‘C’ language Assignment Help

C  Language 

‘C’ language Assignment HelpIn the programming circles, perhaps C is the most commonly heard word. It was developed between 1969 and 1973 at the AT&T Bell Labs, by Dennis Ritchie. C is a high level structured programming language which has found application in many areas of programming. It produces results which are more accurate and much more customizable in comparison to most of the programming languages of that time.

Like the family of ALGOL languages, C languages allows for lexical variable scope and recursion, along with structured programming. Despite the low level capabilities of the language, it was designed to encourage cross platform programming. Its high compatibility allows for compilation across many different platforms, from embedded microcomputers to supercomputers. Apart from this, C has also been used as a machine language because of its relatively straight forward compiler. It efficiently maps system instructions and its static type system prevents unintended errors. Most of the modern programming languages, like C#, Python, Java, PHP, Java script, C Objective, are derived in one or the other aspect from the C language. C is undoubtedly one of the most widely used programming languages of all times. Because of the relatively small size, it has proved to be one of the most preferred languages amongst personal computer programmers, pertaining to minimum memory usage and system requirements. The entire UNIX operation system was written in the C language which appropriately highlights the significance the language has in the programming world. Though many languages have been developed after the introduction of the C language, yet even in today’s cyber age, C serves as a shore to many of the users and programmers all around the world.

‘C’ language Assignment Help

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Few advantages of learning the C language (out of many) are,

  • After learning the C language; you can learn any programming language with minimal efforts.
  • Many languages are evolved from the C language like the C# and C++ which require the user to be well aware of the C language, it’s a pre-requite to jump onto higher level languages.
  • Compiling and debugging is relatively easier in the C language as compared to others.

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