Develop Working Definition Management

Develop and submit a concise report (1000 words) that Develop Working Definition Managementpresents your working definition of management developed during modules 1 and 2 of the unit. The report’s focus must relate to observations you have personally undertaken during the early part of the term (first 4 or 5 weeks). Pay particular attention to the instructions provided in the assessment block in Moodle, and start work on the report from week 1. Your thinking and developing appreciation about management is key, since activities in modules 1 and 2 are about establishing a first-hand appreciation of management-in-action through observation and description. Find practicing managers you are able to observe and with whom you develop some form of relationship.

Assessment 1 is not about forming judgements or making evaluations. As part of the preparation for the written report, keep an open-mind about what it is that management does – the list may well be quite long. The need for a working definition stems from the fact that that your observations will not be not exhaustive, and consequently the evidence gathered represents a starting point for appreciation and understanding of today’s management practices.

RESOURCES:  To successfully complete the assessment 

  1. Make use of the lectures (modules 1 and 2)
  2. Engage with the weekly seminars
  3. Complete the weekly Learning Log entries
  4. Use the textbook and readings as principal sources
  5. Apply the American Psychological Association (APA) abridged guide for layout of references
  6. Refer to the assessment block (Moodle) for further instructions on report structure and standards

Submission Instructions:  Use file (.doc, .docx to .pdf) converter and submit the final draft of the written report.

Assessment Criteria:

  1. Analysis: Observation ad Interpnretation; working definition (10 marks)
  2. Application: Uses relevant theory, concepts, competencies, and models (10 marks)
  3. Delivery: Problem or Focus, Structure, Format, and Written Expression Standards (10 marks)

Refer to gradebook for total marks, and Feedback Studio in Moodle for written feedback and marks