Business Relationship Decision Making

Business Relationship Decision Making


Business Relationship Decision Making Successful organizations work to adjust their structures to their strategies targets. This procedure is accomplished through authoritative outline, which plans to make a choice making structure that backings the targets and general mission of the Business Relationship Decision Makingbusiness. While there is an immediate relationship between authoritative outline and the “who” and “how” of the choice making process, there’s no single plan that suits each sort of business. Without arranging, then again, an irregular authoritative configuration that grows naturally can make a business wasteful and insufficient(ypur business, 2015).
The littler the business, the compliment and frequently less organized its hierarchical outline. The entrepreneur, maybe a couple levels of administration and representatives regularly capacity like one extensive group. A level structure is the slightest formal and minimum complex of every hierarchical configuration. In spite of the fact that everybody actually reports to the entrepreneur, representatives have extraordinary energy to impact business choices. Choice making can be “specially appointed,” as workers frequently have full power to make their own particular answers for a particular issue or assignment.

Cobweb Networks

Cobweb systems are described by an incline business structure in which there is a high level of specialization and extraordinary independence in choice making. Cases incorporate organizations that utilization foremen or subcontractors to do capacities, for example, data innovation and circulation. Authoritative outline comprises of a center administration group that controls and settles on choices for the business’ center capacities with contract organizations and their representatives making up the external compasses of the web. Despite the fact that the center administration group may give some level of heading, every hub in the web makes its own, free choices.

In the Matrix

A framework hierarchical outline includes a level of unpredictability that can now and again cause perplexity in the choice making procedure. A sample is a promoting supervisor who reports to both the organization advertising executive and a divisional deals and showcasing chief. The advertising chief may at present have some power to settle on free choices however should likewise conform to choices originating from two upper lines of power. Without a decent correspondence framework and collaboration between the significant chiefs, disarray and disappointment can come about.

Full Hierarchy: The Great Divide

A full progressive hierarchical configuration is described by its level of convention and high level of flat partition. There’s a particular correspondence process and all around characterized lines of control and obligation. The choice making procedure begins at the top with an individual or senior administration group who settle on for all intents and purposes each imperative business choice. Representatives have next to zero inclusion in business choices however rather basically official orders do. A progressive authoritative configuration is regular in organizations sorted out into a capacity, office or division outline structure.

Strategies for improving the decision making

In order to develop and improve business Mehran should determine the strong and weakness of company in mobile network market. Mobile operator market in Vietnam is a potential market so the competition between big brand and new entrant is very high. The customer can switch other services so easy so company should have good services to attract them. First, Mehran should focus on develop and improve the quality of services to meet the customer’s satisfaction. In an atmosphere of rapidly changing business world, an important aspect of strategy is the development of technology. Mehran needs further investment in its infrastructure and equipment is to improve the quality of services. It is a good advantage against other competitors in market. Expand the mobile network cover whole Vietnam is the big advantages to compete other rivals in market. The next plan is research and develop more value added services (VAS) for users. The development of 3G is the huge opportunities for some services such as mobile internet, video call, mobile TV, etc…
The main customer of Mehran is young people who have high demand to use mobile phone. In order to attract new user, social media is a best way to attract new user while building the brand image of company. Mehran can use Facebook or Twitter as channel to promotion services and product. All customer can follow and update information quickly that is make they feel comfortable. Mehran can create the brand profiles on social network such as Facebook fan pages or make advertisement via podcast and application. The method will help company build the strong brand image as good and high-class services(Academia, 2015).

Business Relationship Decision Making

Customer’s loyalty is another important factor that increase barrier for new entrant into market. By having a quality product, company can reduce the time that is needed for corrective maintenance and more time to support the customer. From the information of customer survey, company must have plan to expand the customer care division under marketing department. Developing the ability and skill for employees is very important. The services sector is very difficult so it always requires the high quality. Therefore, Mehran can open a short term or long term training courses on expertise and management for front-line staff. Improving the effective of management information systems (MIS) can help manager decide on development strategy and annual business plan of company. Mehran should focus on marketing department to create the suitable strategy plan in short-term or long-term. Besides MIS, company can also use decision support systems (DSS). This tool will analyze the firm database and help in making-decisions process on issues. Building a good system with modern equipment will make company run better (ibid).

Learning outcomes 3

Task 3

Process of communication in organization

Communication is the process containing three elements viz. sender, message and receiver. These three elements are essential to complete the communication process(your article library, 2015).
The working of communication process is shown in the diagram below:

The following steps are involved for completion of communication process:

  1. Sender or communicator prepares the message neatly. He is the source where message is generated. It is he who starts the communication process.
  2. The message is to be encoded symbolically which is to be conveyed. This message is the idea came into the mind of sender which he wanted to convey.
  3. The message is to be transmitted through a method of communication the choice of which is to be made. The message may be transmitted orally face to face, through messenger, through air or a written note in the form of order, memo, leaflet etc. It is up to sender to make appropriate choice.
  4. Medium of communication includes telephone, internet, through messenger, post, fax, E-mail, etc. The choice of medium again depends on the sender.
  5. Receiver or communicate is a person for whom message was sent by the sender or communicator. Receiver after receiving the message must understand it in proper perspective then only the purpose of communication will be fulfilled.
  6. The receiver after decoding the message must act or take action as per instructions contained in the message.
  7. The last step is to take feedback. The feedback means the sender should know whether the receiver has received the message and understood it. The confirmation regarding this is feedback. The positive feedback is effective communication. With feedback the communication process is complete.Order Now

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