Construction Evaluation Assignment

  Construction Evaluation AssignmentNUTRITION AND HEALTH PROMOTION 

Executive summary

The school based nutrition and health promotion help to develop the overall growth of the children thus make them essential and effective learners as the students can receive maximum benefit out of this promotional activities. The nutrition and health care promotion involves acknowledging the students as well as the parents about the right diet in respect with children’s age, height and weight, making them familiar with several outdoor activities that will make children lead to a healthy lifestyle. The entire assessment has discussed the effectiveness of nutrition based health promotion in a comprehensive manner. 


The main objectives of nutrition and health intervention are to engage children for a better and positive life. This promotion involves contributing and maintaining the knowledge of children about a healthy lifestyle. The major roles of these programs educate every individual regarding the value of general health and nutritional impact and effectiveness. It helps to obtain a large scale of knowledge in building up of their career as well by strengthening their positivity and desire thoughts to achieve goals in life.

Construction and evaluation of the effectiveness of nutrition based health promotion:

The significance of the effectiveness of nutrition based health promotion involves physical activities among adolescents and children (Au et al. 2017). Numerous strategies are involved to improve the health of every child. Report says children who are physically active as compared to other children are often seen more focused in the class, better performance than that of other actively participates in all school based physical activity and display less behavioural problems. The major role of health programs educates every individual the value of general health and nutritional impact. Using CDC framework, food nutrition program developed an evolution plan to improve the collaborative effectiveness among children between 0 to 5 years (Racette, Cade & Beckmann, 2016).

Construction Evaluation Assignment

Studies compared classes and schools that receive the involvement of vigorous exercise and physical activities, teacher training to acknowledge physical exercises into curriculum activity, community intervention, mass media, parental engagement and policy development. 5 out of 7 studies assessed the duration of physical activity ranged from 10 to 50 minutes in a week. Many adolescent and children are effectively getting benefited by the school based physical intervention, programs benefit the intensity and improvement in the cholesterol level and aerobic capacity as well as decrease in television watching (Drzal et al. 2017). Health and nutritional promotion engaged many children to work actively in changing their food habits and lifestyle, thus helping them in long run to lead an active lifestyle.

Many assessment methods are involved to the level of blood pressure, pulse rate, BMI. Nevertheless, proof suggested that health benefits program has a major role in our daily diet to benefit external health of the children. The overall growth of the children is measured by their daily performance based in school. Effective learners as the students can receive maximum benefit out of these promotional activities (Eldredge et al. 2016). Obesity in children is the major issue nowadays to cater this problem nutritionist and researchers combined education based on nutrition that will effectively solve the problem of general health issue in children. CNR offers nutrition and food based programs to educate and make healthy choice in order to live healthily. Empowerment and motivation are the key idea that generates and creates the positive attitude towards vegetables and fruits to improve academic outcomes (Wildman, 2016). Education based on nutrition significantly decreased the problem of overweight and BMI.


When combined the access to nutrition, education strategies have helped to acknowledge the overall development of the students. Making familiar with the core values of good health, nutrition and health promotion in school actively involved various activities that help to find the solution too many health issues like increase in BMI and obesity. Nutrition education engaged children to make healthy choice in aspect to maximises the benefit of it.



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