About the Book

Matthew was gazing out of the window and seemingly he is disturbed. A flurry of thoughts was flooding his mind. He didn’t know what is right; to be on the right side or should he take the side of his friend his buddy Brad with whom he had some great times. He tries to gather his thoughts, he had to do this, and he wants to get this out of his mind today. This has been disturbing him and of late he has not been able to focus on his job. He remembers that night vividly.

Matthew: (Sitting on his desk): “Hey Brad, How have you been, it’s a tiring day, can we have a cup of coffee?”

Brad: Yes mate, same here, I also badly need some caffeine in my system They both go into the cafeteria, sipping their cup of coffee.

Matthew: “You have been a good friend Brad, and as you know for me friends share everything between them, I wanted to ask you this and you have to tell me. Of late I have been seeing something suspicious with you and your work. What’s the deal mate?”

Brad (smiling): “oh nothing mate , might be the work is taking a toll on you. You are assuming things”

Matthew:(furious): “Oh Come On buddy, I’ve known you for so long, I know you in an out. Tell me what the deal is if you feel that I am your friend and this needs to be shared”

Brad: “ I trust you and I guess when I tell you something I mean that it should stay between you and me and no one else”

Mathew: “ that’s how it has been all this while right, but tell me what you are doing in between the office”

Brad “ Come with me let me show you something”

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