Business Scenarios Airline Industry

Business Scenarios Airline Industry is a solution of Business Scenarios In The Airline Industry that describes about The objective of the dissertation is to understand the various factors influencing the business scenarios in the airline Industry.

Business Scenarios Airline IndustryThe objective of the dissertation is to understand the various factors influencing the business scenarios in the airline Industry. IN a country like Saudi Arabia where there is a monopoly sort of a condition it becomes all the more important for a company like Saudi airlines to improvise its marketing strategies and thus increase the penetration of the people who fly both domestically as well as internationally.

Given the market conditions, Saudi airlines have to do a lot of ground work to increase the penetration of their services all over the country. It essentially requires a behavioral change among the people in the country which can be brought about only by means of innovative marketing techniques. The dissertation aims at understanding the customer preference and their flying habits thus helping us to frame a suitable strategy that can be used by Saudi airlines in increasing their market presence both in the domestic and international fronts.

The dissertations try to understand the underlying factors that are important for a customer that has to be given utmost importance by the companies when communicating with their customers. With the advent of internet, a new avenue is open for the companies to reach to the customers and this has been pretty effective as far as other airline CRM initiatives are concerned. Many carriers like Kingfisher and South west have made their places secure in heart of the customer by having a very attractive CRM initiatives that made them own the customers. The study also aims at understanding the influence that such CRM initiatives can have in a country like Saudi Arabia.

Business Scenarios Airline Industry

Airlines have been one of those industries which have been achieving continuous growth even in the times of economic downturns. But given the fact that many carriers are not profitable due to various marketing and operational reason calls for a study about this industry. In an economy like Saudi Arabia where there is almost a monopoly kind of situation in the domestic airlines, it is ideal to make an analysis of such a market to understand the customer preferences and factors that can influence customers flying habits (Nordenflytch, A., 2009). The airline industry has grown at the rate of more than 7.5 % last year. This accounts for both the leisure and business travel (Davies, 1995). The customers have been influenced by various companies by designing better CRM methods that has improved the operational efficiencies of the companies.

The number of travelers in the country also saw a phenomenal rise of more than 85 in the past three years which is a definite indicator of people accepting this mode of travel. But still the penetration levels are very less and thus there is huge potential for growth in the market which makes it an attractive market for other companies to enter into the market.

Business Scenarios In The Airline Industry Being an existing player in the market

It is up to Saudi Airlines to take the initiative in owning the customers and this is possible only if they provide something different that other airline carriers have to offer (Doganis, 2002). The profitability of the airlines has been majorly hit due to the operational issues that they had in many other countries which resulted in huge losses to these companies. This was overcome by some major airlines like Kingfisher airlines and South west Airlines by coming up with innovative themes while marketing their services which provided the much needed differentiation that is needed in the cluttered market. The services that are offered by almost all the airline carriers are similar, it is only the way in which they communicate that affects the flying decision the customer (David , 2008). It is this mode of communication and the marketing campaigns that leveraged on simplicity that made no frills airlines a huge hit even though the services offered were minimal in nature. Being a monopolist in the market, Saudi Airlines should work towards building a sustainable competitive advantage that can help them ward off competition in the future.

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