The Wiggles
Genre: General Awareness

The first assignment will cover the economic, political, financial, legal and socio-cultural factors, including various risks within foreign direct investment of businesses operating in both Australia and globally.

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The Wiggles

The first product category is Live Performances which will manage shows of the original members of The Wiggles group or their Thailand in front of the audience. The second product category is the Amusement Parks which will open amusement parks of The Wiggles theme for the consumers at different locations in Thailand and manage its operations. The third category is the partnership products such as toys, food, media, apparel and accessories which will look after the business opportunities from the licensing, merchandising and other associates opportunities from products produced by the partners but have The Wiggles brand (Rose 2006, pp. 25-27). Since each of these products are different from each other and there is less interference between their business and the skills of the resources involved in their functioning, it will be a good decision to a product division which gives enough independence and flexibility to each product division to manage its business in its own way. Further this will help the management to measure product of each division clearly and determine which division Is goind better and which is not and thereby not let the inefficiencies remain hidden (Francesco 2008, pp. 45-48). This organizational structure may also be replicated in other countries (Country X, Country Y and Country Z as shown in the diagram) with each country having its own GM and having different product categories as different product divisions. Thus a geographic divisonal structure with a product divisional structure may also be used by the organization.


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