Business Environment Assignment Help

Business Environment Assignment Help


Business Environment Assignment Help every employee has to make sure that they follow some development science plan in order to stay in the business and gain success in the company that they work for. For this purpose, every employee has to make sure that they are aware of the trends Business Environment Assignment Helpand working improve of the business environment. Learning and improving is an important part of the ladder for gaining success in the business and the various aspects of learning and performing in the company of IBM and what all can be done by the employee for a successful career Episode  . (Weston, 2010)

Research  paper and evaluate suitable Behaviour  organisation t hat could provide industry experience.
As a student of the IT industry, the best available experience and knowledge that I can get is from working on the IT industry which will be a great opportunity for me to explore if I want to establish a career in the business world. We are well aware of the fact in the current time the most developed sector of the business environment is the IT sector in which the best available form of technology is used by the companies to do their operations and then obtain a competitive edge in the market that will help them to stay in the business for the long run.

To gain experience and knowledge in the IT airline industry, there are two companies that I am planning to target- IBM and Microsoft. Both the companies have been in the IT industry since some decades now and they have managed to make a place of their own in the market. IBM is a company that has been known for making the best software that is used by the various organizations around the world and they have helped the business environment to grow and expand.

If I am selected for a job in IBM, I will be able to learn about the thought process that goes behind the Business Environment Assignment Helconstruction of the software and how the company is able to produce the best in the class. Microsoft is another organization that can give me the required experience in the IT industry since they are one of the pioneers of the IT world and they have been known to deliver the best in the class windows operating system that is used by almost all the people of the world in some way or the other and having an experience from these two companies will be best for my career. (Heathfield, n.d.)

P1.2 Negotiate with work and academic supervisors a proposal for the work experience.
Working in the IT industry has been one of the toughest things for the people in the business Investment since it is a sector that constantly changes and sometimes it becomes difficult for the people to be able to cope up with the change that can make or break their career. Employee is that they need to have the right kind of job on their hand and this can only be achieved if they have managed to make a mark in their in their educational qualifications.

As far as the academic supervisor is concerned, is the record of my education that will convince him that I deserve a job in the companies that I have mentioned in the last question and my  computer education qualifications are good enough to get me a job in one of the software construction department of IBM. My educational supervisor is convinced that I can sit in the internship programs of the companies and can apply for a good post.

It is not just the academic supervisor that I need to convince but more importantly I need to convince my work supervisor in IBM that I am deserving of the job that I have got in the company. The experience that I have asked in the company of IBM is that I need to work in the software construction department and in return the company will offer me a one year work contract on internship basis which can be renewed by the end of the term depending upon my performance in the company. These terms of working will not only help to establish a place of my own in IBM but also a career. (American Management Association, n.d.)
P1.3 Recognise the business constraints on the work experience offered.
The biggest drawback that is faced by any employee in the business environment is that they do not get to expand their area of operation in the company and with time and experience they are limited to a particular field or department which restricts their growth and area of expertise. As a new comer, the only that I want in the business world is a good start with a good and known company that will add up to my resume and open up more opportunities in the future. But with the time I will realize that in order to be successful and versatile in the business world I will not only have to have good names and positions on my resumes but also different types of work experiences. The job that I have landed in the company of IBM under the software construction department will give me all the knowledge that I will need for the operations on the various but it will also limit my learning to that field and I will not be able to learn about other functions like the assembling and cross checking etc.

There is no doubting the fact that IBM is one of the best companies in the IT industry and the work experience from this company will give a huge head start to my career but there is also a fact that it will be highly difficult for me to make my place in the company since there is so much of a competition that is involved.

The scale of operations of the company will be another complication on the way because they are practically working in all the parts of the world and keeping track of all the operation and then also performing them to the best possible standard is highly tough. (Shouldis, n.d.)

P2.1 Prioritise the tasks and responsibilities involved in the work experience
It is very important for an individual to identify and achieve the deadlines at work. For me while working at IBM, I will have to see to it that all my work and projects are done according to the schedules so that deadlines are not missed. Through proper prioritising the projects which are lagging behind or seem to be behind schedule would be done with more added urgency. While designing software it is very important to meet the deadline so that the client gets a positive experience and is fully satisfied. All the projects should be further sub divided into various different parts where each part is assigned a deadline for completion. These tasks have to be prioritised in such a manner that they all fall into place after completion and no work or task is hindered because of lagging behind of another task. Through these deadlines it becomes very easy to track the progress of the overall project as one can evaluate and watch the progress of each and every task along with the complete picture as a whole. Also it is very important to have a backup plan in case of any complication or delay of one or more task of the project. I will have to be prepared and be able to face the consequences of delay in the project or not meeting the deadlines. There are various projects which are related to other activities which the client has to do after its completion. In that case those projects should be given the topmost priority as any delay in that project would lead to unfavourable consequences or even loss for the client. There should be a good and amicable relationship with the client so that in case of any small delay the client can be made to understand the problems faced or the reason for delay. Also it is very important that the responsibilities given by the management should be properly met and executed. One has to through regular review of workload, setting realistic deadlines for the tasks, proper prioritizing of the tasks and<a href=””> responsibilities and keeping aside time for any delay or interruption schedule the projects so that there is no delay in completing the project and meeting the deadlines. (Williams, n.d.)

I am a student of IT where I have completed many projects and assignments related to software construction and other IT related works.
I have developed various skills and gained great experience during my studies and training which I am going to use effective at work. With the help of these skills I would be able to develop the business and complete the projects. I have the complete understanding.

education qualifications are in line with the work I want to do at IBM. I am very much interested in pursuing IT industry as my career option where I will be able to gain more skill and experience in my field of studies.

The vision and the purpose of my selection at IBM is that would be able to develop my skills and abilities in the field of IT which would help me in my career expansion and growth.

The goal of my working at IBM would be to cater to the needs of the clients along with gaining experience in the area of my work.

My mission will be to provide excellent customer satisfaction through completion of projects and meeting the deadlines.

I want to excel in the area of software development and construction where I would be able to achieve the expertise in fulfilling the client’s needs.

5. Through proper utilisation of the skills and training that I will receive during my study tenure to the current working business plan I would be able to provide IT related solutions and construct software for a large number of big clients and organisations.

This is a very exciting and encouraging experience as through making this business plan I am getting an opportunity to set up a business plan in the area of my interest and expertise.

Business Environment Assignment Help

My previous skills will be of great use as I would be able to apply my IT knowledge and skills to gain confidence and experience in my field of work.

I will be able to grow and expand in the area of my expertise and software development. Through the use of my knowledge and skills I would be able to complete the work and projects assigned to me by the company.

Signed:  ________________________ (Learner)                  Signed:  ___________________________________ (Tutor)
P2.3 Analyse the benefits of the proposed activities to the business and the learner.
While working at IBM I would be given the chance to work with some of the top most clients of the country. As IBM is one of the leading software providers I will gain vast experience and knowledge in software construction and IT solutions providing field along with extensive work experience. I would be working along a team where I would get a chance to interact with the well-established and highly experienced professional in the field of software construction. I would get detailed information on the specific matters and techniques which I need to know about in the IT industry. I would be able to develop my skills further and gain confidence and much needed work experience. (Chapman and Rupured, 2008)

For effective work based placement there are a set of Code of Practice which are effective and helpful for the individual and the university meet the expectations of the employer. For any kind of placement it is very necessary that the employee is able to get the job in his area of expertise where he can gain experience and skills while working so that he is able to develop and execute his business plans and gain work experience. These guidelines are designed to cover the issues that are needed to be considered by the placement.  All the necessary approvals including those containing work based/ placement elements must be followed. All the essential criteria needed for the approval such as full risk assessment , the placement has clear intention of contribution towards the area of expertise and education, the student will learn the same outcomes at work based placement as his field of studies have to be met. All the work progress and experience will be monitored by the university to ensure the placement learning will meet the criteria of assisting the student in gaining knowledge in his field of studies. As I will be working at IBM I would be able to work in the field of software development. I being an IT student will be able to benefit a lot by working at IBM where my basic skills of developing and constructing software. My work experience profile will include working for a big company like IBM which will add an advantage to my resume. As IBM is one of the leading software provider working there will enable me to work with and for all the leading clients and people of IT industry. (Imel, n.d.)
P3.2 Produce systematic records of the work undertaken
While working for IBM I was assigned to a number of projects and work assignments which involved construction or development of software. These projects were all of various natures relating to different types of clients and catering to a large number of aspects and areas of IT. At the beginning I was assigned to different teams’ where I worked under the guidance of my seniors while executing the projects. I was also given independent individual tasks which I have to complete with a small team under me. All the information regarding the work done by me and the projects I had worked in was systematically recorded in form of various spread sheets and database. The nature of work complete, the time taken for completion, the number of issues or delays faced during the projects and other relevant data was stored and recorded for further use or evaluation. Through entries into logbooks and record dairy all the activities and the working hours spend to those activities were recorded. My working and the results obtained by my both in terms of quality and quantity were recorded and stored and through the use of these figures and data regular evaluation and assessment of the work done by me at IBM was done. (Erven, n.d.)

The plan I had devised for my work based experience included my working at IBM so that I am able to gain confidence and skills required in software development and construction to help me later on in my career. The plan included me completing projects along sides other team members over a period of time where I would be able to experience working alongside a team of experienced It professionals. I will also be given various tasks where my competence and working skills will be tested and I will work within certain guidelines and deadlines. I will be using various evaluations and review techniques to ascertain the success of my plan and make necessary changes if needed on as and when basis. I case if I feel that the basic purpose of my joining the work based program is not being fulfilled will have to plan other actions and contingencies so that my line of work is aligned to my business plans. Proper completion and execution of my plan is very important and necessary as it will help me down the line in my career and business growth. I will be able to move on to better and bigger project and will gain vast experience and skills in my field of work. Also I would like to include more areas of operations in my work experience instead of working in only one field of software construction. It is very necessary to have knowledge and multiple skills in the field of work. (Develop and perform, n.d.)
P3.4 Make suggestions for improvement and review these with the supervisor
Working at IBM will basically fulfil all the criteria I have set for my work experience plan but it is very important that I receive sufficient work and training so that it is helpful in further advancement of my career. My work should be in accordance to my studies where my skills and knowledge is enhanced while working for IBM. I will be developing and constructing software for the clients at IBM. My work plan included working with various teams and individuals where I would be able to learn from them and the professional behaviour of the people. Besides working with teams I would also suggest my supervisor to provide me with individual tasks where I would be able to show my competence and capabilities along with being able to understand the roles and responsibilities of working on a project. As I would be given the projects I can develop my IT skills along with other work related responsibilities such as meeting deadlines and proper allocation and prioritising of tasks. The supervisor can help by making me familiar with the working conditions and ethics of the organisation and improving my efficiency through proper training and allocation of duties.  (UK Jobs, n.d.)

Task 4
P4.1 Monitor progress against original proposal
Every plan that has been devised has to be evaluated and checked at regular interval of times so that any deviation of change in the effectiveness or fulfilment of objectives of the plan can be seen and proper actions taken to correct those deviations. IBM is a world renowned company having great working environment and work ethics. It standard and quality of projects done by IBM is of the highest standards in the IT industry. The work plan that I have made is related to working with IBM so that I am able to get the best experience from an IT company. IBM sets the benchmark of working standards and results and I have to ensure that my work is unto the mark. For working in a company like IBM a person should have the highest working efficiency and standards. I should be able to complete the work assigned to me in the best possible manner for which I will have to regularly monitor and evaluate my progress. I will have to see and cross that that my progress in the organisation and see to it that everything is in accordance to the plan. All the results and my achievements at IBM should be in line with my work plan. Any deviation or change in the plan can have a negative effect on my future and career. The original plan should be strictly followed and implemented where at industrial standards have to be met through regular self-evaluation and assessment of performance and results against the original proposal. I will also have to get testimonials and feedback comments from the supervisor as to the quality of my performance and whether there is any need for improvement in it. These comments and suggestions will help me in knowing my exact position in the eyes of the management and the evaluating the quality of work undertaken by me. (Fine, 2009)

Business Environment Assignment Help

A person gains lots of confidence and job relating skills during a work based placement. He is able to further develop his knowledge as well as gains experience while working with the professionals of that field. I being a student of IT joined IBM for a work based experience where I was in the department of software construction. IBM being the market leader in software development and construction I was able to get the best in business learning experience while on the job. Under the guidance of my supervisor I was able to achieve the best results in the projects I was assigned to and was able to work in the most efficient and effective manner. I was able to learn and understand the working ethic of an IT company and was able to handle clients very easily and efficiently. My work was always on time meeting the required deadlines and timetables. I gained great skills in tackling and solving the problems face at for and was able to develop interpersonal skills like teamwork, time management and efficiency.  Overall I can say is that I was able to achieve the objective of my work based plan and was able to gain the most out of the opportunity being provided to me. (Fine, 2009)
P4.3 Analyse the learning which has taken place during the work experience using suitable reflections.
Through my work based job at IBM I was able to effectively expand my knowledge in the IT industry and the area of my education. IBM being a big organisation helped me in developing and enhancing my working skills along with providing me with a complete understanding of the working conditions present in today’s IT industry. I was able to develop my interpersonal skills where I learned to work as a team member and cooperate with my colleagues. I got first-hand experience in software construction and designing where I completed several team and individual tasks. I also learned about Time management and meeting of deadlines and the various ways of how to complete a given task within the time limit assigned to it so that the client is fully satisfied. It also learned about client professional relationship and the various ways one can deal with the client and help him in understanding and soling of nay problem that he faces. My supervisor helped me in understanding the various method and techniques of working more effectively and efficiently in the organisation.  (Management Help, n.d.)
P4.4 Make recommendations on how the experience could have been enhanced
Although I was able to learn a lot from my work based job at IMB where I was able to develop my working skills and enhance my knowledge in the field of software development and construction. I was able to understand the working standards and ethic needed while working for an IT company and also gained experience by working with other IT professionals. Time management and allocation of resources through division of tasks helped me in developing efficiency skills and helped me in understanding the importance of prioritising and work delegation. But there were certain factors and points where I was not able to develop my skills to the maximum. (Management Help, n.d.)

As IBM is a Motivational organisation its clients and the nature of work they execute is also of a very large and big scale. While working with IBM though I was able to learn to handle big issues and clients I somehow think I was not able to get the training from the basic level. As we worked in teams and on big projects I could not learn small issues or technicalities. I was assigned to a single department of software construction and therefore I was not able to explore or understand other departments or areas of the IT industry.

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