Case Studies

What are case studies?

Case StudiesCase studies are detailed investigative accounts of individual entities using the disciplinary knowledge of a particular subject. Marketing, law and nursing case studies are the most common case studies encountered by students. Here are few tips to write different case studies.

1.   Writing a marketing case study

A marketing case study is a study of the various marketing strategies undertaken by a company. The hypothesis has to be explicated by a conscientious analysis of the marketing strategies of a company. Here are some important facts you should keep in mind for writing a case study:

Tips to write a marketing case study

  • Choose your topic carefully: Marketing case studies should not overlap with topics of finance or human resources. Marketing should typically involve all the processes or strategies after the production has been done.
  • Follow a definitive structure: Start with an overview of your arguments or at least state very clearly what you are trying to do. Follow it up by your research methodology or how you are going to conduct the research. This should be followed by a context description and then the main narrative of your case study. Finally summarize your findings and state your recommendations.
  • Know your marketing tools well: A good marketing student should be well aware of all the theories for doing environmental analysis. An environmental analysis can be done by following any one of the theories or all of them. They are: 1. PESTEL or political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal analysis. 2. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis and/or 3. SWOT or Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and threats.
  • The main body of the essay should focus exclusively on the marketing mix of the concerned company: There are 4Ps of marketing mix: price, promotion, place and product.
  • Do a thorough research: Most of the information would be available on the internet. Most companies carry their own mission statements, information about in-house brands, interactive blogs etc. If you still have any doubts take help from sites of Forbes and Wall Street Journal. Be updated about the rising and falling fortunes of the companies at the finance markets.
  • Finally state your references thoroughly. Your teachers will love you for that.

Case Studies

  Writing a legal case study

A legal case study presents a fictional dispute between two parties (usually an individual and a company or between two individuals). A law student is supposed to place that dispute within a particular legal context, find legal precedents to that event and also provide various legal options according to the legal structure of the land. Do keep in mind the following tips:

Tips to write a legal case study

Analyze the dispute carefully: Each dispute will involve a particular set of laws: civil, criminal, business, administrative etc. Analyzing the dispute carefully will help you to locate the legal domain of the case

Locate the legal domain: Law is a vast area involving different specialized field. Locating a case within a domain is the first and foremost task of a lawyer. This is because selecting a domain will help a lawyer to immediately identify the laws that will be applicable.

Find precedents: Legal precedents are court rulings of previous cases, which are preserved by the court of law. Such rulings are used as examples in similar cases later. Lawyers benefit much from the easy availability of legal precedents.

Provide a legal solution: This is perhaps the most challenging area of a lawyer. There are several ways to provide a legal solution. That might include: arbitration, negotiation, out of court settlement, litigation etc.

For a law student, writing a case study is like a firsthand account of an actual legal dispute which needs legal attention. Such case studies in law schools prepare the lawyer for legal services later. We have plenty of samples on business laws, construction and building laws and administrative laws. Do refer to them if you ever need case study assignment help.

3.   Writing a nursing case study

A nursing case study typically involves a medical report of a particular disease. It starts with a medical history, followed by the symptoms, the clinical testing done, the diagnosis and the medical treatment undertaken.

Tips to write a nursing case study

Know the patient’s medical history well: Many patients hospitalized will have a prior history of medical conditions, the symptoms of which may have exacerbated.

Understand the symptoms: Knowing symptom helps you to run the battery of clinical texts correctly.

Proper diagnosis: It is the key to proper treatment. This needs years of maturity and knowledge. However, clinical observation is the only way to know the existence of a disease.

Proper treatment: Correct clinical tests lead to correct diagnosis and correct diagnosis leads to proper treatment.

Nursing case studies must be written by nurses in hospitals for a quick consultation of a doctor who keeps track of his patients through such studies. For sample nursing case studies, log on to our website where we have uploaded plenty of nursing case study assignments.