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Company Marketing Assignment Help this research study, the researcher discussed and analyzes the impacts of social media advertising on consumers’ buying behavior by selecting Nokia as case company. The following recommendations are provided by researcher to Nokia to improve its social media advertising techniques.
The company should involve itself actively in social media advertising. Although many steps have been taken by the company like online campaign of identifying Brand Ambassador that helped it to attract potential customers; however, company should take other steps as well such as asking feedback from customers about the usage of its Company Marketing Assignment Helpindividual cells etc. in this way, the customers can easily ask whatever they want to know about the products and services. The company should use social networking sites mostly for online advertising purposes as they are most seen and used by customers.
The company should improve its strategies in terms of online social media advertising. The company strategies that are being used by Nokia should include such techniques which understand the customers’ choices. The company should ask various questions through social media to its customers about their choices and expectations for the company. It this way, this step will also provide an opportunity to the company to engage with its customers and to take their views to improve its strategies.
The company recommends that if customers arise any problems through their feedback, the company should resolve those problems and issues on immediate basis so that customers would not shift to other brand.
The researcher also recommends that company should make interesting and exited ads so that customers’ buying attitudes can be enhanced through it. The company should develop such ads that not only enhance product awareness among customers but also enhance their excitement towards purchase of that particular cell as well

Research Limitations

The following are the research limitations of this study.
The first limitation is that this study is focusing only one of telecommunication brand that is Nokia. Data collected through only one mobile phone industry do not present whole population. Nokia is operating and distributing its cell phones all over the world; therefore, the data collection is limited, questionnaire was distributed among only 150 consumers, and however Nokia users are dispersed around the globe. The results provided do not present generalization.

Company Marketing Assignment Help

Secondly, researcher faced limitations on the time of collecting primary information from respondents. At first, a lot of time was used to collect information from Nokia users and most of the intended participants were not using Nokia. Second, the participant filled questionnaire rapidly and dis not taken much time to answer the questions. This may involve business as they might only ticked the answer without clearly understanding the question.
Thirdly, the researcher did not use any software such as SPSS in collecting data. The researcher depicts that he would have been more fruitful is he used SPSS software for data collection purpose.
Finally, falling short of any step can also limit its usefulness for further researchers. These limitations can also harm the end results, accepted hypothesis and overall achievement of the research objectives. However, researcher has given careful considerations up to his extent and limitations of the study can harm the end result and achievement of research objectives due to which careful consideration was given by the research on these aspects.

Future Scope of Study

This research study is based on social media advertising and how it influence on attitudes of customers while purchasing a product. This research study provides an opportunity to the case organization to understand its customers’ view regarding its social media advertising and to improve its tools and technologies used in social media advertising. This research can also assist future researchers if they are researching on the same variables involved in this dissertation project. Thus it would be of worth for further research on the issues relating to social media advertising and consumers’ buying behavior.

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