Conclusions Recommendations Assignment Help

Conclusions Recommendations Assignment Help In this chapter, the researcher presents clear views on the variables taken under consideration for this research. In this chapter, the researcher provides conclusions based on his research findings regarding social media advertising and how it effects Conclusions Recommendations Assignment Helpon changing buying behavior of customers. As the researcher has used quantitative research approach for collecting primary information and analyzed data of the collected answers of questions asked in questionnaire by establishing a linkage with those questions and research objectives and research questions. It can be stated here that this study is comprehensive in its nature on the topic of social media advertising and its impacts on consumers buying behavior as it accomplishes all research objectives clearly and carefully. The objectives have been achieved in both secondary data that has been delivered through literature review as well as through primary information collected through questionnaire.
Following are the details of the linkage of research objectives with collected information which shows how research has fulfilled its research objectives in this study.

Linking with Research Objectives

  • To review and examine the importance of social media as an advertising platform

The research has got information from primary and secondary sources for this research study. The received information represent that research objectives has been accomplished. While analyzing the questionnaire questions, the researcher linked quantitative question number 6, 9 and 10. In this research study, the research finds that social media has a significant importance if taken as an advertising platform. Social media is now considering not only for social networking purpose, but a lot of companies are advertising their products and services through this medium and as a result they received better performances in terms of sales and revenues.
This research objective has also been accomplished by research findings in literature review. The researcher finds that social Media has had a significant impact on the lifecycle of businesses and it is an effecting international advertising tool that is unavoidable (Kujbus and Mirko, 2012). The literature states that social media is considered to be a platform that provides emerging sources of online information that are produced and sent to customers with the objective of creating an awareness of products, brands, services, issues and personalities to customers (Blackshaw and Nazzaro, 2006).

  • To determine a relationship of social media advertising and consumers’ buying behavior

The researcher finds various key findings through literature review and quantitative information of this objective. The research links quantities question number five and fifteen with this objective. The researcher finds that a positive relationship is existed between social media advertising and consumers’ buying behavior. Social media is widely used by most of the young as well as adult individuals and advertising being displayed in social media also viewed by them. As a result they also get influenced to buy that product.

Conclusions Recommendations Assignment Help

In literature, the researcher finds that social media is rapidly growing tool which companies find this platform as a great communication tool and a perfect tool for dissemination of marketing messages, establishing a wider presentation of their products or services (Goldsmith and Lafferty, 2002). Social Media advertising changes consumers’ decision making choices and buying behavior (Choi, 2011). Even a small amount of negative information from few posting and updating news on social media can have considerable effects on customers’ attitudes (Schlosser, 2005).

  • To analyze the key factors affecting consumer buying behavior

The quantitative question number thirteen has been with this research objective by the researcher. The researcher finds that certain factors are there that influence on consumers’ buying behavior. In literature review, the researcher finds that these factors are categorized into four main categories that re social factors, psychological factors, cultural factors and personal factors. Form quantitative information, the researcher finds that personal interests and choices are the main factor that influence largely on consumers’ buying behavior. It is analyzed by the researcher that these factors can act positively or negatively on consumers’ perception and they reach accordingly towards purchase of specific product.

  • To review and examine the impacts of social media advertising on Nokia’s operational performance and its customers’ buying attitudes

The researcher analyzes quantitative research questions and receives information which is linked with this objective. The researcher linked research objective number six and seven with this research objective. It is revealed that Nokia operational performance is improved through effective social media advertising. Through quantitative research, the researcher finds that Nokia has grabbed a unique place in the field of telecommunication industry and continuous efforts in advertising its products through technological mediums such as social media has helped to increase not only its performance but also to attract potential customers.

  • To analyze social media strategies used by Nokia and to recommend Nokia how effective social media advertising strategies can change their costumers’ buying attitudes

The researcher linked this research objective with question number fourteen in which researcher asked if Nokia needs any recommendations to improve its social media advertising. The researcher also linked quantitative question number seven which determines performance of Nokia in terms of social media advertising and researcher depicts that if company should improve its social media advertising. The next section of this chapter fulfills this objective in which researcher will suggest some recommendations based on his primary as well as secondary information.Order Now