Case Study of EE Mobile UK

Case Study of EE Mobile UK


Case Study of EE Mobile UKThe given subject “THE EFFECTIVENESS OF NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT TO INCREASE THE CUSTOMER RETENTION IN THE ORGANIZATION: A CASE STUDY OF EE MOBILE, UKhas given the researcher enough chance to delve in the issue in detail. The Purpose of the study was to find out whether the newspaper advertisements are still effective enough in building the customer retention and the research has been done in reference to the case study of EE mobile networks. The objective of the research has been followed thoroughly and the researcher tries to evaluate if the advertisements in newspapers affect the consumers in the ea of digital marketing. The learner also tries to locate the changes in the customer retention value due to extensive use of the newspaper advertisements. The viability of the newspaper advertisement against the social media and online marketing campaign has been successfully evaluated in the dissertation. The effort of the researcher was to find out if the mobile marketers can even reap out profit from the newspaper advertisement. The major benefit the researcher has gathered here is the chance to delve into the subject in detail.

The researcher has used Positivism as the philosophy of the research and the deductive approach along with the descriptive designs are followed to facilitate path toward meeting the objectives of the research in scientific method. 50 customers EE mobile networks have been surveyed here for getting their views regarding the impact of the newspaper advertisements on the customer retention. The researcher through this research has found out that the basic problem for the company in the newspaper advertising is ROI. The return on investment has been low for the last two financial quarters and on this ground the company is hereby recommended to plan the advertising campaign in such a way so that the ROI gets increased.


In accomplishment of the dissertation named “THE EFFECTIVENESS OF NEWSPAPER ADVERTISEMENT TO INCREASE THE CUSTOMER RETENTION IN THE ORGANIZATION: A CASE STUDY OF EE MOBILE, UK”, I hereby express my absolute contentment and pleasure. The research topic has given me enough opportunity to delve in the issue thoroughly and evaluate the effect of newspaper advertisements on the customer retention.

I hereby thank those people who have supported me to accomplish my research with success. Ahead of conveying my regards to the others, I would like to thank my guide without whom the research would have never been completed. I also thank all those people who have responded to my survey questions as their views have been valuable in the path of reaching the objectives. Lastly I would express my gratitude to my colleagues and friends for their effective support and coordination.


1.0 Introduction

Noam Chomsky and Edward S Hermann in their renowned book ‘Manufacturing  Consent’ had notified that the Advertisement actually ruled over the newspaper market and the corporate finalized the fates of the media houses as they were unable to publish the news without the financial aid form the global and transnational conglomerates. For years and decades, the newspaper advertising has been treated as a form, which paves the way for the companies to reach the destination easily. Chomsky or Hermann, however, made this comments during 1980s when the world was yet to observe the globalization and the advent of new social media.

Close (2012) notes down, that with the emergence of new media the newspaper readings have been decreasing across the globe and the industries are thus putting their focus on the social media to reach the customers. The effort of the organizations however are justified enough as the people are readily lacking the time to read the newspapers thoroughly and thus the online media are taking over the news market. Still, the companies are placing their ads in newspapers and the underlying agenda of the news formation reflect the propagandist attitude of the global conglomerates Canter (2013). At this crucial juncture the dissertation takes effort to delve in whether the effectiveness of the newspaper advertisements are still apparent and would find out if these can actually enhance the customer retention.

1.1 Background of the research

The post-globalized and digitalized world whereas have left no space for the newspapers to dominate the news market; the newspaper advertisements are still seeming relevant. The companies have been using the medium whenever they are launching some product and on the other side, they are even publishing the advertisement in form of news offering the media-persons special media tours. Monsanto, the renowned biotechnological seed producer offered the Global media a press tour in their production units in 2008 and the next days’ news almost became the advertisement for the company.

However, still there are some problems regarding the newspaper advertisements as the single time exposure of the newspaper advertisement to the customers, certainly fail to create overwhelming impact. As per, Hong (2012) online advertisement being repeatedly appeared on the screen of the social media and other sites offer the audience the opportunity to observe it multiple times and thus the effectiveness seems higher than the newspaper ads. Another major problem for the newspaper advertisement is the costing. As most of the newspapers run with the huge amount invested by the corporate through advertisements, the costing of the ads becomes colossal. The last and major problem identified as the issue of the newspaper advertisement is the limited reach and the proximity of the audience (Romaniuk, 2009). Then customers whereas can observe the advertisement from any part of the globe if it is posted online, the newspaper readers would be able to get it within a particular geographical ambit.

Few research works have already been done by several researchers regarding the subject but the recent time researches in the age of social media and the digital advertisement is limited. The dissertation thus puts endeavour to locate the effect of the newspaper advertisement on the customer retention. Customer retention is such a factor which urges for multiple exposure of the content to the audience and in the case of the newspaper advertisements; such events never happen. Weber (2013) comments that the brand value is never created through single glimpse and thus online media here appears as an effective one to channelize the notion of customer retention

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