Criminal Organization Assignment Help

Criminal Organization Assignment Help

Criminal Organization Assignment Help Cruelty usually takes into consideration the act of causing suffering to other people, while deriving pleasure from it (Taylor 2). There are various cruel ways of deliberate causing suffering to people including beating, raping and killing among other acts. In ideal situations, cruelty is usually associated with violence (Taylor 2). Nevertheless, no matter how cruel people may be, they still have their gentle as

Criminal Organization Assignment Help
Coast to coast crooks.

well as soft sides. Taking this into consideration, this essay tries to prove this statement. It does this through considering two characters in movies. These are Xiao Zhang in The Killer and Dongfang Bubai in The Swordsman III.

Xiao Zhang in The Killer

Xiao Zhuang who acts as Jong in the Movie The Killer is a Hong Kong assassin.  Being a member of the Triad, a criminal organization on the country, Zhuang is involved in wide range of criminal activities including murder. This portrays his cruel side. In his last job for this criminal organization, Zhuang damages the eyes of Jennie, a young nightclub singer (Donovan 86).  However, he does this accidently. Despite being seen as a cruel person in most parts of the movie, Zhuang shows some caring for Jennie. This is because he is doing everything he can for the purpose of securing the sight of this young lady. In his last mission for the Triad, Zhuang is unsuccessful as he is spotted by a police detective. Although he manages to escape, Hay, the Traid leader refuses to pay him (Hall 99). Instead, he sends a group of men to kill him. It is during his escape from the criminal organization that a young child is hit by a stray bullet. After dispatching these men, Zhuang rushes the young boy to the hospital (Donovan 86). This is despite being followed the police detective. This acts shows that Zhuang is gentle to a significant extent. Taking the strange young child to the hospital indicates that he is a caring and living person despite his cruel nature of being an assassin. In fact, the police detective is obsessed by the act of good will of Zhuang.

In the better parts of the movie, Zhuang is portrayed as a cruel person. This is because he conducts series of murder to different people. After demanding for his pay from the Triad Manager, he is brought a suitcase being filled by blank paper (Hall 99). He finds himself in the center of Triad ambush. However, he manages to kill all the men leaving Fung Sei alive. Zhuang also kill the Triad leader together with his bodyguard (Donovan 86). This also shows his cruel side. Taking these scenarios into conclusion, various critics have suggested that Zhuang does not represent an ideal human being, who would be so brutal at times, yet so soft and gentle at other times. However, many viewers have agreed that despite how cruel one would be, he has to have gentle side.

Dongfang Bubai in The Swordsman III

Dongfang Bubai is another character that portrays himself as being both cruel and gentle. In the movie The Swordsman III, viewed in both sides. Following his said apparent death, several imposters use his name for the purpose of rallying supporters (Palmer, Bill, Karen and Richard 137). They also use his name for the aim of forming sects, as well as fighting for power. This is because Dongfang is an influential person, and hence many people tend to take advantage of the situation for their own personal interests.  Xue Quinxun, one of his devoted lovers, considers rebuilding the Sum Moon Holy Cult through impersonating him (Lu 122). However, Dongfang is discovered that he is still alive, and he returns to the Jianghu, his community, after being convinced by an elderly woman.

Criminal Organization Assignment Help

After going back to the Jianghu, he starts unleashing his furry to those impersonating him. With regards to this, he starts a bloodbath for the purpose of pretending all those people impersonating him (Palmer et al. 140).  After discovering that even his lover, Xue Quanxu has been impersonating him, he injures her seriously in anger. This portrays his cruel side by conducting such form of brutality to people of his community. Additionally, because of his desire for power, he continues with his plan of uniting the Jianghu for the purpose of dominating China (Palmer et al. 140).  However, Changfeng realizes that Dongfang is out of control. With regards to this, he leads his army in order to fight him. Despite the fact the Dongfang emerges victorious in the battle, Xue Quinxun is killed (Lu 122). This is the time that he realizes his mistake. He becomes so remorseful because of losing his lover. In fact, he embraces the dead body of Xue Quinxun (Lee and Guobin 99). Additionally, he decides to retire from the Jianghu. This portrays his gentle and soft side.  While critics indicate that embracing his dead lover is not a sign of gentles, many viewers agree that that is his gentle and soft side.


In conclusion, it is evident from the above that no matter how cruel a person is, he still has his gentle and soft. Through analyzing both are Dongfang Bubai in The Swordsman III and Xiao Zhang in The Killer, it has been proven that people usually possess the character of being gentle despite being cruel. For Xiao Zhuang, despite killing many people, he is still gentle enough to try to save a young child who is hit by a stray bullet. Additionally, he is doing everything possible for the in order to secure the sight of Jennie.  On the other hand, Dongfang Bubai kills many people who impersonate him. However, at the end, his gentle side is portrayed through embracing his dead lover, as well as retiring from the Jianghu.

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