1. Introduction
  • Business challenge
  • Critical of innovation
  • Objectives of the assignment
  1. Company background (briefly)
  • Task 1
  • Task 2
  • Task 3
  1. Conclusion 




  • Business challenge
  • Criticality of innovation
  • Objectives of the assignment

Company background (briefly) 

  • Task 1 (1300 WORDS)
Evaluate how an organisation of your choice which uses processes and techniques to generate creative and innovative ideas. In doing this identify and describe briefly a number of innovative or creative ideas that have been or could have been produced by the organisation using such processes and techniques.








(Assessment Criteria 1.1, 2.2)

• Introduction with discussion of importance, benefits and criticality of creativity and innovation to business. (Research Innovative management books)

• Choose an organization / company as your basis for the assignment. Give a brief introduction such as name, products, market serving and/or business results.

• Identify the processes and techniques used (refer to learning material / class presentation). Define, apply and elaborate with reference.

• List and explain several creative/innovative ideas e.g. new product development, business strategies, service model, process improvement using SMART concept.

Discuss the mission and vision of your chosen organisation and assess the extent to which expressions of vision and mission by the organisation encourage innovative or creative management processes within it.

(Assessment Criterion 2.1)

–       Look up company’s mission and vision statement to identify those factors may be relevant to driving innovative initiatives.

–       Identify, assess, discuss and support by examples.


  • Task 2 (900 WORDS)
The concept of organisational stakeholders can help facilitate useful analysis in a number of different areas of organisational life. Explain what is meant by an organisational stakeholder and give examples of four stakeholder groups for the organisation as a whole you discussed in the previous task–       Define stakeholder and explain the importance of stakeholder management with reference. (personal research)

–       Discuss stakeholder management process with reference.

–       Use examples stated before as basis.

With reference to one of the innovative ideas, which you introduced in the previous section, identify different stakeholders of that idea and assess how each might be impacted or affected by the idea. Based upon that analysis and any other analysis you wish to undertake, assess the main risks and benefits arising from the idea and produce and state what you consider to be its overall rationale or justification.–       Identify one innovative implementation/change case.

–       List out all stakeholders

–       Analyze stakeholders’ concerns

–       Determine the risks associated with individual stakeholder’s concerns

–       Discuss risks and benefits of the innovative change

Assess the barriers which exist to its implementation by the organisation, in addition to the risks you have identified above.                   (Assessment Criteria 2.3, 3.1, 4.1)–       Discuss the barriers to change with reference. (Change barriers or resistances)

 Task 3(1800 WORDS)

plan a strategy to overcome the barriers to implementation you identified in task 2. This strategy should incorporate the use of change models and establish key goals and priorities for implementation of the idea.       (Assessment Criteria 2.4,4.2,3.3)–       Develop plan to address those resistances as stated above.

• Use proven theories and models as basis.

• Use SMART principles.

• Put together a change plan with timeline and ownership

explain how you will help lead others to positively embrace the change and how the above plan will ensure innovative change occurs.

(Assessment Criteria 1.2,4.3)

–       Propose change management options to manage or reduce resistance with reference
design a communications plan to communicate to the different stakeholders the idea you intend to introduce, highlighting how you will seek to overcome any barriers, which may exist to its acceptance by different stakeholders.


(Assessment Criteria 3.2, 4.2, 4.4)

–       Put together a communication plan to address the key stakeholders with detailed argument of how barriers are overcome.

–       Write a brief conclusion of the change implementation with results.