Wine Consumption In China
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This assignment develops your understanding of how changes in the international business environment affect the conduct of businesses both domestically and across national boundaries.

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Wine Consumption In china

This assignment helps you in developing the knowledge of Wine Consumption In China.Wine Consumption In China is very large.China is one of the largest importers of red wine and has overtaken other countries like Russia and UK in 2013 to become one of the largest importers of the red wine in the world. In this research we aim to understand the market consumption of the wine and the [potential of Australian wine to be exported in the country. Australia is the 4th largest wine exporter in the world and most of the wine that is being produced is being exported to other nations which accounts for more than 60%. Most of the brands have established themselves as the premium brands in other nations and the main challenge that they would be facing while entering China would be to get their positioning right. Even though it may be said that China is importing a large part of the wine that they consume, but due to the recent austerity measures by the government, we may say that the demand for premium brands not increasing to the extent that would excite foreign companies. One of the key differentiators for the Australian wine as compared to others is the variety that it offers as they have different wines that are produced from different parts of the country. They will not find much problem in the mid segment as the population in china would always prefer to have a foreign brand over the local counterpart even though there are a lot of indigenous producers who are coming up with brands that can give a tough competition to the foreign brands. It is the premium segment that we would be looking at in this assignment and trying to understand the gaps that are in the market and hence we try to analyse the market and the needs to fill in the gaps in the market (Shepard et al, 1972).

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