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Carbohydrates are aldehydes and ketose which provide energy for every living area.

About Carbohydrates

We hear a lot about carbohydrate and have the type of monosaccharide, oligosaccharides and polysaccharides. Monosaccharide is simple carbohydrates that follow formula (CH2O) n. Examples of sweet and fructose. Similar oligosaccharides are carbohydrates that are formed by joining the two monosaccharides called disaccharides and our monosaccharide formed trisaccharides. Likewise, during 2-10 years such as monosaccharide get combined they provide a variety of oligosaccharides and the most common form of maltose and sucrose. Polysaccharides are carbohydrates which have more than 10 monosaccharides combined. Examples: Starch and Cellulose. This way carbohydrates can  divide into many different types of tissues.

Carbohydrates assignment helpThe body of different carbohydrates in the appearance. On the one hand monosaccharide and disaccharides are crystalline substances.

Where polysaccharides are one of the compounds. Which the bacteria  deposited into the simplest form to give more molecular structure of monosaccharide.

Carbohydrates are important in every area. In some diseases it is a responsibility to provide the correct patterns in the diet as it relates to food products. The best example for this is flour, vegetable food in plants. Whereas cellulose in tree use for many purposes such as construction.

Besides these simple, carbohydrates have a lot of energy that works in one or the other ways to grow and work on a living. In fact it is found in the large area, many types of carbohydrates that are received from a variety of forms from the plant can contribute to the growth of the business sector.

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