BSB50215 Diploma Business

BSB50215 Diploma Of Business


Assessment Details
Qualification Code/TitleBSB50215 – Diploma of Business
Assessment TypeAssessment -02 ( Project with Role Play)Time allowed
Due DateLocationAHICTerm / Year
Unit of Competency
National Code/TitleBSBADM502 Manage Meetings
Student Details
Student Name Student ID
Student Declaration:  I declare that the work submitted is my own, and has not been copied or plagiarised from any person or source.Signature: ____________________________

Date:         _____/______/_____ 

Feedback to student:

Student Declaration:  I declare that I have been assessed in this unit, and I have been advised of my result.  I am also aware of my appeal rights.

Signature:      ______________________

Date:               ______/_______/__

Assessor Declaration:  I declare that I have conducted a fair, valid, reliable and flexible assessment with this student, and I have provided appropriate feedback.

Signature:      _____________________________________

Date:                ______/_______/______

Instructions to the Candidates

v  This assessment is to be completed according to the instructions given below in this document.

v  Should you not answer the tasks correctly, you will be given feedback on the results and gaps in knowledge. You will be entitled to one (1) resubmit in showing your competence with this unit.

v  If you are not sure about any aspect of this assessment, please ask for clarification from your assessor.

v  Please refer to the College re-submission and re-sit policy for more information.

v  If you have questions and other concerns that may affect your performance in the Assessment, please inform the assessor immediately.

v  Please read the Project carefully thencomplete all tasks.

v  To be deemed competent for this unit you must achieve a satisfactory result with tasks of this project along with a satisfactory result for the other two assessments.

v  This is an Open book assessment which you will do in your own time but complete in the time designated by your assessor. Remember, that it must be your own work and if you use other sources then you must reference these appropriately

v  This is Individual Assessments. Once you have completed the assessment, please provide the Hard copy of the Assessments to your Trainer/ Assessor.

v  Plagiarism is copying someone else’s work and submitting it as your own. Any Plagiarism will result in a mark of Zero.

Assessment 02

Assessment taskDescriptionAssessment methodWhat does satisfactory mean?

Marking guide

2 Conduct, follow up and report on a meeting


 Candidates are required to conduct the meeting they planned in Assessment Task 1, follow up on the meeting and write a brief report to management on the meeting outcomes.Project work


Written report

You must get satisfactory for all parts of the task.

Each student will submit unique work in their own words


Additional assessment information
Time limits –each of the assessments will have a set time to complete that is explained and agreed before you start. There is timed assessment for practicals that are completed in class.

Use of support material – the written work can refer to a textbook or notes but must   be in your own

words. Tests are   from memory so you cannot use your textbook or notes

Reasonable adjustment – if you think there are issues that could impact on your ability to perform then you need to talk to your trainer/assessor prior to doing the task

Re-assessments and re-sits – The student is informed that the assessment is not pass/fail in the marking guide above and that feedback is provided. The Assessor may set another time for the gap assessment or follow up extra practical assessment or with open questions if there is doubt about responses or demonstration of skills. Students should be successful at the second attempt. If a re-sit is necessary, the conduct of the task will depend on the type of assessment. Re-sits are more likely for written tests.

Appeals process – after the assessment, if you have concerns, then you should talk to your assessor. There is an assessment appeal policy and procedure that is followed.

Assessment Task-2 Conduct, follow up and report
on a meeting

Assessment description

BSB50215 Diploma BusinessThis assessment task builds upon the work completed in Assessment Task 1. In this assessment you are required to conduct the meeting that you planned in Assessment Task 1 for the simulated workplace, the Adept Owl Games Company. You will review the minutes to ensure they are a true and accurate record of the discussions. You will then prepare a report for management detailing the outcomes of the meeting.

Note: The work completed for this assessment task provides the basis for Assessment Task 3. You will need to retain a copy of the minutes from this assessment for use in Assessment Task 3. Ensure you keep an electronic and/or hard copy of this completed assessment for future use.


Part A

Task 1:

Prepare to conduct your meeting. Access the action plan you developed in Assessment Task 1. Review this action plan and ensure that all tasks have been completed in preparation for the meeting you are to chair.

Task 2:

Where any tasks have not been completed, ensure these are completed before the next step.

Part B

Task 1:

Conduct and chair the meeting in accordance with the meeting agenda you developed in

Assessment 1:

  1. Identify a minute-taker. Provide the minute-taker with the meeting minutes’ template and brief them on the organisational requirements for taking meeting minutes.
  2. During the meeting you are required to:
    1. resolve at least one issue using a problem-solving technique
    2. take notes as appropriate.
  3. Collect the minutes from the minute-taker at the conclusion of the meeting.

Task 2:

Ask meeting participants to each complete the Meeting Participant Evaluation Form in Appendix 1.

Task 3:

Ask the minute-taker to complete the Minute-taker Evaluation Form in Appendix 2.

Part C

Task 1:

Check the minutes to make sure they are complete and accurate, as well as to ensure correct spelling, grammar and use of the template in line with organisational requirements.

Task 2:

Make corrections to the minutes as required.

Task 3:

Distribute the meeting minutes to meeting participants in line with organisational requirements, along with any follow-up documentation required by the meeting outcomes.

Task 4:

Submit the required documents for assessment as per the specifications below. Be sure to keep a copy for your records.

Trainer will also provide further explanations on the above instructions in the class which will clearly outline all requirements in more detail and simplistic way according to your understanding level.  You may also request your trainer for additional information and may seek help with summarizing of all instructions if required.

Submission Specifications

You must submit:

  • a completed Meeting Participant Evaluation Form (Appendix 1) for each participant
  • a completed Minute-taker Evaluation Form (Appendix 2)
  • the minutes as completed by the minute-taker
  • the corrected minutes
  • a copy of the communication you sent to distribute the meeting minutes and any follow-up documentation required by the outcomes of the meeting.

Appendix 1: Meeting participant evaluation form

Candidate name
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The meeting started on time.
The meeting purpose was clear.
The chairperson kept discussions focused on achieving the purpose of the meeting.
The chairperson maintained control of the meeting throughout the duration.
The chairperson ensured all participants were involved in discussions.
The chairperson facilitated the problem-solving activity to resolve any issues.
The chairperson facilitated decision-making to ensure required decisions were made.
The meeting followed the agenda.
The desired outcome for the meeting was achieved.
The meeting concluded on time.
General feedback regarding the way in which the meeting was conducted:

Appendix 2: Minute-taker evaluation form

Candidate name
Strongly AgreeAgreeNeutralDisagreeStrongly Disagree
The chairperson clearly explained the meeting purpose and the expected outcomes.
I was provided with a list of the attendees and their roles prior to the meeting.
I was provided a copy of a minute template to use to record the meeting discussions.
The chairperson explained any organisational requirements/conventions for recording the meeting minutes.
The chairperson explained the required method for recording meeting notes and their expectations with regards to the level of detail of information recorded.
I was provided with examples of previous minutes to assist me with understanding what was required.
It was clear to me what was expected.
General feedback regarding the information you were provided regarding taking minutes for the meeting:

AssessorCheck List

Assessment Task 2: Conduct, follow up and report on
a meeting


Did the candidate:Satisfactory
Submit a completed Meeting Participant Evaluation Form for each meeting participant?
Submit a completed Minute-taker Evaluation Form?
Submit the minutes as completed by the minute-taker?
Submit the corrected minutes?
Submit a copy of the communication sent to distribute the meeting minutes, along with any follow-up documentation required by the meeting outcomes?
Submit all documents within required timeframe?

Performance indicators

Did the candidate:Satisfactory


Provide completed meeting participant evaluation forms that provide evidence that, as chairperson, the candidate was responsible for chairing the meeting, encouraging discussion in an appropriate manner to facilitate outcomes in line with the meeting’s purpose?

BSB50215 Diploma Business

For example, the candidate:

?      communicated a clear understanding of the meeting purpose

?      kept discussions focused on achieving the purpose of the meeting

?      maintained control of the meeting throughout the duration

?      ensured all participants were involved in discussions

?      facilitated problem-solving through the use of problem-solving techniques and tools to resolve any issues

?      facilitated decision-making, through the use of a logical process that generated positive results

?      conducted the meeting according to the agenda

?      facilitated the achievement of an outcome

?      commenced and concluded the meeting on time.

Provide a completed Minute-taker Evaluation Form that provides evidence that, as chairperson, the candidate appropriately briefed the minute-taker on requirements?

For example, the candidate:

?      clearly explained the meeting purpose

?      provided information regarding attendees prior to the meeting

?      provided a copy of the Adept Owl meeting minutes template

?      explained any organisational requirements and/or conventions for recording the meeting minutes

?      explained the required method for recording meeting notes and their expectations of the level of detail of information recorded.

Demonstrate an ability to apply different strategies to review meeting minutes to ensure they are complete and accurate?

For example:

?      referring to notes taken during the meeting to confirm information

?      referring back to agenda and other meeting preparation documentation

?      spelling and grammar is checked and corrected

?      the template has been completed correctly and all sections contain information as appropriate to the meeting’s purpose, style and format

?      the template has been formatted in line with Adept Owl organisational requirements.

Distribute any follow-up documentation required by meeting outcomes?

For example:

?      reports

?      data

?      additional support material.


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