Cool Car Company Assignment

Cool Car Company Assignment Explain how the different departments in CCC would need to work together for the organisation to effectively meet their goals. Identify at least 5 departmental links

Cool Car Company AssignmentAn organization can effectively attain its goals if all the departments work together to fulfill the purpose of the organization. The cool car company has the following departments;

  • Sales team
  • A marketing team
  • The buying team
  • Operations and logistics team
  • Servicing and dispatch team
  • Legal team
  • Finance team

Collaborating the functioning of various departments towards achieving organizational goals is identified as an efficient tool.
At CCC the method to achieve the objective of the firm would be analyzing the current state of the firm and then mapping it with where does the organization want to reach in the future would be effective. Senior management should be vigilant to see that different departments are working in coordination.(Jump Business Solutions, 2014)
At the CCC the deaprtments functgion together and are linked to each other
The Marketing team at CCC conducts market researches to find efficient ways to sell the cars at best prices.It also has the promontional department that decides which promotional measure will attract more clientele. Once the customers are arrtracted by the activities of the marketing department, the sales team conducts the final stage of marketing procees that is composed of devising the 4P’s of the company. The buying team at CCC buys old cars and the sale steam sells them maintaining profits

Explain the processes that CCC might go through to identify their aims and objectives and ensure that the company’s operations enable them to meet them

CCC in order to identify their aims and objectives needs to understand where they want to position the company strategically.
For the identification of their aim the CCC needs to address the following;

  • Define success in their terms – to be the top seller and buyer of used cars in UK
  • The issues that CCC is focusing on
  • The need of the customers CCC is trying to meet
  • The aims of the CCC in terms of finance and business

For identifying their objectives CCC needs to address the following issues;

  • How can they achieve their aims?
  • In what time frame will the CCC achieve their aims?
  • What will be the services and products offered? – That will be selling and buying of used cars
  • How will they provide the services? – they have a active web site which informs the customers about all the details of the make and model of the cars available
  • How will they measure success? – By limiting the minimum monthly targets of selling And buying
  • How will CCC promote the achievements they have

Ensuring that company’s operations are able to meet the aims and objectives,CCC must judge their efficiency and capacity before devising the aims and objectives and frame aims and objective achievable within the specified time frame.(redochre UK, 2009)

Explain how CCC can ensure that their outputs meet quality expectations through effective process management

Integration of efficient and effective process management will ensure that CCC meets quality expectations. Effective process management techniques at CCC will change the traditional approach of management at CCC.
It will include planning in the processes, controlling operations of the departments to increase output, and assure that CCC delivers products of high quality. The PDCA cycle can be included by the CCC to bring about process management.
This will include

  • Planning – making models for the business and the management, drawing up a better business plan for CCC
  • Doing – Using approaches to get desired results at CCC, Taking corrective actions to make processes better
  • Checking – Assessing and reviewing the performances of different departments of CCC
  • Acting – Taking preventive measures and improving actions, communication and reorganization at CCC

Cool Car Company Assignment

Part 2
select one of the departments that CCC has, as head of that department identify what internal and external responsibilities you must meet

Department Selected – Marketing and sales Department

  • Setting the overall sales goal for the CCC
  • Devising the structure of bonuses and commission for the employees of the sales team of CCC for making the sales
  • Guiding the development of products and services at the CCC – This team recommends what new products CCC might add or drop .Example adding a brand of luxurious car that has greater re sale value and high demand in the United Kingdom
  • This team also analyses and devises the price of the cars sold at CCC.
  • It researches about the competitors of the company in the industry and in what ways are they making maximum profits so that the CCC can adopt these measures
  • As the head of the department of the sales and marketing team I need to maintain customer base at CCC and adopt strategies to satisfy customers , give them special offers and discounts
  • Promotion – Advertising the CCC by the help of social media, events etc. Decide which promotional measures will be best for CCC.(Edmunds, 2014)
Write three smart objectives for your team for this financial year and explain how they are relevant to the departments operations

The SMART objectives for the marketing department would be

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic and
  • Timed

Three SMART marketing objectives for CCC;

  1. CCC should have goals that it can achieve based on the previous financial data and sales data. Supposing, if CCC has a profit for the financial year 2013 of 20% setting up a goal as high as 45 % would be much unrealistic and impossible to achieve so CCC‘s marketing division should set profit goals of an increase in say 7% for this financial year.
  2. The marketing plan of CCC should have a proper programmed beginning and ending.
  3. Sales and marketing department should analyze the growth of sale every month.(Sprano, 2014)CCC should have a specific goal for the financial year 2014 to build brand awareness this might include indulging in promotional activities.(Root, 2014) Order Now

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