CSI5208 Ethical Hacking Defence

CSI5208 Ethical Hacking DefenceAssessment Notes:    

  • UG (CSI3208) & PG (CSI5208) have different assessments
  • UG students must undertake the UG assignment
  • PG students must undertake the PG assignment
  • Kali Linux is available as a virtual machine on the Unit Resources section of Blackboard 


You are to infiltrate the provided system and attain root level privileges. Additionally there are five flags, these flags are represented as values and are awarded at each point of system compromise. Look for them in home directories, web pages etc.

You are to write a report outlining each test / attack run against the system and the result. You must follow a process, which should be defined prior to the commencement of testing. Your report should include the flags as well as any credentials you uncover as part of your hacking endeavours.

CSI5208 Ethical Hacking Defence

Note: You must compromise the system over the network, local, physical or other attacks requiring direct interaction with the target system are not valid for the purposes of the assignment.

Example flag: chahNaelia9zohlaseiPaich0QuoWoh8ohfaenaiQuaetaebushoakarai6lainohjongoneesoocahdei6guosiethae7uwuu5Kaid9eisah8EChoo4kaiGh2eit2mu

Postgraduate students: You must also write the following software and include it as part of your submission:

  • Basic TCP port scanner
  • Password cracker (of the type required to complete the case study)

Submission Requirements

You must include the following in your submission:

  • Your report containing:
    • Cover Page
    • Table of Contents
    • Executive Summary
    • Defined Methodology
    • Testing Log (should allow repeatability)
    • Results & Recommendations
  • Postgraduate Students:
    • Your source code for tools used
    • Compilation and usage instructions 

Marking Guides 

CSI3208 (Undergrad)
Executive Summary5
Defined Methodology15
Testing Log5
Results & Recommendations15


CSI5208 (Postgrad)
Executive Summary5
Defined Methodology10
Testing Log5
Results & Recommendations15
Source/Instructions: PortScanner2
Source/Instructions: Password Cracker3


Your work must comply with ECU referencing guidelines and plagiarism policy