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Advertising strategy for this product would be using four-five media vehicles primarily namely television, Children magazine and comics, billboards, PR releases and through pamphlets distributed among parents. Advertising strategy for this product would be targeting both primary and secondary consumers simultaneously because both segments are needed to make the purchase of new tween mobile a reality. Advertising strategy which would be implemented in this case is medium strength strategy where it would be take care of that brand, product and brand image positioning is unique in nature and it gives a differentiating factor from other products available in market (Brindha, 2004). If we analyze our product carefully then there are various differentiating features like C-21 is designed and shaped in such a manner that it would be ideally suited for a tween hand, colors are very vibrant and bright making it fun for the tween customers to use and show off this cell phone, further differentiating feature includes 12 different themes of designing making the selection range very wide for the customer, along with cell phone different talk plans can be offered which will be customized for the needs of tween customers. Talk plans would include a free SMS and instant messaging facility, emergency calls to one family member and 911 can be made free of charge, per month up to 500 mb of data is allocated to each connection on a minimal charge of 1 AUD which is sufficient for general emailing, surfing and web application running for a student for month.
Security features would be a very important factor of advertising strategy and it would be communicated mainly through pamphlets and bill boards which will target parents of the tween group. In this part of advertising there would be a clear and direct message informing that there are security features like call tracking, call log maintenance which is pass word protected, monthly statements of the calls, safe search mode for internet surfing are provided which will protect the tween customer from any unwanted and potentially harmful content to be displayed on mobile phones (Bauer, et al 2005)


This market segment is very much concerned about the features, color, attributes, technological aspects and most importantly its popularity in their peer group. According to a recent survey done in Australian market tween market segment makes approximately 11 percent of the total population of Australia which a significant number is considering that this market is still untapped and 2/3 of the total tween population is yet to acquire their first cell phone. Another important factor which is to be considered is increasing role of tween in decision and purchase making of the families. Earlier parents and grown up children of the family used to make decisions about any purchase related to them or junior members of the family but now this situation is changing and tween members are playing a active ad aggressive role in decision making specially when it comes to making a purchase related to them (Cook, 2000). This development presents a very unique opportunity in front of companies like own and pussy cat and they promote their product in the tween group in a much focused manner. According to the surveys and research study done on tween group it is observed that they gain their major information and product related specifications from television, they are a unofficial community and they collectively work thus keeping the peer approval and acceptance a top priority. Tween group may not be considered as a top priority a few years back but this is one group which started understanding the concept of brands better than other groups and they are using their gadgets, clothing, and other purchase decisions as a mechanism to show their self esteem and express their individuality (Kotler, et al 2010).


Marketing mix which has been developed by the organization’s marketing professionals includes 4P’S. On the basis of marketing mix IMC would be developed and it would target the tween group and parents of the tween group as a integrated mechanism.
4P’S of marketing mix includes product, promotion, place and price and all P’s are developed keeping the target market and their needs in consideration (Davidson, 2002).

Creative Advertising Strategy Assignment Help


tween group of market doesn’t have a very high disposable income with them and in majority of cases they are either brought by the parents, gifted by a relative on a special occasion like birthdays or a tween can make the purchase by his savings from gifts he get on festivals etc. in all cases price has to be decided very cautiously because this market segment would be sensitive to prices and at the same time they don’t want to be perceived as using cheap products. Price of the product for a single purchase model is 300 AUD while there is another option where a tween can make the purchase in 200 dollars but he would be required to pay 15 AUD per month for next one year and owner ship would be transferred only after the installments are paid. Talk time and EMI agreement would need approval and guarantee of parents before a tween can chose option no. 2 (Goldberg, et al. 2003).


place for promoting this product would be entire Australia all though there would be a higher emphasis on the urban and semi urban market because majority of tween population reside in urban and semi urban centers of the country. This product would be available in retail chain stores, electronic stores and stand alone electronic shops. However there is not plan to start a online shopping portal yet. This option would be contemplated after one year of launch depending upon the response of the market (Kahneman, 2000).


Product which is being promoted in this IMC is named as C-21. It is a cell phone devised for tween market group and it has all the features, attributes and other facilities which are perceived as most attractive by the tween group. This product is a single model but it launched with 21 color variants and 12 design themes. Product is a standard smart phone with android 2.0 based operating system and all features of a smart phone (Koontz, 2004).


Promotion of the C-21 mobile is done through a integrated marketing campaign. This campaign is named “c-21 one year promo”. In this campaign television, billboards, pamphlets and tween group magazines and pamphlets would be used primarily. Message for primary target customer would be “a vibrant colored, technologically advanced cell phone for you who will make you stand alone in your peer group” while for parents this promotion would also include the message of “taking care of security of your child”. Order Now

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