CVE80010 Principles of Sustainability


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NAMENisargKirankumar Shah
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SUBJECT TITLEPrinciples of Sustainability
ASSIGNMENT No & TitleAssignment 4 greenhouse gas emission
DUE DATE3 Nov 2017
DATE submitted BY STUDENT3 Nov 2017
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CVE80010 Principles of Sustainability

CVE80010 Principles of SustainabilityIrregularities and Plagiarism

The Policy of Swinburne University of Technology is to treat as an irregularity, for the purpose of assessment discipline, the use of any means to gain an unfair advantage in any work, the marks for which form part of a final assessment. When an irregularity is suspected in such a work, the Subject Convener will establish if there is cause to refer the matter to the Examination and Assessment Discipline Panel. Irregularities include plagiarism and receiving undue assistance in preparation of the assessed work. If in doubt please seek advice from your subject coordinator.

Plagiarismis the taking and using as one’s own, the thoughts, writings or other work of someone else with intention to deceive and includes presentation of material from the Internet, published books or periodicals without due acknowledgment.

You are encouraged to learn by the understanding and critical evaluation of the works and ideas of others, but you must acknowledge the sources of these works and ideas if you use them in your own work.

Receiving undue assistance is when some other person contributes their work to an item of assessment that is intended to assess your capability. You are encouraged to collaborate in teams and learn from others, but your challenge in an item of assessment is to show that you have assimilated this learning.

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I certify that I have not plagiarised the work of others or received undue assistance in the preparation of this assignment. 

Student Name &Signature  NISARG SHAH,

Date 3 Nov 2017 

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