BUSINESS SKILLS E-COMMERCE | Powerful Platform For Manufacturers

BUSINESS SKILLS E-COMMERCE | Powerful Platform For Manufacturers


BUSINESS SKILLS E-COMMERCE is not completed and handed in by the deadline achievement of the qualification may be delayed by up to one year

BUSINESS SKILLS E-COMMERCE tasks within the assessment suggest what form for submission is appropriate.
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BUSINESS SKILLS E-COMMERCE | Powerful Platform For Manufacturers

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E-Commerce solution for SILC

Background to SILC

 is a medium sized private leisure centre located on the outskirts of Slough (next to Kidderminster Park and Langley Grammar School). It contains a gym, a large sports hall (indoor sports such as 5-a-side football, badminton and basketball), a smaller sports hall used for martial arts (Kung Fu, Karate and Judo), two swimming pools (one large and one small) and a small ice arena (suitable for ice hockey). SILC is owned and managed by Mr Kumar Sinha and employs various staff including gym instructors, receptionists and assistants.

The centre has recently been completed and will start trading from December 2015.  The date was decided by the owner as prior to the Christmas period which is when health and “keep-fit” awareness could be an effective marketing campaign to promote the centre and attract customers.

Customers of SILC can either be individual customers or organisations (EBC Swimming Group, Asian Karate Association, Over 60s OAP Yoga Club, and Slough Women Indoor Football Team).  These customers get discount depending on their membership type.  Full members pay a monthly fee by direct debit, associate members pay a fixed yearly fee and guest members pay full price for activities as they do them. Both full member and associate members get a reduction on whatever activity they want to do.

Sometimes SILC instructors can run sessions and it is marked as being booked by “SILC”, for example Kung Fu, Judo and Karate sessions are run by experienced and trained SILC’s instructors. Special sessions are blocked booked for particular times every week in the name of a particular group e.g. the EBC Swimming Group and Ryvers Primary School.   Depending on the room particular sessions might be booked by individuals, set aside for a community activity, or they might be open to all.

Note: SILC is in competition with Slough Borough Council and in order to be profitable and successful SILC needs to restructure staffing (right sizing) to reduce overhead and HR policies in place to protect the organisation staff turnover.   The CEO of SILC had applied for grants from the Prince’s Trust for this ventured and has confirmation that SILC will receive a sum of £32, 000.  This amount can assist SILC in developing staff skills set, improving quality and restructuring of the company. SILC has a static website for web presence but SILC owner thinks it’s inadequate.

As a business consultant, you have been asked by SILC to provide recommendations on its re-launch of its organisational activities.

Assignment Tasks

Task 1 Helping SILC on to a business footing (LO1 & LO2 and part LO3) Proposal (report)

  1. Write a proposal, assessing where SILC’s core business functions and how they sit in the market place. You may need to carry out further research and investigation on SILC. [P1.1, M2]
  2. In the same proposal, evaluate SILC’s business aims and show how they relate to stakeholders [P1.2]
  3. In your proposal you should also provide recommendations and ideas that might be able to help SILC grow their business into a more profitable and solve their major concern of attracting customers. Do you think an e-commerce website can help SILC?  Investigate market potential for SILC’s e-Commerce opportunity.                                                                              [P3.1]
  4. What are the potential risk of an e-commerce website? How can these potential risks be minimised?                                                                                                            [P2.1, M1]
  5. Discuss a range of legislation and standards that will have an impact when developing an e-commerce website [P2.2, D3]
  6. In a report format, design an e-Commerce solution for SILC [P3.4] 

Hints for your proposal

Organisation types and tools to assess the organisation’s public, private, voluntary, charitable business organisations; aims eg

profit, market share, Return on Capital Employed (ROCE), sales; growth, customer service; Political, Economic, Social and Technological (PESTLE) analysis, SWOT, CBA,

Stakeholders: identification of stakeholders; satisfying stakeholder objectives; pluralist

perspectives; the concept of corporate mission objectives and policies

Business functions: key internal business functions eg marketing, sales, accounting,

administration; Management Information Systems (MIS), operations

Consumer impact:empowered customers eg online sales, direct communication with

customers, greater choice, lower prices, availability of new products; global markets; new marketing models; on-line advertising

Business impact


global business and consumer markets; issues eg challenge of new technology, security issues, impact and implications of dealing with customers on-line, creating new distribution channels, greater competition, challenge to monopoly power, retraining of staff, lower overheads, new selling chains; legislation
DatabasesTypes, Centralised, distributed, DMZ, Database replication, “the cloud”

Task 2– (PowerPoint Presentation) – In the same PowerPoint Presentation:

  1. Evaluate current e-Commerce systems in use by organisations [P3.2]
  2. Discuss the financial implications of an e-Commerce solution [P3.3]
  3. Evaluate the suitability of an e-Commerce solution. [P3.5]
  4. Evaluate website design with other users (ask your fellow students) [P2.2]

For merits and distinction criteria please refer to the assessment grid below.

To be awarded M3 the proposal (in task 1) for SILC have been provided where the candidate has thoroughly investigated the requirements of SILC, formatted and presented accurately in the proposal which is coherent.

To be awarded D1 the recommendations in the proposal (in Task 1) is valid and justified.  The conclusion derived has sound basis for the proposed recommendations.

To be awarded D2 the assignment submitted within the deadline given and the candidate has made reasonable attempt

Reviews and Completion Dates:

TasksReview DateCompletion Date
Task 1 25/11/2015
Task 220/01/2016

Hints: things to consider:

  • Please refer to Unit 29 on Moodle that will help you with e-Commerce strategies, risks and legislations
  • Users’ pattern and behaviours when visiting websites
  • Dynamic vs static websites
  • Site navigation chart, storyboard
  • Interactivity elements and a range of features used
  • User friendly pages that are consistentBUSINESS SKILLS FOR E-COMMERCE

BUSINESS SKILLS E-COMMERCE | Powerful Platform For Manufacturers

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Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

U01Business Skills for e-CommerceStudent
Learning outcomesAssessment CriteriaMet?
LO1Understand the structure and aims of business organisationsP1.1 assess an organisation’s core business functions
P1.2 evaluate an organisation’s business aims and show how they relate to stakeholders
LO2Understand the impact of e- CommerceP2.1 analyse the impact, including the risks, of introducing an e-Commerce system to an organisation
P2.2 discuss the global impact of e-Commerce on society
LO3Be able to design e-Commerce solutionsP3.1 investigate market potential for an e-Commerce


P3.2 evaluate current e-Commerce systems in use by


P3.3 discuss the financial implications of an e-Commerce


P3.4 design an e-Commerce solution
P3.5 evaluate the suitability of an e-Commerce solution
M1Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutionsSolution for SILC’s e-commerce website identifies risks in developing an e-commerce website and strategies to overcome those potential risks
M2Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniquesThe proposal demonstrates the candidate used a range of tools such as PESTLE, CBA, SWOT, Porters Forces and Force Field Analysis
M3Present and communicate appropriate findingsThe proposal for SILC have been provided where the candidate has thoroughly investigated the requirements of SILC, formatted and presented accurately in the proposal which is coherent.
D1Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusionsThe recommendations in the proposal is valid and justified.  The conclusion derived has sound basis for the proposed recommendations
D2Take responsibility for managing and organising activitiesAssignment submitted within the deadline given and the candidate has made reasonable attempt
D3Demonstrate convergent/lateral / creative thinkingMeets P2.2 and a range of legislation and standards discussed when developing an e-commerce website and the impact that they have on society
Action plan
Quality of work including spelling, grammar, punctuation, vocabulary, referencing, commitment, effort and advice for improvement:
Learner Feedback:
SIGNED:                                                   ASSESSOR                 DATE:



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