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    Dissertation Internet Commerce Assignment  Internet Commerce or Electronic Commerce (e- commerce) can be defined as the conduction of trade services and goods, with the Dissertation Internet Commerce Assignment | Athenova Technologies &#8211aid of telecommunications – based tools like the “Internet” (Acharya and Kagan 2014). The research will evaluate the gigantic opportunity of business that “Internet Commerce” has opened up for all business – oriented organizations within the industry. Meanwhile, in the recent epoch managements of various well – renowned companies have faced chief concerns that aroused from neglecting the procedure of Internet Commerce (Dahl and Lesnick 2011). Reversely, companies who has opted the procedures of using Internet Commerce have achieved massive success within a short span of time. The research will evaluate all positive elements and underlying opportunities that Internet Commerce may bring in as a boom to any organization within the industry (Standing 2010). Moreover, the research will extract and highlight various essential components of Internet commerce that has the ability to blossom the business process of any organization including the drooped – down firms as well.

Background of the Research

Having gone through the “dot.com” boom of the 90’s and the fiscal catastrophe at the beginning of the 20th century, the Internet in the present epoch is viewed as a mainstream platform for trade and is also highlighted as an integral part of the social and commercial landscape (Acharya and Kagan 2014). Online marketing and advertising has amplified immensely over the past few years and at the same time have attracted the attention of marketers. Internet has become a gigantic platform for commercial industries for performing various promotional activities apart from selling goods and services (Internetcommerce.org 2015). Globalization has loomed over all industries operating in the present trade market and hence, Internet has emerged as one of the sole helping hand to interconnect with global communities beyond physical boundaries (Dahl and Lesnick 2011).

However, a certain controversy over the market globalization continues, as with each passing days more “Multinational Corporations (MNC’s)” are shifting their process of promotional strategies over the platform provided by the Internet. These drastic changes in the process of promotion, selling and buying products and services have acquired various kinds of response from different concerned segments (Rodraguez 2013). Marketers are vigorously exploring methods that might exploit the miscellaneous opportunities that exist in Internet today. Apart from purchasing and selling motives, companies have started using Internet for introduction of new products, as Internet is the sole platform that holds the mechanism to convey direct messages of companies to consumers globally (Wang 2010).

Research Objectives

The objectives of the research have been highlighted below:

  • To evaluate the benefits of Internet Commerce in the marketing process and international business
  • To extract the elements of Internet Commerce that has the ability to establish a business within a short span of time
  • To analyse the managerial implication regarding international online marketers on various pre  -determined strategies
  • To fork out issues and problems of Internet Commerce that may affect an organization and recommend safety measures accordingly

Research Questions

The research questions are formulated below based on the central topic of the research and research objectives.

  • What are the various impacts of Internet on domestic and International commerce in the present epoch?
  • What are the benefits if Internet Commerce in the marketing process?
  • What are the legal issues and problems that may arise in the platform of Internet Commerce?

Dissertation Internet Commerce Assignment | Athenova Technologies &#8211

Research Process (Methodology)

The qualitative method will be opted for the research, as the data will be collected from reliable and authentic “secondary sources” (Library.unt.edu 2016). This research philosophy helps the investigator to obtain required information on the real facts and make conclusion based on that analysis.  Moreover, this will enable the researcher to review the existing academic literatures of identical areas and an attempt will be made to provide an integrated rendering of the present level of grasp within this domain. Moreover, the investigator will pursue the interpretivism research philosophy for conducting the needed research deeds.  The collected data will be analysed with the minute possible details in order to understand the exact flow of information and identify underlying gaps. At the first instance, the chief concepts of that relates to the various marketing methods will be explained and at the second stage various contributions, which concentrates on the formerly suggested scope of review will be selected and presented.

Data Collection methods

The data will be collected by selecting around 20 articles, which is overflowed with information concerning the business research topic. The extracted data will then be categorised and coded in order to acquire the value- based attributes. Moreover, collection of data will also go through the process of visiting websites of various companies in order to understand the increase in the use of Internet Commerce within the last few years.

Data Analysis methods

The extracted numeric data will be analysed by using the Regression analysis method, which will smoothly highlight the gaps that underlies within the literature and real life business- events of using Internet Commerce. Moreover, graphs will be represented according to the outcomes of the regression analysis that will provide a visual understanding of the actual research outcome. The analysis will be conducted after minutely reviewing the ultimate outcome of the data after going through regression analysis method.

Expected Research Outcome

The most vigorous outcome that is expected from the research is regrading the findings of the proliferation of international online markets over the past decades. Moreover, the research is expected to extract various pivotal elements that are needed to be implemented by all organizations in order to achieve success in the platform of Internet Commerce. Meanwhile, the benefits of Internet Commerce within today’s business industry are expected as a major outcome of the research. However, the promotional activities have increased immensely in Internet over the past years, but sales revenue generated by the concerned organizations are not proportionate with the rise in investment of promotions, the researcher expects to fork out a realistic and logical reason behind this after successfully conduction of the research.

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