BSBWHS605 Develop Implement

BSBWHS605 Develop Implement

 Guidelines BSBWHS605 Develop Implement 

To be submitted:

1.       WHS policy – first draft

2.       Written Outline of  WHSMS core elements

3.       Responses to Store manager and Worker rep

4.       Present these to the Board and CEO in a role play (get sign in the Observation form)

Part 1    WHS policy draft (

BSBWHS605 Develop Implement

Student workbook pg 158 – Sample WHS policy)

  1. Purpose (what is the aim of the policy?)
  2. Scope (Who and what are covered under the policy)
  3. Policy (State your policy)
  4. Procedures (list the procedures under various headings or furnish them at the end – Take important points from ISS policies – do not copy everything)
  5. Responsibility for implementation (list the responsibilities of the CEO and the management team – use the information on pg. 158)
  6. Related legislations and standards (WHS ACT 2011….AS/NZS 4801:2001…)
  7. Approved by

Part 2: WHSMS Core elements (pg. 5 and pg. 156-168)

These 5 elements should be in the core elements

  1. WHS policy (Refer to policy above)
  2. Planning elements
  3. what are the hazards and risks in Pitstop (g. fuel spills., fire in rubbish bin…Cite all the hazards from the case study Incident summary report/Store visits and Records)
  4. What Hierarchy of control will be followed?
  5. What are the objectives (e.g. Improve the health and well being of employees….minimise illness and injuries…Pg. 160.)
  6. Targets and performance indicators (e.g. 2 safety inspections, introduction of 1 health and well being program on non-smoking in 3 months etc…)
  • Implementation elements
  1. Resourcing

(Insert a budget here as per pg. 162)

Wages                                                                                                                      $ 15,000








  1. WHSMS structure of responsibility (insert the organisation structure of responsibilities – pg. 163)
  2. Integration with related management systems (comment on how the WHS policies will be integrated with Pitstop’s other policies such as Induction policy, Performance management policy….etc….)
  3. A Training plan (What are your proposed training plans? List them)
  4. Agreed consultation and communication process (how will you communicate)
  1. Monitoring and evaluation elements
  • Monitoring plan (pg 166)
Performance indicatorData sourcePlan for data collection
1. 2 Safety inspections yearlySafety audit checklistsConsult with HSRs




  • A reporting and follow-up system for incidents

(Will you have proper Risk Register and Incident reporting templates?)

  1. Review and improvement elements
  • A management review (write in your own words)

Part 3:  Responses to Amanda and Pat Lee

  1. Amanda – list all her concerns and say how your new plan will deal with them

BSBWHS605 Develop Implement

Amanda’s ConcernsSolutions in WHSMS
1. (e.g.) Pie warmer is a new oven



1. Training will be provided as per plan



  1. (from pg. 19 of the case study)
Pat Lee’s ConcernsSolutions in WHSMS
1. Store managers are unclear of reporting process and legal obligations




1. Plan in  WHSMS to organise workshops



 Part 4 Role play

These elements should be discussed without fail in role-play and when addressing staff concerns in WHSMS

  1. core elements of the system, the risks involved and proposed changes or additions
  2. relevant standards
  3. relevant legislative requirements for WHS management, including those related to recordkeeping
  4. WHS policy requirements
  5. how policy will be communicated to employees
  6. how design of WHS management system and WHS policy meet internal and external requirements
  7. possible certification option and process of certification.
  • discuss benefits to organisation:
    • reducing injuries
    • improving productivity
    • improving industrial relations
    • reducing compliance risk.

BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

Task 2 – Guidelines

·         participate in two consultation role-plays:

o   meeting with the board of directors and senior management (completed in Task 1)

o   meeting with the Wollongong manager and HSR

·         submit a 1–2 page outline of plan containing outcomes of consultation

·         submit a 1–2 page draft risk assessment and control procedure

·         submit draft and final implementation/action plans for the Wollongong store

Part 1: Role Plays

Discuss Part 2 – WHSMS that you developed in assessment task 1 in a group of 3 – 4 students (This is taken as done in task 1)

Part 2: Prepare a summary report on the above topics (meeting notes) – You have already addressed all these topics in assessment one. Therefore you do not have repeat what you have already written. Briefly (one page report) write about what you discussed.

one paragraph for each of the bullet points above.

  • The requirements of the WHS plan (why is it important to have a WHSMS?)
  • What discussions you had on procedures to manage WHS risk
  • What discussions you had on compliance (what are the compliance requirements as per WHS act, OHS Act (Vic), Regulations, Australian Standards for WHS management systems, AS/NZS 4804 and Codes of practise)
  • What discussions you had on WHS targets and KPIs
  • Key elements of implementation of the system in Wollongong.

Part 3: Risk assessment and control procedures

create a flow chart of risk assessment procedure (page 181 – 190 of the student handbook) – You can also refer to HTTP://WWW. safe work Australia. and explain how you would deal with dangerous substances (petrol, LPG), manual handling (pie ovens) 

Step 1: Identify Hazards in Pit stop (categories them under Physical, Psycho social, Mechanical, Chemical, Energy sources hazards and Environmental hazards)

Step 2: Assess the risk (Do the Risk assessment matrix)

Hazard nameSeverity order



(Insignificant 1, Minor 2, Moderate 3, Major 4, Catastrophic (5)

DetailPotential cost

Step 3 Control the risk (pg. 189 of workbook)

Explain the hierarchy of control for every hazard (Elimination, Substitution, Eng control, Admin control, PPE)  control of risks such as training, regular inspections by store managers or delegated staff

  • emergency procedures (fires, fuel spills).

Part 4: Implementation/action plans for the Wollongong store

  • Refer to the template on page 177 – 179
  • Identify all WHS implementation steps needed for Wollongong store and put them in the table below

(Specific activities –

  1. initial launch of WHSMS, including development of policies and procedures (safety procedures, recordkeeping procedures, etc.)ongoing activities
  2. training: consider current activities undertaken by staff, required activities under your plan, and capabilities of current employees
  • communication and consultation
  1. monitoring and reporting, such as regular safety audits)
Action/activityDate (Timelines)Person/s responsiblePerformance measure/targetsResource requiredCost

 Employee skills analysis table in order to allocate responsibilities ( pg. 107 of WB) –

Read the Appendix in Task 2 for the information required

Wollongong teamStore managerShift Manger 1Shift manager 2Cashier 1Cashier 2



WHS ability









Responsibilities allocation: (These are only suggested)

Based on current job roles and underlying skills and knowledge, you decide on the following allocation of the WHS jobs:

  • Communicating and coordinating WHS meetings –
  • Managing the overall WHS policy –
  • Locating the Safety Data Sheets for all equipment and materials –
  • Keeping minutes of meetings –
  • Documenting WHS issues in carrying out the maintenance work –
  • Identifying equipment specialists to assist with training –
  • Coordinating the gap WHS training needs of the Wollongong team –
  • Liaising with senior management on WHS –.
  • Preparation of a safety audit of all the equipment –
  • Preparing an induction WHS process for ne apprentices joining the Wollongong –

Identify Gap training (Use them in the Action plan)

– Pie ovens training

– First aid training 

Part 5 Role Play with Wollongong Manager and HSR

Explain the new implementation plan to them.

Get the observation form signed by the trainer for your records.

BSBWHS605 Develop, implement and maintain WHS management systems

Task 3 – Guidelines

  • participate in two consultation role-plays:
    • meeting with the store managers on monitoring and reporting
    • meeting with the board of directors and senior management to review performance of WHSMS and make recommendations
  • submit amended targets and KPIs, procedures for performance management, audit and reporting as a result of consultation

·         submit a written 3–4 page report containing recommendations for improvement of the WHS management system.

BSBWHS605 Develop Implement

 Part 1: Role Plays

  • Role-play on implementation of performance monitoring and audit procedures. Note: The implementation plan was discussed in a role play at the end of assessment 2.
  • Here you need to write a brief note on how you will measure and monitor the WHS implementation plan. Examples of measurement techniques you can use are: (Student workbook page 122 – 137).

Examples of monitoring activities:

  • incident reports and investigations
  • workplace inspection checklists
  • audit reports
  • hazard reports
  • risk assessment reports
  • training reports, skills and training matrices
  • consultation with employees
  • feedback from employees
  • budget tracking.

Explain the most practical ways possible for managers to implement the procedures you have developed. Stress the benefits to the organisation and benefits to managers where appropriate.

Part 2: Final Summary Report

Based on your analysis and consultation with the board of directors and senior management, prepare a 3–4 page report containing the following elements. (You have done a major portion of this part in part 2) You only need to add what is not included in part 2 from the below list)

  1. Executive summary (briefly summarise report). You must write this at the end, after you have completed the report.
  2. Body (analyse data from scenario; discuss possible causes; explore possible solutions; explain your reasoning and support with evidence).
    • consider the relationship between the data and the WHSMS targets and performance indicators. What are the gaps? (Compare the data in assessment 1 and 3 appendices) e.g.
      • incidents and lost days slightly higher than targets
      • training numbers poor – 50% off target
      • uneven quality of implementation across, etc..
ObjectivesourceInformation and dataPerformance indicatorGap
Minimise injuries


Safety audits
  • consider possible causal relationships between data and aspects of the WHSMS implementation
    • managers working independently of others in interpreting procedures
    • lack of managerial training
    • poor communication or consultation processes
    • lack of store employee training
    • poor written and verbal communication skills
    • smoking, etc.
  • consider possible improvements to address root causes of performance issues
    • ensuring options available to employees who have poor written or verbal communication skills.
    • consistent effort from senior management to communicate support and commitment to policy and WHSMS.
    • Could involve face-to-face meetings and hands-on involvement with stores.
    • recommendations with regard to computerised WHSMS system, etc..
  • consider existing procedures and ways to improve them
    • Address requirements to update procedures to support WHS plan.
    • Refer to inadequate safety procedures, performance management procedures, lack of emergency procedures, etc
  • amended targets and KPIs, procedures for performance management, audit and reporting as a result of consultation.
    • Consider reviewing any of your policies
    • Consider changing the KPIs (reduce them) taking into account that the incident rates have increased after implementation
    • Consider any remedial actions required.

Amended KPIs (Follow the strategic implementation plan table in Task 3)

ObjectivesOriginal targetAmended target/KPIPerson responsible
  • develop draft recommendations for improving the WHSMS (minimum 4 recommendations)
    • increased focus on consistent training for new managers
    • ensuring options available to employees with poor communication skills.
    • consistent effort from senior management to communicate support and commitment to policy and WHSMS.
    • forming networks of managers to learn from each other’s training and management techniques
    • introducing a health and wellbeing program to communicate smoking risks, provide healthy lifestyle alternatives and reduce smoking, etc.
  1. Conclusion

These are examples only. You need to analyse the given information and add more to the above lists.

Part 3: Role play

Conduct a role play to consult with the board of directors and senior management to present WHS performance data and recommendations.

You must attach all the three observation checklists to the tasks as well. If you have not done the role plays please discuss it with me.

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