can achieve more flexibility in its business and activities.  The role of the system management in the company is that it helps the managers of the company to make sure that all the events are performed on time and also assist to the schedule of their project activities. It is comprehensive software which provides holistic development to theentire project. With the help of this, management software professional of construction companies is able to make interconnect with other members of the project and also helps the managers to provide real time information.

According to the Grover, (2016).)in the construction companies, multiple projectsare operated at thesame time. The procore system helps to them for managers for manage different project with real time accessibility along with this it also help the companies for changing schedule with changes in events. Another role of this software is to make sure that all the events are updated in the software as according to thecalendar. It also provides information regarding to the project such Daily Log, Gantt charts, calendar view or integrates with MS Project. All this are part of the project management tools of procore.  According to the Zou, Lun,  Cipolla and Mohamed, (2017).Theprocore software also helps the company for managing data, quality, and safety in the project management. It also shows all related risks to project and also resolve issues. The procure project management also assists to make sure that too updated meetings and submittals related to the project. It also assists to the company for stores a unlimited number of data and contracts can be stored and shared. With the help of this, all the team members receive updated information and other important notification through which they can get acustomized report. The procore project management software has a great impact on the productivity and efficiency of the companies. With the help of this system management, managers are able to complete tasks on time and schedule on all activities. The business organization isenabling to use different tools and techniques for project management and it shared all information within theproject.

According to Arashpour and Arashpour, (2015).) construction management software helps the managers for managing their project activities and workforces.   Through this management software, the construction companies are able to complete their tasks on time and also provide aschedule for each activity.  If the construction business receives their work on time then it enhances their productivity and efficiency with more frequent way. The technology is used across all industry segments, including residential, commercial, and industrial construction. There is a lot of the waste generatedin the construction companies. With the help of the management software, the business can reduce waste inefficiencies and productivity issues. The procore management software provides a dashboard on which they show all the project related problems and the ways in which business can solve. The management software streamlinesoperation and develops acontinuous improvement in project life cycle. It makes enable to themanager for generating real time information of project and also add value to the project. According to the Graziotin,  Wang and Abrahamsson, (2014).) In the construction, there are multiple of thefinancial transaction take place.  For the project manager, it is important that to make sure all business transaction is recorded accurately and budgets are prepared for theproject.  The procore software also helps the business for tracking project financials and budgets. It is akind feature of theproject through which business organization can easily prepare finance for business activities and monitoring of business.  By effective maintaining on the financial transaction, the business organization is able to perform their tasks easily. By budgeting of each activities efficiency of theproject are increase and workforces of the companies are getting the clear vision regarding to the project.

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