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Communicate with clients as part of agency operatiCPPDSM3019B Communicate Assignment Helpons (CPPDSM3019B)

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CPPDSM3019B Communicate Assignment HelpThe information and resources that can assist you in answering the questions in this assessment can be primarily sourced from the learner guide and supporting resources for ‘Communicate with clients as part of agency operations (CPPDSM3019B)’, located on your eLearning platform. You may also be required to conduct some independent research.

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CPPDSM3019B Communicate Assignment Help

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Units of competency

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CPPDSM3019BCommunicate with clients as part of agency operations

Assignment activities

The activities contained in this document are outlined below.

Part A: Research project

  • This part consists of three (3) questions.
  • You are required to conduct independent research in order to respond to the questions.

Part B: Short answer questions

  • This section consists of nine (9) questions based on a provided scenario.
  • Question 8 consists of multiple parts.

We are here to help

If you have any questions about this assignment you can email us at realestate@kaplan.edu.au. You can expect an answer from one of our technical advisers or student support staff.

Part A: Research project

This project requires you to undertake research on real estate agencies. You can either complete this project directly by researching a particular agency, or you can gather this information from your own personal experience dealing with real estate agents (as a client or customer), or via interviewing clients and customers who have recently dealt with a real estate agency (for example, people in your social or family network who have recently dealt with a real estate agency, such as by being a tenant, landlord, buyer or vendor, prospective buyer or prospective vendor).

Question 1

Describe at least two (2) different types of agency policies and procedures that exist to guide staff in dealing with clients.

<type your answer here>

Question 2

Describe two (2) different types of agency service that are designed to enhance client support for the agency.

<type your answer here>

Question 3

Describe two (2) features of the agency service provided and the benefits these features provide to clients.

For example: Feature= agency is open 7 days, Benefit for client= easier for clients to do business with the agency outside their works hours, thus less stressful for clients

<type your answer here>

Part B: Short-answer questions

You are about to start your first job in a real estate agency. As such, you will be dealing with client enquiries regarding properties for sale.

Question 1

Describe how you intend to establish rapport and build a relationship with a new client.

<type your answer here>

Question 2

What professional ethics will you need to maintain with your clients?

<type your answer here>

Question 3

Explain how you will use effective questioning, listening and observation skills to accurately determine your clients’ needs, requirements and preferences.

<type your answer here>

Question 4

Provide four (4) examples of questions you would ask when dealing with new enquires in order to clarify client needs.

<type your answer here>

Question 5

Provide an example of how you will use client records to maximise client interest in agency services

<type your answer here>

Question 6

A client that you have worked very hard for tells you that they are unhappy with the outcome in a transaction that you have handled for them. Explain how you would deal with this negative feedback to ensure that you produce a positive outcome.

<type your answer here>

Question 7

Describe two (2) different situations in which you may need to give a client space and time to evaluate agency services.

<type your answer here>

Question 8

You’ve handled a client enquiry over the telephone, and the client would like to make an appointment to view listed properties for sale with you.

(a) Describe two things you will need to consider when scheduling the appointment time?

<type your answer here>

(b) What preparations will you need to make prior to this appointment time including what information you will need to gather and what arrangements will you need to make?

<type your answer here>

(c) Following the appointment, what notes will you need to make in the property file AND in agency database?

<type your answer here>

Question 9

Describe one way in which you may need to adjust the way you communicate in order to take into account the different social, economic and cultural background of the clients you deal with, including their mental and physical abilities.

<type your answer here>
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