Critical Reflection On Teaching Practice

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FormatReflection Paper: Critical reflection on teaching practice
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Assignment Instructions

  • This assignment is an academic critical reflection of your teaching experience. It should be written in the third person and referenced appropriately to support your discussion.
  • Please construct your assignment using a recognised reflective framework of your choice (Gibbs, Driscoll or Johns etc.)

Critical Reflection On Teaching Practice

The following components must be included in your assignment:

    • Discussion of the ethical, legal and cultural considerations in the health care environment you teach in
    • Analysis of the teaching and learning strategies you have used for a particular skill or procedure and the rationale for your choice.
    • Your evaluation on your delivery of 2 different types of teaching sessions in your clinical environment (attach a copy of the learning materials you used in an appendix)
    • A discussion of how you evaluated the student learning during the different sessions (attach a summary of student evaluation forms)
    • Analysis of what you learned from the student feedback
    • An evaluation of your abilities as an effective clinical teacher
    • Support your discussion by referring to current relevant literature.
    • Please adhere to SNM Assignment Writing Guidelines
    • This assignment will be marked against the SNM Marking Rubric: Generic
    • Critical Reflection On Teaching Practice