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REQUIRED Dominos Pizza Group Plc 

Dominos Pizza Group Plc have recently been appointed as an Business Manager at a London firm of accountants.  You have been asked to produce an analysis of Domino’s Pizza Group plc and its market segment.

Dominos Pizza Group Plc | Cheap Dominos Pizza | Dominos CouponsYour report should contain the following elements:

  • An analysis of the financial status of Domino’s Pizza Group plc with comments, producing the main financial ratios (see Business Accounting, lectures 8 and 9, Term 2) and comparing the two most recent financial years. Extracts from the financial statements and other key financial information to use is shown on page 3.
  • Comment on the limitations of using ratio analysis to assess business performance.
  • Discuss Domino’s Pizza Group plc strategy and market share and compare its profitability with a key competitor (details can be obtained from the Domino’s Pizza Group plc and competitor websites).
  • Discuss the reasons why companies produce annual reports and accounts.

Your report should not exceed 1,500 words but you may add to that additional information in tables and appendices.  A maximum of ten different ratios should be used. 

Your report should:

  • Be written in a plain style, using subheadings and lists where appropriate.
  • Include any sources of information.

This is an individual assignment.  Students are reminded that the definition of plagiarism includes claiming another person’s work as your own, for example through inadequate references of sources of material used (including internet sources).  Direct quotations must be enclosed in quotation marks and cited (referenced).  Using other people’s ideas requires a citation even if a direct quote is not included.

SUBMISSION DATE: Friday 10th  July 2017.

The coursework should be submitted to the Second Attempt Assessment Dropbox on the Business Accounting Unit Moodle Site. 

The Unit Code and your student number should be shown as part of the title of the submission and any attachments should contain the same details. 

Learning outcomes of the assignment

  • Improved ability to evaluate the purpose of the Annual Report of a company.
  • Ability to critically analyse and interpret company information, in the context of the competitive and business environment in which a company operates and an appreciation of the limitations of such information.
  • Improved literature review skills.
  • Improved written communication skills.
DOMINO’S PIZZA GROUP plcYear ended March 2016

(£ million)

Year ended March 2015

 (£ million)

Sales revenue360,577316,788
Cost of sales215,719193,171
Gross profit144,858123,617
Operating profit83,04773,181
Interest expense52418
Profit after interest and tax71,81649,663
Earnings per share14.5 pence10.0 pence
Dividend per share4.50 pence3.92 pence
Non-current liabilities (borrowings)*56,98011,450
Share capital and reserves107,15897,675
Current assets75,41889,718
Current liabilities84,39371,341
Trade receivables42,39228,747
Trade payables59,42552,912

*Long term loans

Dominos Pizza Group Plc | Cheap Dominos Pizza | Dominos Coupons

[Marking criteria shown on following page] 


Marking Criteria Failure < 40%40 – 59%60– 69%First >70%
Introduction and background to topic                   Limited introduction not focused on aims of assignmentTopic well focused but introduction and context incompleteIntroduction clearly expressed; context well definedAs for good pass
Understanding of key issues Minimal understanding of key issuesMain issues largely identified, but some lack of focusAll issues clearly understood, with some differentiation in terms of importanceIssues clearly understood and differentiated in terms of importance
Evidence of reading and/or choice of appropriate concepts Little evidence of reading or limited /inappropriate use of module material; unclear theoretical framework; important work uncited or key concepts ignoredEvidence of reading or appropriate use of module material but with some gaps.  Literature /concepts adequately but not critically reviewed.Good critical literature review or well-justified choice of module material. Theoretical framework supports study.Demonstrates high level of scholarship.


Largely descriptive; practically no analysis of central issues.  Qualitative or quantitative data analysis inaccurate.Some critical analysis of central issues, but with some inaccuracies.Relevant and full analysisComprehensive and critical analysis of central issues.
Presentation and evaluation of evidence




Some evidence to support arguments but uncritical acceptance of material; poor or incomplete citation; unjustified conclusions.Appropriate evidence, generally assessed critically; weak interpretation of qualitative aspects; some gaps in linkages between evidence and conclusions.


Full, critical assessment of discriminatingly selected material; some evidence of independent thoughtFull, critical assessment of discriminatingly selected material; evidence of independent thought; substantial individual insights evident

Structure, clarity, use of grammar, correct spelling                       

Poor: lack of structure and clarity; grammatical mistakes; inadequate referencingReasonably clear presentation; reasonable referencing; few grammatical or spelling  mistakesDemonstrates very good communication skills; accurate referencing; very few/no grammatical or spelling errorsExcellent communication skills; accurate referencing; virtually no errors; scholarly, well-organised treatment of material
Attainment of learning objectives Attainment of few/none of the relevant learning objectivesAttainment of a good majority of the relevant learning objectivesAttainment of substantial majority of the relevant learning objectivesAttainment of nearly all of the relevant learning objectives