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Implications of pricing and objectives on firm’s operations

Business Economy Operations Assignment Celsa Steel organisation need to undergo effective decisions while deciding about their product price structure. This decision is Business Economy Operations Assignment | Business Economics Assignment Helpcrucial for the business as it have direct impact over their operations in the market (Dang, 2013). In a case if Celsa Steel organisation is going to set their prices to be too high or low will be laying down impact over the growth of the enterprise against the competitors. Ineffectiveness in undertaking this decision by business is going to lay down impact over the revenues and cash inflows of the business.
The objective of Celsa Steel organisation is to undergo sustainable development in their operations. Business is also seen to be highly committed towards managing the environment impact that organisation functioning can laid down while supplying their sustainable products (, 2013). The organisation believes in integrity and has been undertaking all their activities with honesty and transparency for spreading their wings in the international market by capturing larger market capitalization.

Prices set in different market structures

The appropriate comparison in relation to various market structures are shows as follows; (Hall and Lieberman, 2012)

Firm’s behavior is affected by:

Their market structure
The market structure in which Celsa Steel organisation is undergoing their activities are monopolistic market.  It is a market structure where are huge competitors competing against each other with differentiated products (, 2012). Hence, strategy adopted by any other organization in the market is going to have direct impact over Celsa Steel organisation.

Business Economy Operations Assignment | Business Economics Assignment Help

The tough competition is going to lay down great impact over the functioning of Celsa Steel organisation. Under this market business can increase their prices as consumer as got many options and they will be shifting towards the other competitors in the market. Hence, it is crucial for the business to carry out their decision making that enhances their performances within the market (Shapiro and Varian, 2013). Further, if business undergoes any wrong strategy then under that situation Celsa Steel organisation is not going to remain sustainable within the market for a longer period of time and will be pushed out of the market.

Impact of regulation on market power

It has been identified that within the market of UK government has laid down various regulations laying down impact over the market power of Celsa Steel organisation. For carrying out appropriate functioning in UK businesses need to undergo taxation policy, inflation policy etc. Research showed that government of UK lays down close monitoring with respect to pricing strategy being adopted by different business within the market (Burda and Wyplosz, 2012). Hence, it is essential for Celsa Steel organisation to undergo pricing that are as per the market standards and must not undergo any sort discrimination in the price.  Further, taxation policy of UK is also seen to be stringent over the organisations. Celsa Steel organisation need to undergo appropriate payment of tax so that government us able to utilize the amount in the growth of the society. Undergoing these policies in an appropriate manner by Celsa Steel organisation has been affecting their pricing strategy as they are not able to charge higher for their products and this in turn has laid down affect over their profits.Order Now