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Describe Background Assignment Help is a short section of about 450 words. The introduction should describe the background (i.e. the situation at a particular time) and academic context (the context is the set of circumstances in which the report was written including the report’s Describe Background Assignment Help | Students Lack Critical Background Skillsfunction and purpose).Include a brief literature review (a literature review shows what is currently known about the topic and forms the foundation for the new views that you will present in the report) and an explanation of the method used to collect and analyze data.


An academic report is a research report written by a scholar(e.g.,students, researchers and professors) on a particular topic. Its main purpose is to present answers (i.e., new knowledge) to a research questionto another scholar who wants information on that topic which is based on facts (things that are observable or measurable) and is objective (i.e., without bias).  This new knowledge is built on the foundation of what is currently known about the given topic. This is called a literature review.

For example

TopicBusiness strategy of People Express (Airline)






Literature review











Many scholars have defined strategy as an organization’s the long-term plan which helps it to achieve competitive advantage over its rivals by means of the proper use of resources and competences (Mitzberg, 1987; Barney, 1991; Johnson, Scholes and Whittington, 2009; Dess, Lumpkin, Eisner and Peridis, 2012). As the definition shows, gaining competitive advantage by using its resources and competences is therefore the crucial to strategy. Many have thus tried to explaincompetitive advantage in strategy development (Porter, 1980, 1985; Barney, 1991; Teece, Pisano and Shuen 1997; Peteraf and Barney). According to Porter (1997), competitive advantage is to be achieved by manipulating the five forces in the relevant industry. This means (1) minimizing the bargaining power of customers, (2) minimizing the bargaining power of suppliers, (3) minimizing the threat of new entrants, (4) minimizing the threat of substitutes, and (5) minimizing rivalry among the competitors.


Assuming Porter’s theory is correct, why and how did People Express airline become bankrupt when it was hugely successful and growing rapidly? Could we devise a new strategy using Porter’s forces and other techniques?


This report will examine these issues by collecting data and information available in published articles, books and on the internet to find flaws in People Express’ strategy and develop a new strategy that will help it to survive and thrive.

Research questions


(Ask questions such as: Is it really like this? How or why did it become like this? Is it always like this? Does ‘everyone’ see it this way? Do newer sources agree with older ones on this topic?)

Describe Background Assignment Help | Students Lack Critical Background Skills

Main sections of report

This is the body of your report. It may contain up to 2,500 words depending on your assignment. In these sections you should present your data, analysis, findings and discussions. You can divide the main sections of your repo0rt into relevant headings and subheadings.

  1. Conclusion and recommendations

This is a short section of about 150 words. Write your conclusions and recommendations clearly and with clear reasons or supporting evidence.


Write your references in the Harvard style. Follow the guidance given below. Use the books and journal articles in the library. Do not use Wikipedia and blogs. Do not cite your teacher. Use company websites when your research involves those companies.Order Now