Changing Interact Devices

How Internet of Things are Changing the way We Interact with Devices

Changing Interact Devices Few years ago the things which were part of fantasy are now taking the shape of reality. Technological advancements and ever increasing reach of internet have combined beautifully to ease the way we do our work and how we interact with the machines Changing Interact Devicesaround us.

The power of data and network connectivity has given rise to interconnecting of devices, vehicles, buildings and other machines embedded with electronics, software, sensors and actuators which enable them to collect and exchange data. The world calls this as Internet of Things.

We all are living in a digital world which is constantly transforming how we interact with each other and also the machines around us. A recent survey by ABI Research estimates about 30 Billion devices will be wirelessly connected by 2020. At the same time Gartner reports about 20.6 Billion connected devices across all technologies by 2020. A report by Cisco predicts in coming decade Internet of Things will be a market of more than $14.4 Billion.

Slowly but surely internet of things are showing their effects at different realms of our life. Devices have always influenced our life at different places, starting from childhood to old age. Following are few points which try to bring out impact of Internet of Things at different places in our society:


We spend maximum time at the comfort of our home. Here we eat, sleep and enjoy spending time with family carrying out different activities. Internet of things is making our homes smarter with devices connected to share data to perform their tasks. Companies like Google, Nest, Ecabee and Ring are some of the leading smart home service providers.

In Living room

This is a place where we spend maximum time at home. Smart lighting technology ensures that there is no wastage of electricity, air conditioning system (HVAC) enables automatic cooling as per the weather conditions outside and smart humidifiers adjusting the rooms aroma based on the odor present in the surrounding.

In Kitchen-Smart appliances like automatic ovens and Internet refrigerator from appliances manufacturing giants like LG give you option to control your appliances remotely. Also special sensors adjust the internal temperature of the refrigerator with respect to varying external environment. These refrigerators can also alert on spoilage of any stored food item.

In Bathroom

With special connected mobile apps it is now possible to switch on the heating device in the bathroom by the time you wake up or when you return from the office.


Children spend a lot of time in school/college getting educated. Present day campuses are wifi enabled with students having digital mode of education. Now a days students have e-books, digital notebooks and online educational contents. The classrooms are having automated lecture recording systems which maintain the records for improvement and future references. Student safety is ensured with a special identity card which tracks their route from home to school and vice versa sending the complete details to school authorities and parents on their mobile.


Atofficesbiometric system is already functioning to improve data security and also for employee attendance. In the manufacturing unit automation have streamlined the manufacturing process and have increased the production. A well connected system is now placed which helps to keep the inventory details update and track easily the goods.In retails you can easily keep the track of the customers and their purchase habits with their brand preferences. This way internet of things also help increase the revenue in business.

Changing Interact Devices


Starting from the manufacturing of the vehicles and they running of the road, internet of things are already playing a big role. Vehicles are internally automated to do self-diagnosis and give alerts for the maintenance. Also, traffic monitoring has become easy with well-connected traffic devices and lights.


 Internet of things has expanded its reach with the increasing advancements into the wearable devices and rallying the data collected to the mobile apps helping you to monitor your health. There are special wearable cardiac implants which can monitor the pacemakers and can generate alerts at time of medical emergency, saving many lives.


Specialized sensory devices which can measure the moisture in the soil can relay this information to the system integrated with irrigation system and switch on the sprinklers for irrigation. This technology also benefits to calculate exact amount of required nutrients to be added into the soil by evaluating the nutrient contents o**f the soil.


With increasing number of countries developing nuclear warheads and also biological weapons. The need for strengthening each country’s defense has become one of the prime concerns throughout the world. Also recent terrorist’s activities on rise, no nation is safe. Internet of things can help secure the border area with special thermo-imaging devices and sensors to detect any biochemical helping to alert the authorities on time to combat possible attack on time.Order Now