Defining Term Hospitality Assignment Help

Defining Term Hospitality Assignment Help

Defining Term Hospitality Assignment Help  product and services offered in a 4* hotel and in Bed and Breakfast.

Bread and Breakfast is a place of stay for few nights where breakfast is complimentary but it is different from 4 star hotels. This arrangement will have an open kitchen and rooms.

Defining Term Hospitality Assignment HelpHotels have equipped staffs that are specialized to carry out different functions, which operate wide rangeof tasks, but B&B have smaller and limited staff members.

The price of hotel food is high in four star hotels than B&B. B&B has fluctuating prices that are subject to seasonal influx of guests but hotels usually do not. Hotels even offer discount to the guests. (Difference Between , 2014)

B& B is usually a room or set of rooms up for lodging guests in someone’s house whereas a four star hotel is a separate establishment equipped with all amenities to lodge guests. (Visit Britain, 2014)

   Describe a Flat organizational structure and a Tall organizational structure.

 Flat Organizational Structure

  • Management levels are few and a large group is under the control of each level
  • Focus is on employee empowerment
  • Feature of this structure is self-direction and it is autonomous in nature
  • Problem solving is achieved by employee participation(Griffin, 2014)
  • Levels are hierarchy is less

Tall Organizational Structure

  • exists in large and complex organisations
  • large numbers of management levels in this structure
  • Many ranks of managers exists controlling specific operations of smaller areas
  • many hierarchy levels operating with narrow span of control
  • decisions are taken by the senior management (BBC, 2014)  Select a hospitality organization and provide the following information:
  • Organizational structure

London Heathrow Marriott is a well-developed chain and has a tall organisational structure. It is a complex and large hotel business, so the tall hierarchical structure ensures its smooth running. It has a centralised head office that performs major responsibilities and has large amount of power. The General Manager is responsible to control the 5 executive committee members. It has assistant head so the department and also associates. Identifying the operational and functional areas

Departmentalisation of a company in order to carry specific functions is known as its functional area.

Functional Area of London Heathrow Marriott is;

  • It has a front office including the reception
  • Beverage and food section is another functional area that includes the room service,restaurant, Bar etc.
  • Kitchen department
  • Leisure activities
  • Human Resource Department
  • Finance Team
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Maintenance
  • Administration
  • Defining the following terms – Skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled

Skilled – An employee can be called skilled if he is capable of working with high efficiency and if he is an independent worker. He understands and develops the skills and qualities to perform well at his job. Example can be a Human Resource Manager of a Hotel.(Mahuron, 2014)

Semi-skilled employee is one who has job knowledge and does routine work. He does not use much judgement and decision taking skills. Example can be a gate keeper or waiter.(TalkHRSuccess, 2013)

Unskilled employee performs simple duties that require no or little judgemental attitude or decision taking skills. Example can be a sweeper

For the following job roles: chef, housekeeper and a concierge. Explaining their job description, qualifications and skills required

Prepares good quality of food and their services

Plan menu for the day

  • Cooking skills: should have own style of cooking and must be adaptive to different styles
  • able to manage inventory and supplies in the kitchen
  • Organisation and thoroughness
  • Creativity
  • Qualifications
  • Technical School Certificate in cooking
  • Significant previous experience of managing a team in a similar environment

Reports to: Assistant Housekeeper

  • Changing bed sheets, cleaning bathrooms
  • Check the condition of the room and notify the Assistant Housekeeper in case of mal function
  • Responsible for cleaning and tidying hotel bedrooms.
  • Key Responsibilities
  • To be responsible for the linen and equipment supplied
  • To ensure application of brand standards.

 Should understand the need of tidiness and uniformity in his work

  • Must be able to work well in teams
  • respecting internal hotel procedures
  • Discretion is a must

No previous experience required

Job description

  • Provide advice and information of locations and sight seeing
  • Coordinate transportation for guests
  • Arrange luggage storage

Skills and qualifications

Educational degrees or previous guest services experience. 

  using the case study identify the two roles of BHA.

BHA is a non-government body representing and promoting the hospitality industry of UK.

Two roles of BHAare;

It works promoting the interests of the hotel operators, hotel brands and the owners of different hotels in the entire United Kingdom and Working in a manner ensuring the benefits and the interests of the restaurants owners, tourist attractions, clubs and food facilities. It functions to ensure that issues and the views of the hospitality industry are well represented to the government in a forceful manner. So that the best interest of the industry can be achieved creating a viable platform for the growth of the hospitality industry.

Ensure that the hospitality industry of United Kingdom is the best in the world by international competitive advantage and the hospitality industry contributes its maximum to the GDP and the economic growth of the nation (British Hospitality Association, 2014)

  For each role identified provide examples of how BHA has carried out their role

The BHA carries out these roles by ensuring that the hospitality industry functions providing the healthy food to all the guests ,pledging a responsibility deal and ensuring the hospitality industry functions by providing information about the calorie content, reduces usage of trans fat and salt. It stresses at considering food and safety guidelines and the regulations the EU has proposed. (British Hospitality Association, 2014)

To ensure UK hospitality industry has competitive advantage it  proposes that the governement should adopt initiatives to be internationaly competitve by cutting down VAT for tourism, making new visa policies.This would ensure better position of the hospitality industry in the world wide competition. (British Hospitality Association, 2014)

BHA is working on increasin gthe number of Chjinese visitors by proposing flexible Visa policies and proposing better and efficient tax return policies for the Chinese visitors at airports of UK and use of welcome signage in Chinese language.

  Due to the above Legislative issue explain how this will affect the operational and managerial aspects of hospitality organisations.

The case study suggests that visa relaxation for Chinese visitors can bring excellent growth and opportunity for the UK hospitality industry.Thje current visa restrictionsa and the lenghty process for getting US visa including the biometrics is resatrictive for Chinese immigrants.The BHA suggests that the visa reforms can be brought by the collaboration of the agencies like the CBI, The UKCVA and the chamber of commerce.BHA welocmed the visa simplification announcements for Chinese visitors.(, 2013)

Defining Term Hospitality Assignment Help

This visa policies implication will increase the GDP contribution of the hospitality industry by bringing more visitors from India and China.

BHA’s campaign Visit Britain’s China is with a purpose to increase Chinese tourist’s entry to UK by the year 2020 to 650000 contributing heavily to economic growth by working with the hospitality industry including the hotels and restaurants etc. to increase the number of staff that can speak in Mandarin. (Michel, 2014)

Furthermore the Chancellors announcements have also led to the boost of Chinese visitors. The announcement proposes that;

There will be a new pilot scheme by which few Chinese travel agents to apply for UK visa by just submitting the EU‘s Schengen Visa and they need not submit two applications.

Super priority visa will be provided

The number of VIP mobile visa will increase to whole China. In this scheme the whole process of visa application will take less than 5 minutes. (Macqreqor, 2013)

Hotels are devising programs to attract Chinese visitors by traiing their staff to talk in Mandarin.

Britian hotels hav elaunched pages in their web site swelcoming Chinese visitors.

The new GREAT China Welcome Charter mark  is oriented to make it easy and convenient for Chinese visitors to take tourism assistance in finding tourist attractions Lodging destinations.  They are providing information in Mandarin to make it easier for Chines visitors to understand. (Visit Britain, 2014)

Hotels in Britian are offering promotional deals specially oriented at attracting Chinese visitors. All information is available in the mandarin languag eincluding visa procedure , travel and destination guide etc.The hotel managemetn and staff are being trained specificly to serve Chinese guests. This will make them visit thew country again as the key to attract tourists is excellent hospitality.

HOLIDAY Inn Express Birmingham Snow Hill has included many reforms to suit Chinese visitors and is the reason for being ranked the top hotel by Chinese tourists. is an online booking website; it is also in support of the VisitBritain’s Great China Welcome. This website conducts research about Chinese visitors review about hotels and restaurants and releases reports.

Due to all these campaigns of the BHA and the UK government visitors to China has increased tremendously and the figures are expected to increase more. GCW Charter campaign suggests and inspires the British hospitality industry to offer services and information to the Chinese tourists so that they can get the information that they need regarding hotel, sightseeing gin Britain. (Christie , 2014

Five years from now explain how technology developments will affect the hospitality industry.

The world of technology is very dynamic and is bringing new advancements to the way businesses work. Five years from now the technological changes are hoped to revolutionize the hospitality industry. The entire process of booking hotel, taking orders, monitoring tables is expected to become more easy and convenient. Customer service is expected to improve by technological advancements by sending specific messages to the kitchen about the requirements of guests, the timings of sending the proportions of the meal etc. The management process of the kitchen as well as table also is expected to become more controlled and easy. The EpoS system is a fundamental technological advancement revolutionizing the hospitality industry. (Nicholls, 2013)

Technology in the future will help reduce complexity in hotel management as simplified technology will take over complex processes. CRM solutions will become more efficient. The hotel companies will work to increase system availability and obtain relevant data for the smooth running of the business by the use of technology.(amandeus, 2011)

 Software as a Service (SaaS) and cloud is expected to be imbibed as a new concept in the hospitality industry. Already majority of the hotel queries are controlled by cloud computing as the investment is lower and has no cost of hardwares. Hunley Hotel & Golf Club are using cloud computing for their management.

Mobile has revolutionized the interaction in this sector and it is expected to revolutionize it more in the future.

Social media is expected to continue changing the prospect of the hospitality industry. The trip advisor is one of the main source of information for people looking out to get holidays packages, deals etc. Online reputation will be one of the most crucial aspects in client acquisition.

Technology is expected to make the entire hospitality industry more personalized and appealing to the guests such as personalized communication, messages on the TV screen, food preferences etc.(Mclndoe, 2013)

   What will be the advantages and disadvantages of the technology   development

Advantage: Increasing efficiency

Hospitality sector has become more efficient by using new technology the entire process of booking hotels, selecting travel destinations has become technology dependent and easy.

Disadvantage: Dependency

People in the hospitality industry yare getting more and more dependent on technology and this sector is missing the earlier personalised feel and touch.

Advantage: Cost Efficiency

The entire process of hotel management is more economic and less tedious for the hospitality sector but in turn the cost is more imposed on the guests so it is both an advantage and a disadvantage.

Disadvantage: Human resources losing their value

Hospitality sector has been more human oriented as it is people they serve but the technological advancements are making processes more automated and less dependent on the human workforce.(Belcher, 2014)


This assignment has been instrumental in enhancing my learning and understanding of the hospitality industry.

The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries, contributing heavily to the economic growth.

With the passage of time, this industry has become more organized and structured.

Existence of different leadership styles and organizational structure has made the hospitality industry of United Kingdom gain competitive advantage.

The job requirements of the hospitality industry are quite different from other industries. As this industry is based on serving customers, the prime requirement for hiring is getting labour that is customer centric and has an attitude and aptitude to serve.

The hospitality industry of UK is regulated by the government and other non-governmental bodies such as BHA. Together these bodies aim at making the hospitality industry of United Kingdom the best in the world.

Hospitality industry of UK realized that the contribution of this sector to the GDP can be increased tremendously by increasing the immigration of Chinese visitors. So they are working to achieve this.

Technology can never be forgotten talking about the development in the industry as, it has made the industry more focused, efficient. Management has become quite easy with the integration of technology.


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