The Great Barrier Reef is defined as the largest coral reef in the entire world. It is estimated to be composed of 2900 number of individual reefs, and a total of 900 islands stretches over the entire area of land. The reef stretches its location in the Coral Sea in the coast of Queensland in Australia. It is marked for its beauty on the northeast coast of Australia. It is estimated to have 1500 species of fishes, 400 different species of corals, 4000 different and distinct types of mollusk, and so on. The Great Barrier Reef has huge importance. It consists of varied diversity of species and protects the same. It is considered to be one of the seven natural wonders of the world. It provides habitat and protects various endangered creatures, for instance, gongs and the green sea turtle. They are a vast living organism that recycles the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They also protect the shoreline by acting as a buffer between the coast and the rough weather of the shore. It protects the home in the coastal areas by preventing the waves and the storm from disturbing or disrupting them. The plants also help to produce several medicines in the medical field. Thus, the importance of the Great Barrier Reef is enormous.

Key stakeholder groups and their interests

Great Barrier Reef is the most discussed environmental interest of this present era. As per the recent news and observations, it is clear that Great Barrier Reef is under environmental threat now. The gradual change of environment and pollution made by human are having a negative impact on the greatest eco-diversity system of the world. There are different authorities attached with Great Barrier Reef and holding different interests. The key stakeholders of GR are discussed below.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority (RAMPAGE)

This is an agency who are in the charge of the security and protection of the Water Park of GR. They are providing a good service and helping to increase the awareness among the people accordingly.

Pollution Factors- Pollution is a factor which have great impact on the current situation of the Great Barrier Reef. There are different types of pollution. Chemical and Non-chemical pollutants affects the health of the corals. The diversity of the region is also badly affected by environmental pollution. The wastage of industries and several different wastage are mixed into the sea water. The acidic level of sea water gets high or low. The fishes and other living beings cannot survive in this situation. Water pollution has a great role in affecting the sustainability of the Great Barrier Reef.

Man made Factors- Most of the pollution are created by human. The natural solutions is easily curable. However, the man made pollution is more harmful and canto be cured easily. Water pollution is done by the industrial wastages and other wastage. Air pollution is also created by human. There are impacts of air pollution too.

Natural Calamities- Natural calamities has different impacts on the Great Barrier Reef. All the different issues are affecting the region differently. Natural calamities like cyclone, tsunami, earthquake, underwater volcanic eruption. Cyclone is the most common natural factors which occurs more frequently than other ones (Spigot-Marcella and McNamara, 2017). Cyclone breaks the coral reefs and do changes in the natural sustainability of the ecosystem. Tsunami also affects like the same.

Coral bleaching is one of the most important factor for concern. All the parts of the Great Barrier Reef is now being protected by the laws and regulations from different bodies. However, it is not very easy to manage the GR and its condition.

Business Ethical Theory linked to the Great Barrier Reef

The business conducted in the adjacent area of the Great Barrier Reef is farming, fishing and tourism. The enterprise made an impact on the ecosystem of the entire Great Barrier Reef. The business ethic is associated with corporate social responsibility. The concern on the coral reef is related to the protection of the imbalances of the ecosystem of the Great Barrier Reef (Malone, 2015). The protecting of the ecosystem is a necessary part of the business ethic associated with the Great Barrier Reef(Malone, 2015). There are various associated authorities on the Great Barrier Reef which focus on the protection of environmental degradation. The Great Barrier Reef is regarded as Australia most iconic natural assets the UNESCO has called it. On the issue related to the protection of the Great Barrier Reef, a survey has been conducted with 1000 respondent. 52% of the total respondents said that it is a moral and ethical right for paying for protection. The most effect authority associated with the protection of the ecosystem of the great barrier reefs is The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority(Malone, 2015). The authority claimed recently that the condition of the reef is continually degrading. The authority further noted that the greenhouse emission has not yet been controlled and the quality of water is not being improved despite incessant efforts made by the business organization through corporate social responsibility(Maloney, 2015). Through the corporate, the enterprises associated with the Great Barrier Reef needs to follow the corporate social responsibility intensively. The enterprise on the ethical basis needs to organize some programs to develop and protect the species of the Great Barrier Reef. The government helps the animal’s right activist to organize a program to rehabilitate the injured turtles and free them after their recovery. As a CAR responsibility, the companies associated with the Great Barrier Reef region focuses on conservation and feeding of the turtles on the reef(Maloney, 2015). The Great Barrier Reef came under extreme environmental threat due to intensive fishing, farming and tourism activities. The companies


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