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National Code/TitleBSBADM502 Manage Meetings
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 Assessment 3


Assessment taskDescriptionAssessment methodWhat does satisfactory mean?

Marking guide

3 Written reflectionCandidates are required to write a self-reflection on the process they went through to plan, prepare, conduct and follow up on their meeting.Written reportEach student will submit unique work in their own words.

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Assignment Help


Additional assessment information
Time limits –each of the assessments will have a set time to complete that is explained and agreed before you start. There is timed assessment for practicals that are completed in class.

Use of support material – the written work can refer to a textbook or notes but must   be in your own

words. Tests are   from memory so you cannot use your textbook or notes

Reasonable adjustment – if you think there are issues that could impact on your ability to perform then you need to talk to your trainer/assessor prior to doing the task

Re-assessments and re-sits – The student is informed that the assessment is not pass/fail in the marking guide above and that feedback is provided. The Assessor may set another time for the gap assessment or follow up extra practical assessment or with open questions if there is doubt about responses or demonstration of skills. Students should be successful at the second attempt. If a re-sit is necessary, the conduct of the task will depend on the type of assessment. Re-sits are more likely for written tests.

Appeals process – after the assessment, if you have concerns, then you should talk to your assessor. There is an assessment appeal policy and procedure that is followed.

Assessment-3   Written Report

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Assignment Help

Assessment description

This assessment continues from Assessment 1 and 2.

You are requBSBADM502 Manage Meetings Assignment Helpired to write a reflection on the process you went through to plan, prepare, conduct and follow up on your meeting.


Task 1:

Write a written reflection on how you planned, prepared, conducted and followed up on your meeting. Your reflection should discuss the following:

  1. Preparing for your meeting:
    • Who you invited to your meeting, why you decided they were required to attend and how you reached that conclusion.
    • The style and structure you chose for your invitation and why.
  • What conventions you decided were appropriate for your meeting; and what organisational and legislative requirements you needed to follow.
  • What budgetary considerations you made and how they affected the planning and conducting of your meeting.
  • The meeting papers you chose to prepare and the distribution method you used to provide those papers to participants and why these were appropriate.
  • Your approach to developing your action plan, including how you decided who should be responsible for which tasks and timeframes for task completion.
  • The implementation of your action plan; if all required tasks were completed, if they were completed by the person responsible, if they were completed on time and, if not, what you did to make sure they were done.
  1. Conducting and following up your meeting:
    • At least one problem that had to be solved during your meeting, the problem-solving technique you used and why, and how this technique assisted you in solving the problem.
    • Your key responsibilities as chairperson for conducting the meeting.
  • How you would assess your performance in chairing the meeting (i.e. were you an effective chairperson or are improvements needed?); how well your meeting participants worked together and what group dynamics you needed to manage.
  • The desired outcomes of your meeting, if you achieved them, and the strategies you used to facilitate the outcome. If outcomes were not achieved, or not achieved to satisfactory standards, what you could do to improve in facilitating outcomes.
  • The strategies you used to review the meeting minutes to ensure the information presented a true and accurate record of the discussions that occurred during the meeting. If the minutes were a complete and accurate reflection of the discussions and what, if any, adjustments you made.
  • The method in which you distributed these meeting minutes and why; where and how they should be stored; if any follow-up documentation was required and, if so, how this documentation was or will be distributed.

Task 2:

Submit the required documents for assessment as per the specifications below. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Trainer will also provide further explanations on the above instructions in the class which will clearly outline all requirements in more detail and simplistic way according to your understanding level.  You may also request your trainer for additional information and may seek help with summarising of all instructions if required.

Submission Specifications

You must submit:

  • a written reflection.
Did the candidate:Satisfactory
Submit a written reflection?
Submit their reflection within the required timeframe?


Performance indicators

Did the candidate:Satisfactory
Identify who they decided was required to attend their meeting and how they reached that conclusion?

For example:

?      all stakeholders were invited

?      only key members from each department or team were invited

?      only management were invited

?      people with specialised knowledge or experience included to provide guidance

?      external advisors required for expertise

?      members of the public were invited to witness.

Describe how they determined an appropriate style, structure and appropriate meeting conventions for their meeting’s purpose?

For example:

?      if the meeting was an AGM, it was a formal setting appropriate to legal requirements

?      if the meeting took place in different places at once, it was conducted in a style and setting suitable to allow video or teleconference inclusion

?      if the meeting was between a close work team, it could be in a more informal style.

Identify decisions they made regarding meeting papers?

For example:

?      the meeting papers they were required to prepare and how they decided what was required; for example, background information, previous reports, internal or external data, product samples, relevant brochures or publications, draft documents

?      Identifying a distribution method and why they chose this method, for example, email, post, electronic file transfer (Dropbox, hightail, FTP, etc.), pigeonhole, handed file in person.

Describe the approach they took in developing an action plan?

For example:

?      How did they decide who should be responsible for which tasks?

?      Were all activities completed by the person to whom they delegated the task?

?      Were they completed on time? If not, what did the candidate do?

?      Did the candidate complete all tasks required of their action plan? If not, why not?

Describe any problem-solving activities they undertook in their meeting?

For example:

?      At least one problem that had to be solved during their meeting?

?      Which problem-solving technique they used and why?

?      How this technique assisted them to solve the problem?

Describe their responsibilities as chairperson?

For example:

?      delegating a minute-taker

?      facilitating discussion

?      maintaining a constructive and professional conduct

?      keeping discussion on track in accordance with agenda

?      keeping the meeting to time

?      encouraging input from all participants

?      coordinating consensus for problem-solving and decision-making

?      managing group dynamics.

Describe how they would assess their own performance in chairing the meeting?

For example, they identified areas of strength or areas requiring improvement, such as:

?      planning, preparing and delegating prior to the meeting

?      as chair, managing group dynamics, covering agenda, keeping to time, facilitating full participation, managing group conflict.

Describe the desired outcomes of their meeting and the strategies used to achieve them?

For example:

?      strategies that worked well to assist in achieving the outcome

?      any strategies that didn’t work

?      improvements to assist in achieving meeting outcomes in the future

?      if outcomes not achieved, why they think this is the case.

Describe their process for checking the minutes for accuracy?

For example, described how they:

?      checked grammar, spelling and template format

?      identified whether the minutes were a complete and accurate reflection of the discussions

?      checked materials for completeness and accuracy, i.e. minutes, agenda, invitation, own notes, meeting papers, organisational policy and procedures, style guides, dictionary

?      made adjustments, if any, to ensure the minutes were an accurate reflection of the meeting.

Demonstrate an ability to determine appropriate strategies for distributing and storing meeting minutes?

For example:

?      in accordance with Adept Owl policies and procedures

?      file-naming and file location protocols

?      access requirements

?      storage space

?      confidentiality and security requirements.

Identify any follow-up documentation required and, if so, when and how this documentation should be distributed?

For example:

?      identified the Adept Owl meeting policies and procedures around distribution requirements

?      if required follow-up documentation is too large or numerous to distribute via email, candidate identified alternative method of distribution.

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