Competitive Environment | Competitive Environmental Analysis

Competitive Environment

Competitive Environment Apart from forming groups that assist in conserving the local environment from harm by advising people on the harms brought about by misuse of natural resources, post secondary students can come up with creative ideas  on the  best way to improve our natural surroundings (Part & phase, 2015). In addition, they can give free environmental conservation service in their communities. The post –secondary student can offer to take activities like improving areas with contaminated chemical substances like oil that can cause real damage to both plants and marine creatures (Part & phase, 2015). Other activities that post secondary individuals could participate in are planting trees in their surrounding environment to ensure that climatic conditions are improved (County & workforce, 2013).

            Furthermore, the post secondary students can act as ambassadors in enhancing the transport sector .This is by participating in building or maintenance of roads within their town. Although these minor activities carried out by the youth could be seen as negligible, it later becomes a very fruitful endeavor(County & workforce, 2013) .The positive tCompetitive Environment | Competitive Environmental Analysishing about this activities carried out by the youth is that it helps them to understand why keeping the environment safe is an important aspect in their lives. This conservative behavior becomes a habit as they grow into adulthood, thus, ensuring that future generation also benefits in having a clean environment (Part & phase, 2015).

            When caring out these activities, the students feel as part of the community, this ensures that they are also kept busy enough to prevent them from engaging into illegal activities. In addition, some of these environmental improvement activities earn the students some cash, which sustains some of their minor needs (Part & phase, 2015).

Competitive Environment | Competitive Environmental Analysis

            To make the environmental conservation activities even more fan, and enjoyable. Students can form indirect or direct participation in CRD competitions, which at the long last create even better results. for instance, the participant youth can decide create a challenge on which group would be more fruitful in convincing the local citizens to discard their old oil heat pumps with newer version of electric pumps which are environmentally friendly as compared to the later (County & workforce, 2013). This way the students will directly participate with his friends and in the process end up making the environment a better place to live in. On the other hand post secondary students can indirectly challenge one another by caring out activities that promote the well-being of the surrounding, for instance ensuring that their residential homes stand out as environmental healthy and by advising his peers and members of the community on the importance ensuring the natural surroundings is devoid of contamination (Part & phase, 2015).

            The CDR has its own share of challenges and experience competition just like any other nonprofit making organization. Even with the diverse resources that it owns, the CDR board members meet regularly to come up with new strategies that would assist them in ensuring the success of the organization’s endeavors of making the earth a safe and better place to live (County & workforce, 2013). One of the most challenging cases facing the CDR is that of tax evaders who deter developments within the region. In addition, the Cdr is faced with the challenge of ensuring that the environment is well guarded. This has seen the CDR even offer rewards to the citizens who denounce using the oil heating tanks and in its place utilize the electric water heaters (Part & phase, 2015). The aim is to prevent spillage of oil into the environment thus preventing destruction of the vital soil that is essential for plants growth. The CDR knows that good soil is essential in increasing food production.

            Other than caring out its normal tasks, like ensuring infrastructure developments are realized. The CDR provides opportunities for competitions to its citizens as a way of entertainment. During these competitions, the CDR passes vital message to the participants and the individuals in attendance (County & workforce, 2013). These completions provide an opportunity of addressing huge cloud of people at once. For instance, the CDR holds wine drinking completions around the region. This creates a very good forum for the CDR to pass out message on the benefits of conserving and protecting our natural resources (County & workforce, 2013). The CDR and RSS also face major challenges during this completion as not all this completion proof profitable .In addition, a lot of capital is required for a single completion to be held (Part & phase, 2015).

            Even with the many challenges the CDR face especially on the sewage sector, where some individuals and companies are opposed to its plans of creating better drainage systems around the towns, Cdr has proven effective in many other sector especially in supplying almost 100 % of the Victoria town water requirement (Part & phase, 2015).


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