Business Continuity Plan Assignment Help

Business Continuity Plan Assignment Help


Business Continuity Plan Assignment Help   San Grafix is a well-established firm that is at present located within San Francisco, which precisely deals with video, as well as, PC game design.  The firm is highly focused within the present advancement in technology, and in that regard, it has in the recent days developed an advanced new brand of new video, as well as, PC game. Putting into consideration that the video industry is getting highly competitive, San Grafix has opted to venture into new markets where competition is not that high (Hiles, 2011). One of the indentified such markets is Sunnyvale, CA. As a result of the expansion of our offices to the new region, there has been the need to come up with a comprehensive business continuity plan which features a disaster recovery strategy, which can be put into use in the event that the firm’s IT network security is at risk. It should be noted that in the event the IT network is attacked, its operations will be brought to a standstill.  Possible threats are such as malware attacks, Trojans and the like (Hiles, 2011).

Policy Statement

The firm’s intention and desire is to:

  • Operate for a minimum of one month within the reserve facility.
  • To minimize interruption of services within the new facility.
  • To maximize production and deliver quality products to targeted customers.

Putting into consideration that the firm particularly deals in the design of video together with PC games, the various mainframes that are hosted within and outside San Grafix will be keenly watched.  In that regard, the key intents will therefore be (Kildee, 2011):

  • Mitigate the loss of data
  • Maintain suitable commercial functions.
  • Formulate an effective data recovery plan.
  • Abate any loss of business profits.

For purposes of ensuring the attainment of the aforementioned goals, the SIRT (Security Incident Response Team) will be established and will be made up of the personnel mentioned hereinafter. All the mentioned personnel should be aware of the fact that San Grafix is committed to offering quality services to the customers in order to succeed in maintaining a good public image (Fulmer, 2010). In that perspective, they should diligently carry out their various duties bearing in mind that good reputation is paramount for the success of any business entity.

Business Continuity Plan Assignment Help

The information Safety Team


This team will be made of well qualified IT professionals who will be responsible of handling the firm’s data and ensuring that it will be secure from all possible attacks.  The team will also be in charge of the establishment of new network within the locations that the firm intends to expand into
IT auditor


The IT auditor will be focused on testing the IT networks as implemented by the IT team and reviewing their capability to deliver as per the firm’s expectations. Besides, it will be upon the IT auditor to offer the necessary guidance to the IT team for the purposes of ensuring that they do not overlook some critical issues.


Human Resource Manager


It will be the duty of the human resource manager to ensure that all the employee needs are met and that the employees are performing their duties as needed. They will work hand in hand with the senior management to ensure that the employees are well compensated and the productivity of the employees is in line with the firm’s expectations


With reference to the above strategies and optimism as presented by the Grafix company, it is clear that the way up the ladder for the company is assured. With view to the objectives laid down by the company and the anticipation it has in delivering to their clients, the above mentioned achievement ways and the personnel outlined will take the company where it wishes to be. With the roles outlined for each of the personnel presented, there will be credible avoidance of mistakes and challenges that arise due to aspects of lack of coordination and precaution adherence. Therefore with regard to the outline given as pertains the company’s wish and operation motive presented, the plan stands out to take the company far much in success (Goh, 2008).


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