Common Marketing Activities

Common Marketing Activities

Common Marketing Activities company makes the marketing plans and strategies for the improvement of the particular organization. The company considered here is MacDonald’s. Therefore, I would ask Leader for clarifications on marketing activities and plans(Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). The leader has the description of the current marketing positions of business. He can provide a description of the current marketing mix that a company Common Marketing Activitieswill utilize for the achievement of their marketing objectives. According to leaders, the best marketing requires preparation and focus to that development are the improvements of a proper marketing plan. The clarification includes the building of the company’s brand(Kotler and Armstrong, 2006). Subsequently, the identity, legitimacy and the unique differences are also created that make the company worthy of public support.

The five common marketing activities in which a company might invest are described below:

  • Cold-Calling

Cold-Calling is marketing technique where the companies only call people over the telephone and offer them services. The individuals who were formerly unaware of the organization might have their attentiveness settled by the call.

  • Search Engine Marketing

It is another marketing activity where MacDonald’s creates websites(Ramos and Cota, 2009). These websites are among the top results on the search engines. Suppose a customer is searching for a product or service, the customer is provided with some distributors from which he or she can get the service or product(Kennedy and Hauksson, 2012).

  • Articles and Newsletters

Articles and Newsletters are another marketing activities. Most of the companies apply this method as it is very common. People often receives advertisements of the companies in articles and newsletters.

  • Placement of product in entertainment

The online game players frequently notice products from a portion of the script or scene. The organizations pay for this privileges.

  • Trade show performances

The trade show performance is a traditional way of spreading to the people about the brand. The organizations like MacDonald’s looks for retailers who can carry their product. Trade shows are a form of business to business or B2B marketing.

  1. The three criteria for selecting the best marketing activities for the market group are listed below:
  • Identification of the priorities. The resources should be prioritized and enable MacDonald’s to choose the best consumer as well as market opportunities.
  • Provision of a direct-line-of-sight among the investments and activities of marketing along with the business results and outcomes(Lagarde, 2013).
  • The criteria also include guides for the creation of the organization’s marketing dashboards and metrics.
  1. Apart from a couple of marketing activities, there are some recommended marketing activities for the manager of an organization. The approved marketing activities are:
  • Selection of products

Selection products is an important marketing activity of MacDonald’s. A manufacturer or service provider ideally listens to its customers and prospects before settling on item and service decisions. However, the companies analyze consumer purchasing trends, conduct market research surveys, and study opponents’ product sales practices to learn what is the need and desires of the customers.

  • Winning the customer service

Customers are the source of income of an organization. So it is significant to take care of the customers. An active customer to the business relationship is required for the good of the company(Milisavljevic, 2013). If MacDonald’s has worse customer service, then no one can save the company to run on losses.

  • Pricing of products or services

The service or products esteeming requires MacDonald’s to analyze each product’s market. Here, comparison of competitors’ prices for comparable services or product is made, and decisions are taken about what price the market will accept. But this calculated danger makes evaluating activities an evolving skill rather than an exact science. Moreover, businesses may rate a product based on the product’s status inside the market. For example, an organization may introduce a new flavored coffee to a market with several other types of beverages(Wooliscroft, 2011).

  • Digital marketing

It is a particular term for the commercialization of services or products for the utilization of computerized technologies for the most part on the Internet. Digital marketing consists of search engine optimization or SEO, content marketing, search engine marketing or SEM, content computerization, influencer marketing, social media marketing, campaign marketing, and e-commerce marketing(Chaffey et al., 2014).

  1. List of legal, ethical and cultural considerations which impact the marketing activities.
  • Legal and Ethical

During a commercialization activities, the advertising industry controls within strict federal protocols. It is monitored by the Federal Trade Commission. Some legal and ethical considerations consist of truth in publicity, advertising to children, promoting tactics as well as publicizing harmful products. For example, the cigarette advertisement is prohibited on televisions and radios, but the advertisement of alcohol is permitted in all media. Televisions ads about fast foods like hamburgers are entirely legal and is also effective for the organizations such as MacDonald’s.

  • Cultural

The cultural considerations comprise of a set of ideologies along with the values of a particular community. The cultural factors have a vital effect on the buying decisions of the customers. The aesthetic factors of a marketing activity include status, gender, and religion of the person. With these factors, the organization will be able to perform market segmentation(Aguirre-Rodriguez, 2013). Suppose an organization wants to flourish their brand in China. Therefore, that particular company needs to know about the Chinese culture about what they eat, what they wear, how much females and males live in a city such as Shanghai. After that, the company can perform marketing activities.

  1. Some legal and ethical steps are discussed here the implementation of marketing activities in Japan. The marketing activity includes the promotion of a new toy. Initially, the company needs to concern about the legal issues of advertising to children. If the particular toy is legal to sell in China, then the company can easily sell the product. The marketing to children is intrinsically misleading because the children take things literally. Media characters are the main reason behind the influence. According to Linn, children do not understand the influential intent. In Japan, it is legal to sell toys to children who are not harmful to the body. The company can take advantage of implementing innovative technology of Japan to prevent negative effects.
  2. Three ways to gather customer’s reaction and feedback to the marketing activities
  3. Survey method

According to recent reports, customers sometimes did not get proper service from the service provider. On the other hand, with the help of this survey method, the response of customer can be gathered correctly. Besides that, this survey method includes some several questions related with the specific topic, product or service and survey questions also includes more than one options for helping the customers. Apart from that, there are two types of questions exist in the survey method such as open-ended and close-ended questions which will be asked to the customers. Along with this side, with the help of this survey method, appropriate feedback of customer can be collected more effectively. However, in order to improve marketing activities, McDonald needs to apply this survey in order to gather customer’s reaction and feedback.

  1. Telephonic survey

Thus, gather feedback over the phone call is one of the time-saving method which enhances an opportunity to collect information via call. In other words, with the help of customer’s details, McDonald would call their customers and collect feedback about their product quality and services.

  1. Email chat

This method is applicable for high-class customers who does not have enough time to spend on this feedback process. On the other hand, the response of those customers are also very important so, in order to gather the reaction and feedback from those customers, McDonald should apply this e-mail survey which does not consume time very much. In addition, with the help of this method, management can improve their marketing activities.

  1. Three areas to improve marketing activities

In order to improve the marketing mix, identification of customer’s requirements is playing a significant role and the management of McDonald should grab opportunities to improve their marketing mix. First of all, in this competitive market customers already has various types of choice. In other sense, threats of subordinates are one of the major risk factors among all issues. So, three areas of research are followed:

  1. understand the need of customers

This is the very critical section of research which includes customer’s basic need.

  1. Provide products in reasonable price

Customers are price sensitive, and they want good products in low price.

  1. Provide better service than other restaurants

In order to attract more customers, McDonald needs to provide better service rather than any other fast food restaurant.

  1. 9. steps to monitor and review the performance of marketing activates

First of all, the attention of customers is very important so that promotional strategy would help the management. After that, service quality comes which is enhanced by skilled staffs of the company. In other words, training is an essential part which can improve organizational performance. Besides that, the price of products is one of the significant aspects of the marketing activities. In other words, with the help of handsome price list, McDonald can beat their rival companies. In addition, low price strategy is a very effective marketing tool.

Task 2

1. Strategic Marketing plan of Watershed Wines

Watershed Wines is an Australian Wine Company which offers and sells wine in weddings and functions. During wedding receptions, corporate functions, large formal affairs as well as meetings, this Australian Wine Company play a significant role in delivering the taste of pure wine to the customers. The strategic plan of Watershed Wines consists of a distribution of healthy wine in parties and events(Cohen, 2006). A healthy allocation or resources contain gambling on markets at various life stages. It is done for compensating different degrees of risk. The organization must not spread the resources too thinly. On the other hand, Watershed Wines must understand the consequences of saturation. It means in a saturated market, whatever the company sell must come at the expenditure of something else. Apart from these, the organization must know their level of strengths. As soon as the Wine Company are aware of their strengths, then they can easily know about the market segmentation procedure along with their distribution partners(Mangram, 2012). Besides that, they should also understand the target customers. It is very crucial for the wine companies to know the target customers because many people are living in this world, who thinks that wine has negative effects on the liver. Therefore, the company must export wines to such places where people takes wine as their primary drinks. In some parts of India and Pakistan, wine is considered as a harmful drink.

Common Marketing Activities

Watershed wines must perform marketing mix as their strategic marketing plan. The sector business groups of Watershed Wines must give close learning along with bits of knowledge and help Australian wine organizations to grow and develop new markets for their wine or manufacture existing markets. Moreover, the association must build up systems over the world’s exchange channels, wine educators media as well as influencers. Asides that, they should work intently inside these systems to convey center occasions and exercises that replicate the business sector technique and provide competitive advantage Australian wine manufacturers(Anderson, 2012).

2. Marketing activities

2.1 Summary

A respectable strategy of marketing helps the wines associations to characterize their primary goal, vision as well as business objectives. Additionally, the methodology plans the strides they have to take to accomplish these aims. However, the marketing procedure influences the way the organization maintains the whole business, so it should be arranged and created in counsel with the group. It also clarifies the position and part of organization’s products and administrations in the business sector. Also, it profiles clients and rivalry of the organization. It is a complete and wide-reaching strategic planning that portrays the industry and its items and administrations. Other than that, it recognizes the promoting strategies the affiliation will utilize and permits them to construct an advertising arrangement and measure its adequacy.

2.2 Four marketing activities for the target market

Here, the target market of Watershed Wines is the United Kingdom. The four marketing activities consist of promotion of brand values, customer service, following legal and ethical issues and market segmentation process(Weinstein, 2014). These four activities are necessary for Watershed Wines. An excellent customer service satisfies the customers which in turn it helps in increasing the brand value of the company. Market segmentation process helps in dividing the type of clients.

2.3 Cultural, social, environmental and ethical issues for the target market

Watershed Wines need some socio-cultural requirements which will assist them to perform marketing activities. If the customer sees itself as someone who should have one-use income, then the company can positively sell high-priced wine to this type of person. It means the organization must look after the status of the individual and then it should decide whom to sell which type of wine. In some cultures such as the British cultures, people prioritize wine as their primary drink. It reflects their status. On the other hand, in some cultures such as Mexican cultures, people prioritize beer as their main drink(???, 2013). The company must examine the difference between the cultures before targeting a place for marketing. The environmental issues include the economy. The economy of United Kingdom is healthy, and people also likes wine. Therefore, the organization must not worry about the economic environment of UK. Moreover, ethically, there is a demand for wine in the United Kingdom.

2.4 Analysis of marketing activities

MARKETING ACTIVITYBrand Value PromotionCustomer ServiceMarket Segmentation
AdvantagesHigher profit margins, long-term branding, and an increase of market shares.Customer satisfaction and increase of profit margin.Differentiates the types of customers.
DisadvantagesNegative attributes and the brand can become familiar to every people.Customer dissatisfaction leads to a reduction in profit margins.The improper search may result in lack of data about the customers.
CostDepends on the currency value of the target market.Costs about five times more to gain a new customer as it does to retain an existing one.Market segmentation if used properly requires low cost with greater benefits.
Legal IssuesMarketing communication should not include statements that insult standards of decorum.The customer has the right to file a complaint against the company if the company provides defected wines.If Surveying to all places is not possible then, permissions are needed from the government to go through the citizen’s file.
Socio-Cultural IssuesCulture and colors of that target nation.Customer service can introduce advertising free stalls in corners of the world for free customer service.Social class, core cultural value, family lifecycles are the socio-cultural issues of market segmentation.
ViabilityLong-term viability.Long-term viability.Long-term viability.

2.5 Analysis of marketing activities (cont.)

Here, two appropriate marketing activities are considered such as Brand value promotion and customer service. The brand value development is an essential part of the Watershed Wine Company. For Watershed Wine, all unique movement should strengthen its image messages of value and consumer loyalty. Apart from it, the capacity of promotion is to convey strong positive messages to existing and potential clients. In client administration, cost and quality have a tendency to be the prevailing variables. In any case, with the business-to-business (B2B) exchange, management issues. For example dependability, installment terms, and conveyance plan turn out to be considerably more imperative.

2.6 Documentation of selected marketing activity

The business exchange in a modern promoting situation additionally contrasts from consumer marketing in that the buying choice is frequently made by a gathering of individuals rather than one person, and the offering procedure can be a great deal more unpredictable. Apart from these marketing activities some range of potential activities are the use of social networking sites such as Facebook Fan Page and Instagram. The organization can post events on the Facebook page to promote their brand equity.

3. Implementation of international marketing activities

This section deals with the strategic planning of global marketing. Here, the chosen marketing business is Relationship Marketing.

Relationship Marketing Plans

The company needs to follow some strategic plans to do relationship marketing. The methods are described below:


In relationship marketing, networking is a significant factor in strengthening the relationship between the customers and the organizations. Similarly, Watershed Wine needs to enhance the relationship between the customers and the company. Offline and Online networking are a powerful relationship marketing technique. It is not only for the job seekers but also for the employee who are working in Vineyards of Australia. An excellent networking helps to build a strong brand awareness along the expansion of active potential customer based(McDonald, Payne and Frow, 2011). Specifically, it is a win-win technique.

Cherishing every customer

Customer entertainment plays a significant role in increasing the customer satisfaction. Watershed Wine must make sure that each and every interactions the company is having with the current customers shows them that how much they are valued for the association. Besides, extemporaneous identification of existing customers can go a long way. As soon as the people start to feel that the company take care of the client service, then the words will spread automatically to other’s ears. Consequently, it will become easy for the organizational promotion.

Listening to customers

During customer care calls, the customer places complaints or inquire about any service. At that time, some employees of the organization behave in a rude way. Ethically, it puts a negative impact on the organization. Therefore, Watershed Wines must look after this matter, that customer gets no harassments. Customer harassment can lead to political issues. It is beneficial for the organization to listen and respond to customers(McDonald, Payne and Frow, 2011). People love when they know that they have been heard by the client service center. Apart from these, the customers get pleased when they hear that the organization is ready to help them 24*7.

Providing customers with free information

Some organizations do not want to share information with clients because the information is confidential. But Watershed Wines can easily exchange information about the benefits and drawbacks of drinking wine. The wine has lots of benefits. When the customer receives beneficial information, then they will buy more wines from that particular country. The organization can also share the story of Australian Vineyards.

4. Monitoring and reviewing marketing activities

Here, some recommendations and outlines are described which is required by the marketing team for reviewing and monitoring marketing activities. After performing marketing activities, it is important to measure the performance and set future targets. The control and consideration of marketing activities are done on the workers and employees. The steps include written warning, final written warning, oral reprimand, termination review, and termination. When the supervisor observes a problem in worker‘s performance during marketing, he or she should issue an oral reprimand. If the problem stays, the supervisor provides the employee with a writer warning stating that the employee has offensive behavior and consequences. After written warning, final written warning is provided which includes copies of previous notice. If the performance of the employee does not improve, then the supervisor informs HR and issue a termination review. After the completion of all these steps, the organization takes final decisions to fire the employee. Therefore, the organization needs the recommendation to improve the performance of the employees. The recommended strategies and action plans are described below:

Developing the employee relationship

The relationship between the employees can be enhanced by strengthening business communication. The communication challenges of Watershed Wines can be counteracted when the specialists of that particular organization survey their style of communication. However, a conventional communication process requires a few abilities. Consequently, the workers of Watershed Wines should prepare themselves appropriately with excellent relational skills(Buttle, 2009). It is fundamental for distinguishing the gathering of people fragments based on different necessities, wanted results, and objectives. Moreover, a business to customer interaction is remarkable for the organization. By tailing this method, a man can turn into a superb communicator. Watershed’s workers need to enhance a dynamic outside awareness that allows the communicator not simply to tangle over her or his interchanges with others.

Monitoring job performance

Watershed must evaluate and monitor job performance of the employees in a yearly manner. It will be good for them if they perform twice in a year. It provides the employees with the practical equivalent of a report card for identifying about their performance level. The particular step includes preparation of self-evaluations which allows them to highlight current accomplishments and also discuss the issues that they consider obstructions for them. After the monitoring procedure, the workers must be provided with feedback so that they can also know how right or wrong they are about the work.

The application of Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a business strategy for improving the productivity and quality of an employee. Six Sigma is useful for creating projects, measuring the current business process, collect data and also analyze them. Superficially, this strategy of activity helps in determining the primary cause which gives birth to problems of employee performance(Miglani, 2015). It helps in optimizing the issue, and it controls production. Subsequently, the corrections are done initially on before they impact the final product.


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