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The human body develops like this so that food we eat the stomach and all the essentials can be absorbed whereas widespread or unused.

What is Digestive system ?

Digestive system is the process of generating electricity from our food. But the digestive system needs to be aware of the knowledge of Morphology and the body of the human body, the most important of the diseases that are linked to the GI therapy. Often, people think that stomach food is in the diet, but this is not true. Dumping from the mouth and beginning to the esophagus and after the end of the stomach. The entire process ends when all the unimportant data is passed through the anus of the intestine.

There are a number of steps to digest:

  • Ingestion
  • Secretion
  • Mixing ad movement
  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • Excretion

The above table gives some parts of the body to cook and begins to finally reach the stomach. Diet will eat nourishment in the mouth. Loneliness means that there are many types of fluids that can help in an easy-to-use diet process. Then he spit and moves, which takes place from the mouth to the stomach. Where the food is mixed and move on, then to digest areas in the stomach of the whole product. The importance of food is absorbed and so is the lack of waste disposal excreted by the body.

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