Developing Negotiation Skills

This is a solution of Developing Negotiation Skills  in which we discuss Developing business IT strategy can help your company cope with aging systems and limited resources that can lead to fragmented IT solutions.

Developing Negotiation SkillsAn organization deals with different stakeholders such as employees, consumers, suppliers, investors, etc. Company needs to focus towards dealing with them in a manner so that the situation of conflict will minimize and organization becomes able to get the interest of its all stakeholders which supports towards increasing long-term sustainability in the industry. In this context, Maxwell, et al. (2015) depicted that in the context of Mc. Donald’s, it is the company which is dealing in a global market. While dealing in the market company has to deal with different circumstances. For handing different situations, organizations need to focus towards developing different negotiation skills for different circumstances.For the purpose of developing the negotiation skills in an organization, it is essential to develop listening skills, problem analysis and problem solving skills. However, in the contrary, Halperin (2014) depicted that developing written communication rather than verbal communication and minimizing communication gap is essential for the development of effective negotiation skills. Emotional control, effective decision making, understanding the issues from different perspective and developing interpersonal skills are necessary for handling different circumstances. Moreover, it is essential for Mc. Donald’s to increase concern towards ethical practices and reliability according to the need of the market in which company is dealing which will support the firm to eliminate the situation of conflict related to legal laws. In support of this, Mazei, et al. (2015) exhibited that to achieve the goal of developing effective negotiation skills for different circumstances, Mc. Donald’s need to introduce training and development program as it remains assistive to develop the skills in the employees and to making them ready to handle different situations. Moreover, company needs to give the past examples of the managers who have handle different circumstances with effective negotiation which will support the recent team to indulge those characteristics in them (Moore, 2014). Moreover, it is essential to make the team aware that negotiation means not only the series of compromising. However, win-win situation (collaboration negotiation style) is the best but according to the need of the situation sometimes organization needs to take decision according to win-lose (competition negotiation style) or lose-win (accommodation negotiation style) situation (Zintel, &Stehli, 2013). In like manner, in some situations, there is a need of using avoidance negotiation style. So, it is essential to make the team members understand and to provide them proper training to develop these skills. Additionally, there is a need of reviewing the managers that are they become able to use these strategies in an effective manner or not? If any consequences take place then there is a need of proper counseling while focusing towards effective training program.

Good negotiating skills will remain highly effective for Mc. Donald’s to handle its global market. Negotiating skills will assist Mc. Donald’s while taking a loan from the bank, discussing the price or quality with suppliers, negotiating the salary with the employees, negotiating the wages with the labours, discussing the working hours with the team mates, resolving the conflicts of employees, negotiating with the investors, etc.Van Zant,&Kray (2015). This skill will enable the firm to compete in the scenario of fierce competition while satisfying the different stakeholders,which will support Mc. Donald’s to stand stead and ahead while expanding its business chains. So, the firm will become able to make the management a good negotiator which will remain supportive towards increasing the profit margin of the organization. At the same time, Kerr, et al. (2006) depicted that negotiation isnot a way to keep ourselves on a top however, it means to reach at a conclusion where both party remain satisfied. Effective negotiation enables the firm to create long-term sustainability in the industry and Mc. Donald’s is aware about it. This is the main reason behind the success of the firm in the global market. Due to this reason, company has satisfied stakeholders as company gives focus towards handling the situation with utmost care while focusing towards effective conflict management system (Moore, 2014). It supports the firm to minimize the situation of risk and enables to create effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders which has supported Mc. Donald’s to sustain in the diversified market.


From the above study, it can be concluded that in the current scenario, it is essential to focus towards negotiation as it supports to resolve the situation of conflicts. Conflict resolution is an integral part as it supports to handle different circumstances. The organization which become able to handle the conflicts in a well-defined manner, become able to survive in the industry while creating long-term sustainability. Negotiation and conflict resolution also enables the firm to create competitive advantage in the industry.


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