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  • September 1, 2016
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  1. Introduction

  2. This career episode describes activities done by me as a Packet core consultant regarding a packet core network company, where I am responsible to provide some monitoring reports that show all the equipment are working well or not. A special case occurred when I was working in Accenture in Rio de Janeiro.
  1. Background 

  1. As part of Accenture’s packet core team, I am responsible for providing support for packet core network solutions, our team was responsible to commission, integrate and support LTE equipment’s related to data core network (MME and S-P-Gw) during the trial at customer laboratory.
  1. This is a very important project that has to implement in the laboratory, it is a sequel of very successful and famous laboratory in Brazil, Steering accuracy and new invention is the main motto of that laboratory.
  • Down Below I am describing my organization chart for the Accenture’s TIM Brazil:

  1. As previously commented, we were responsible for providing support for packet core network, a set of known changes to be done. As a Project Launch Manager my task was to guarantee the development process from the design and specification to the delivery of the product. I first set the workflow for the laboratory in Brazil. As the commission, integrate and support LTE equipment’s related to data core network (MME and S-P-Gw) of customer laboratory, we needed to designate a specific Product requirement for this project. In accordance with the project manager, Customer Team Leader and the internal Customer Team leader, I designated a Packet Core Consultant. My choice was based on my experience.
  1. Once the project team has set the tone and the requirements for the trail are finalized and all the equipment’s are ready to be used with all good configurations, I started to fill in the blanks with the other responsible teams. Contacting customer Team Leader and Project manager in order to set analysis regarding the environment impact of the changes.
  1. Personal Workplace Activity 

  1. LTE is an innovation that needs to convey remote movement on wire line offices, regularly called “backhaul,” to the remote administration focuses. My main work in this to provide monitoring reports by using various software. Backhaul in 2G and 3G remote systems has been founded on time-division multiplexing (TDM) circuits in light of the fact that TDM is the voice way for early-era remote. However, with 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE) innovation, no TDM pathway is required, and no express “backhaul” by any means. What replaces it is the idea of the “developed bundle center.” On this project we had to provide all solutions or fix all problems, faster than customer’s complains.
  1. Specific tools/Platforms that I have used to solve the given assignments/projects in my position I need to use many tools from different vendors, but the most used is Wire shark (Protocol Analyzer).Wire shark is a free and open source network protocol analyzer that enables users to interactively browse the data traffic on a computer network. The development project was started under the name Ethereal, but was renamed Wire shark in 2006.Another one that I am using a lot now a days, is also a Protocol Analyzer, but this is property from equipment vendor (I’ve being forced to use this, because we are swapping equipment vendor to a new one), the name is “Trace Viewer”. Follow Viewer is an investigating device intended to put your follow records and script code on screen in the meantime. The decent thing about this instrument is that while you look over your follow record, it demonstrates to you the coordinating line in your source.
  1. It’s very important to recall that advanced packet center carrier channels are basically burrows that make an autonomous arrangement of information ways that must be navigated before movement is liable to ordinary IP steering. The area of the packet door with respect to the serving passages is the last thought in developed parcel center outline. Where the two are “close” in a system topology sense, movement bounced off the advanced bundle center and onto the IP administration organizes near the cell destinations. That can be extremely effective if there are numerous neighborhood servers and administration components got to through the LTE system. It can mean having more parcel door focuses, be that as it may, and less proficient 4G activity conglomeration. Concentrating parcel entryway areas will mean overseeing carrier channel ways all the more unequivocally in light of the fact that they’re longer, and all movement produced by the clients of the system will must be conveyed some separation before it can be associated with any server or experience source.
  1. For advanced laboratory, it is completely important that the flagging trades (MME, SGW) and the administration control segments (like the HSS in IMS) are dependable. Flagging way disappointments will trade off administrations, and dormancy in overseeing handoffs will disturb the carrier channel and meddle with client discussions or encounters. These flagging channels need not be carried on the same courses as the conveyor channels, keeping in mind assorted directing may not be profitable in light of the fact that both carrier and flagging associations are required for stable administration, it might reflect need treatment of flagging ways. 
  1. In implementation of project we had no problem related to hardware neither to software; however we had problem related to integration. To fix that, we had to contact different customer departments to check the parameters values and if necessary to exchange for right values. In addition, to identify some other problems, such as internet navigation problems, we took a trace (messages exchanged between equipment’s on a network) from our equipment and analyses them 
  1. Parallel to that discussion, I presented all the problems that can occur during the implementation of the network: 
  • Network Overload
  • Real-time network analytics
  • Bandwidth on-demand capabilities
  • Last-mile diversity
  • Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Distributed Business Processes

Experts agree that having an established process is key to addressing integration problems but the testing and evaluation portions of the process are particularly important. As per me the testing and evaluation are imperative to ensuring that

integration is going to work. There’s no such thing as plug-and-play or 100% compatible,”

  1. I have done some steps overcome the integration process:
  1. First of all we have to know about clear understanding of the client’s requirements and existing infrastructure,
  2. Should have an established and proven process in place that includes research and development, testing, and prototyping.
  3. Test, test and test again before deploying a solution in the client’s production environment.
  4. Get ahold of products while they are still in beta so you can work with them before customers start requesting them.
  1. During the implementation and integration of the LTE equipment, I reported some issues on the weekly highlights to the project manager and on a monthly basis during a design review meeting with the Manager Accenture. I have an escalation flow in case a problem was detected. This workflow is described below:
  2. All actions to fix these problems must be done as quickly as possible, because all related problems will impact directly on internet navigation of subscribers from customer.
  1. Summary 
  1. Every aspect of project was respected from the definition to the delivery. The entire improvement work process has diverse perspectives and correlations, yet prime results must be accomplished when each taking an interest is submitted with the project. The significance of depending on the suppliers experience were a decent lesson learned too.
  1. As a Packet core consultant, where I have to provide some monitoring reports for all the equipment are working in a good condition. This experience brought me some more tools to deal with engineering plan definition, problem solving.
  1. I was able to provide a good response to my project manager by giving all the positive reports while implementation of the LTE equipment. All the equipment kept an excellent behavior then the existing one and all are working fine. Now all are satisfied with the new technology and spreading good words about the work and equipment.

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