Business Report Project Management Help

Business Report Project Management Help travelers ample opportunities to search for holiday destinations and book their vacations online unlike traditionally searching door to door travel agents. Travelers have become hugely more and more comfortable with how services have been delivered by web and this has made non web based travelers obsolete and without business. Flight booking as well as hotel services have become a lot cheaper and accessible due to online travel portals.  A lot of Business Report Project Management Help information is available in company websites as well as easily accessed using social networking channels. Future Travelers doesn’t visit offices of travel agents. They use their personal devices to make choices as per their budget and family choices.  Multiple Travel agencies are using this case to make a strong online customer network. They have made visually appealing yet customer friendly websites with having on the spot booking and payment facilities. This has become a necessity for online travel websites. These websites run customer driven blogs so that they can cultivate a user network for all and share news as well as special offers. Integrations with social media have given them huge opportunity for building of brands as well as make a rapport with clients

Revenue Model-

Travel management websites should be driven as per the user expenditure. We should give user the choice to either going on for a complete end to end travel packages delivered by them only and earn revenue for them. The other way to earn is about charging booking percentages for accommodation or external packages or travels using our website to the vendors. The major expenditure will be website maintenance, customer care as well as payment gateway margins on every payment. Our website should have associations with other blogs and should promote our website on theirs and their website on ours which could be a source of revenue also. Also, we should sign up with Google Ad words program to promote our website across the web increasing our visibility.

Key Website Design Features with payment method

Website must be visually appealing with features like search with multiple categories, parameters, ratings to be given by customers, pictures of travel destinations as well as accommodation facilities. They should have a real time option to check to check how they book a complete package as well as individual accommodation options. It should have customer relationship programs to reward loyal customer who book from the website only using reward points. It should also have a community driven by users who benefit from sharing reviews, experiences and their personal wish lists. Also, a payment gateway is needed for online bookings. This will increase the utility of the website to travelers many folds.

Business Report Project Management Help

A Beautiful website can be made but proper guidance should be given on how people will find it. They will either Google it or will read about the same. Best strategy for getting visitors is to go higher in Google search rankings. Higher website rankings for relevant searches will help getting targeted customers in higher number.  This can be done by Search engine optimization which will help promote the website. We should also include internet marketing like social marketing, Google Ad words campaign for promotion on other website. All of these will gather more users to visit your site and convert them into loyal consumers

On Line Marketing Strategy and Benefits

The strategy for marketing of this website is as follows:-

  • Sale isn’t the final end, relationship should be the major point- Travelers always value their plans and trust the website with which they are making bookings. If the travel management company gives a great service, always send them remainders, email offerings and gives feedback, they will always come back to them for next bookings.
  • Customer Review Blogs – Website should allow people to post about their experiences of the particular destination that they had visited. We should promote this behavior by giving rewards and badges. This will not only retain old customers but will attract new customers also due to content building which is unique to our website
  • Higher sharing of content- Customers should be encouraged to share their content, photos to inspire and attract future bookings with our travel website. We should also run contests in which we should reward these experiences as well as pictures like in terms of discounts. This will all build a sense of community as well as inspire newer blogs with more contents
  • Specific blogs about places from the travel management company side- We should promote newer places to customers like social media links and natural links. This blog will give newer ideas o travelers to go on and visit places.
  • Usage of Affiliate marketing – Affiliate marketing should help in driving sales of our travel management website. We should try and associate with travel comparison websites, blogs, traveler groups. This will be cheap as well as give us higher visibility
  • Customer Relationship management- Loyal customers help us to earn highest revenue. They expect personalized services whenever we visit again. Our email marketing to them should be according to their tastes, demographics as well as should be as per their history. Also, they should be sent irrelevant information or something that they have already discovered. They should also be a reward program which gives hem increasing discount for running sales within our website.
  • Increase online and offline marketing- Marketing should be integrated in terms of both online and offline. They should be complementing each other so that every penny of budget should be utilized as well as possible. This should drive them towards online channel as that’s cheaper when marketing budgets is spent
  • Website should be customer friendly- – People don’t stop at one website for choosing their travel vacations. This makes user friendliness of the website much more important. They will take a small glitch to discard the website and move to the competitor travel management website. Also, search should be a major parameter in terms of usability. We should give user the freedom to use search in his needed way. We should give users multiple choices like relevance, popularity, discount, price, ratings and many other similar perspectives which will increase the usability
  • Search engine optimization– Search engine optimization is very important for every successful travel management website. We should use specific keywords to be used in searches and our website to rank higher in terms of competitor travel management
  • Planning of Paid search Budget – In Travel Industry, there shouldn’t be an equal distribution in all different paid search options. Since Online traffic isn’t equal in all time of months. Budget should be more spent in all of the places where demand is higher. This happen especially in summers.