Digital Marketing Assignment Help

Digital Marketing Assignment Help

Digital Marketing Assignment Help is defined as marketing by the use of tools and techniques of digital domain on the internet. Its main mission is to capture customers using online advertising and promotions so that any entity can promote its goods and services.  This academic report about opportunities and issues with digital marketing has its intent based on finding various facets of the concepts of Digital Marketing. We have also tried to check what all various challenges and options are available in Digital Marketing for organizations as per the academic research (Ruuska&Vartiainen, Digital Marketing Assignment Help2005).To gain an insight into the definition of Digital Marketing, we need to study the entailment and benefits of Digital Marketing. We also need to identify the challenges associated with Digital Marketing.  We have discussed the ways in which organizations can try and implement digital marketing into their online and offline marketing activities. The intent for this academic report is to check multiple reasons due to which digital marketing should be used as one of the most important strategic tools in an organization.  The main reason behind adopting digital marketing should be for helping business function in a continuous manner by building connectivity and trust among all stakeholders. This is also the most effective yet economic way in which the final aim of boosting top line and bottom line of any company can be achieved. This will overall improve the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization (Wind & Mahajan 2001).

Literature Review

The digital era has changed the way in which marketing is done. Pricing is not a competitive advantage now a days as customers are now dictating prices, buyers and sellers are not coming in one stage. Brands are becoming less important as customers are trying to get real time and important information which can change the marketplace.  Market research is creating its own new definition and companies which are doing it in digital arena by tracing online activity of every member of target audience. Organization focus is shifting from traditional marketing communication channels to the web where interactive communication can take place. This helps in educating, entertaining and persuading the customers (Barwise& Farley 2005). Digital Marketing has opened new gates for sales channels.  It helps customers for getting huge quantity and quality in a very accessible way.   Customers can arrange for product which can fulfill their needs in any possible characteristics like price, value, features as well as their combination in the needed manner (Wind & Mahajan 2001). Customers can help from third parties to get advices as well as valuation of previous experiences of customers. Digital Marketing focuses majority on customers so that marketing focus changes traditional way of simplex communication into a two way communication. Technology has given weaponry in hands of customers. Any company which doesn’t play by these roles will be ousted from the playground of competition (Klososky 2012).
Digital Marketing has reinvented what all marketing requires in terms of concepts, definitions, procedures so that organization itself is more appropriate for being cohesive to global digital arena. The Rise of digital marketing has ensured that both businesses as well as academic practitioners need to reinvent their thinking. They should try and change their research focus as take a multi discipline approach which is cross functional in nature.  They should understand the impact of Internet as well as find out what is the latest in arena of information technology.  Organizations shouldn’t only be listening to the market place but should try and become proactive in adapting them to their particular scenario so that they are more effective and efficient.  They should adopt management practices for evolving digital marketing techniques and make them as their strengths using methodological tools. They should also try and make measurement tools which can assess viability of their investment and efforts in digital marketing tools and techniques. The dynamic content that they are going to host on their websites should be tailor made as well as engaging to their audience, they should develop mobile apps for people to access them on the go and try and drive higher traffic using various promotional techniques (Wang, Tang & Tang 2001).

Digital Marketing Assignment Help

Most of the companies are today getting wet with the force of digital technology as a way to promote their services as well as products. Multiple companies are trying to implement different tools and techniques for digital marketing in their scenarios. But some organizations use their digital marketing strategy work in a better way than others to attract and retain customers. The secret of every successful marketing campaign is the impact of that digital marketing campaign on target audience. We are now listing digital marketing implementation done by two companies, Smirnoff and Warner Brothers. The fundamentals at the base of these programs are similar to any of the promotion that others do but the timing as well as implementation was very much targeted as well as suited to their target audience which engaged them in a captive manner (Mayar& Ramsey 2011). Firstly, Smirnoff, Smirnoff is an alcoholic beverage brand which has successfully engaged its customers. Its video campaign of “Tea Party” has been one of the biggest successful digital marketing campaigns ever. This was started on video on YouTube and was promoted across different social channels. Smirnoff has integrated its Facebook, Twitter, YouTube as well as other social communication feeds in a similar manner so that they can get maximum synchronization benefit from these channels. The Tea Party campaign started from a video with multiple people posting similar videos sharing their tea party experiences. Secondly, Warner Bros,Warner Bros is one of the leading Hollywood studios which have multiple launches in a year. They have successfully implemented digital marketing for their multiple films. Digital Marketing is very necessary for them as now a day’s initial buzz for a movie is very important for a movie as it more or less decides the revenue and curiosity of its viewers.  They successfully have made communities for their multiple films with an umbrella community for their studio and they try and cross promote their movies across the groups. They have posted dynamic content as well as have made mobile apps and interactive games for people to engage with their brand so as to get them curious as well as engage with their films. For Dark Knight, they made a much planned digital marketing strategy. They tried to create a virtual world for Batman where there was detailed map for “Gotham City” as well as character bios and stats. Key characters were doing the same job that they did in the actual movie. This movie not only set the bench mark in terms of earnings but also in terms of internet promotion using digital marketing.
When we compare these two digital marketing implementation case studies, we see a lot of similarities as well as adaption according to situations. Since Smirnoff is a single brand, it has created a synchronized platform with various digital marketing challenges so that customer gets similar information and is engaged real time. Since, they have a physical product to deliver; their marketing is more based on user engagement in physical world with digital marketing complimenting the same. When we talk about Warner Bros, they are selling experience to their target audience, which can be enhanced before the actual movie experience begins. The start of marketing campaign tries to drive the curiosity and deliver glimpses of experience that the user will be experiencing in that movie (Mayar& Ramsey 2011).


In Conclusion, when we look at implementing digital marketing in any organization, the main issue is about using adaptive experimentation. Organizations should try and build more customer centric digital tools which can help them launch innovative solutions to customers and help them meet their demands. This academic moves from identifying the opportunities and challenges to real time implementation of digital marketing. We have tried to dig deeper in digital marketing arena so that reader can recognize the importance of the new marketing paradigm whose central philosophy and approach is set around digital arena as well as activities are defined across the same.This report is about how we can explore different concepts which are associated with digital marketing. There are multiple opportunities as well as issues which evolve when digital marketing is used in organizations. Social tools always help in making digital marketing effective and can be applied efficiently for benefit of every organization.  We discovered in this report that organization always try and maximize opportunities which are presented by digital marketing tools and techniques. This will also help organizations to generate sustainable competitive advantage in dynamic and competitive market.  We first tried to review academic literature to find out the possible opportunities and challenges due to which digital marketing should be used. Then, we saw practical implementation of tools and techniques of digital marketing in two different organizations. Then we gave implementation on how organizations should adopt various tools and techniques of digital marketing in there scenario to make them most effective and efficient. Order Now


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