About the Book

Website Development

Brief Background

The project is a website development project. We have to develop this website for the client named Shopmart.com, which is a new startup company. The business is an online e-commerce portal which provides an easy and a complete shopping experience to its users. The company wants to develop an interactive and user friendly website which would make it very easy for the users to shop online and at the same time be very attractive as well and entice them to visit the website on a regular basis. The client requirements include development of a website as well as the payment gateway for shopping online.

Current Status

The project is yet to get underway. We are currently in the stage of developing the Project Timelines and getting them approved from the client. So, once these project timelines have been approved, we will have an official kick-off of the project and start working on the suggested milestones as per the given timelines.

Justification of selection of the Project

The selected project is suitable for analysis of the topic as it encompasses all the stages that are prevalent in a typical Project Management Cycle. So we are going to follow all the necessary steps which include determining the scope of the project, Requirement Gathering, Finalizing the SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and the Budget with the client and then the moving ahead with the project. Also the development activity would be carried out using the Waterfall model of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC).

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