Dissertation Proposal for MSc Project Management

Dissertation Proposal for MSc Project ManagementDissertation Proposal for MSc Project Management

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About this form

This form is for use in the MSc Project Management Dissertation Project Proposal Form MScPROM01 tutorial sessions.

It is for you to use to outline your dissertation topic ideas for discussion in class and peer review, as well as for producing your actual PROM01 proposal for approval.

Before you completing this proposal form you must read the document:

“A very short guide to developing a brilliant MSc Project Management dissertation research topic”

A copy of which you should have been given by the tutor taking the PROM01 tutorial sessions.

It is expected that this document will extend to two or three pages when you have completed it correctly.

Dissertation Subject Area (note this is not the title):
Your DissertationResearch Topic ProposalA framework to identify and manage the challenging to start producing  for xxxxxx Ltd 
How is this topic explicitly linked to project management?
Give a general overview of your idea
What is the research objective?
What is/are the research question/s
What will be actual output of the research?
How will the data required to produce the output be collected?
What will be the main focus of your literature review?
What do you envisage could be areas of difficulty with this dissertation/project idea?
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