Critical Review Coaching Session

Critical Review Coaching Session

3 Report: Conduct a critical review of the support session undertaken

FormatReport: 2000 words

Critical review of the coaching session

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Unit Learning Outcomes for this assessmentThis assessment covers all the learning outcomes and content from module 3 Evaluation and feedback principles

6.         Produce the core competencies of a coach and mentor in the clinical setting.

7.         Synthesize knowledge and aptitude in coaching and mentoring in the clinical setting.

This report incorporates the feedback from both the participant and the facilitator into the critical review of the session. Utilising this information the facilitator critically analyses and evaluates the positives and negatives of the support session that has been undertaken with the participant, examines the theoretical model chosen for its applicability and the coach discusses how the session could be improved in the future. This assessment piece  is to be written in third person in correct essay format, referenced and submitted through turnitin except for except for a short discussion of personal reflection which is to be written in the first person. It is expected that the number of journal or book references used will be greater than 10. Headings will be used.

Critical Review Coaching Session

Discuss the following areas:


Discuss if the choice of theoretical model was the best option for the support session chosen. Explain if you would use this model again outlining your reasons both positive and negative.


Describe which model you used to assist the participant to reflect on their current practice. Was it successful? Did the participant develop a broader self-awareness of possibilities, with a wider and more objective perspective on an issue or situation? If not why not? If so, how was this success recognized by yourself and the participant? Were there any tangible outcomes from this reflection?

Support session agreement   

Discuss if the ethical and accountability aspects of the relationship of both parties in this support arrangement were met and describe how.

Aim, objectives and strategies

Discuss if the aims and objectives of the support session agreement were met. Were the teaching strategies appropriate? What went well, what didn’t? Describe any changes you would make.

Context, time and barriers

Was a safe and supportive environment created? Describe the factors which shaped this environment. Was there sufficient time for the session? Describe if there were any barriers and how were they managed.

Developing the facilitator/participant relationship

Describe how the relationship was developed, managed and terminated. Discuss the importance of the termination of a coaching relationship. Were there any aspects of the facilitator /participant relationship which you feel could have been managed differently?

Effective communication skills

Describe the communication techniques used, discussing the level of effectiveness giving examples.

Evaluation form

Analyse the findings of the program evaluation form completed by the participant. Was the type of evaluation you chose the best method (outcome, process etc)? Were there any surprises? Have you identified any deficits with the form you developed, what would you change to improve the form? Did the evaluation of the support session meet the needs of the organisation/ yourself/ the participant? The evaluation form which you have developed is to be completed and signed by both individuals- facilitator and participant and attached as an appendix.

Future sessions

Discuss any changes that should be implemented if repeating the support session and why. Discuss if this session be part of a series explaining your reasoning.

Personal reflection

This paragraph is to be written in first person. Reflect on your feelings about the support session in relation to your current or future practice. What personal benefits or negatives did you experience from the session? Were there any illuminating or surprising moments?

NOTE attach the following appendix to the essay

  1. Evaluation form completed and signed by facilitator and participant.