Client Servers Policy Procedures | IT Server Security Policy | What is policy server


Client Servers Policy Procedures FitLife adhere to the principles of access and equity and maximises outcomes for its clients as follows:
FitLifeestablishes the needs of the clients, and delivers services to meet these needs. FitLife continuously improves client Client Servers Policy Procedures | IT Server Security Policy | What is policy serverservices by collecting, analysing and acting on relevant data
Before clients enter into an agreement, FitLife informs them about the services and fees and support services to be provided, and about their rights and obligations.


Protecting client’s rights as consumers

  1. FitLifeensures that:
  • Prospective clients know what they are agreeing to
  • Fine print and disclaimers are clearly explained
  • It does not behave in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • Services provided match those in the agreement and are fit for purpose
  • It deals fairly with disadvantaged clients.
  1. FitLife checks that:

The agreement form with terms and conditions is understood to be the agreement between the client and FitLife regarding the services and products that a client is to receive and that this:

  • Clearly states the fees, charges and refund policy;
  • Contain comprehensivecontent that the agreement relates to;
  • Refers to the responsibilities of the client and FitLife’s own responsibilities
  • Information provided to clients before signing an agreement for services forms the basis of the agreement because this information defines the commitments made by FitLife.

Processes for checking that consumers’ rights are protected include:

Training staff in how to handle enquiries and supply further information prior to agreement;

  • Training staff in how to administer agreements with clients;
  • Clearly documenting procedures for entering into an agreement with clients and ensuring that the client understands the agreement.
  • Asking for feedback from clients about the services provided periodically and making adjustments to services where there is an identified need.

Client Servers Policy Procedures | IT Server Security Policy | What is policy server

Code of Conduct – Steps in Meeting

  1. Introduction
    1. Identifies needs of client
    2. states objectives of meeting
    3. explains format of meeting
  2. Body
    1. seeks input from client
    2. probes for outcomes
    3. collaborates on preferred outcomes
  3. Conclusion
    1. summarises meeting outcomes
    2. checks for any further issues
    3. overviews next steps
 Code of Conduct – interpersonal skills
  1. appropriate communication skills
    1. give eye contact
    2. use appropriate facial expressions
    3. have a professional posture
    4. use appropriate gestures
    5. use appropriate volume, tone, pace
    6. avoid jargon
    7. avoid complex sentence structure
    8. use a level of formality that aligns to client profile
    9. stay calm in difficult discussions
    10. watch for non-verbal signs
appropriate consultation skills
    1. request views from client
    2. use active listening
    3. use probing open ended questions
    4. validate input
    5. validate concerns
    6. stay focussed
    7. collaborate on options
    8. seek agreement on preferred option

 develop trust and credibility

    1. show enthusiasm
    2. be pleasant
    3. be assertive
    4. be prepared on client needs
    5. be knowledgeable about options
    6. be honest
    7. be confident