Trade Union
Genre: Business

Define and discuss the key components of High Performance Work Systems. How might they benefit organisational performance and what are some of the challenges in their application?

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Trade union is the union of trade or we can say organization of workers which work togeather to gain common goals.Trade unions are at the basic level an attempt by people to form an organization by joining hands to achieve their common goals and benefit as a group. The workers, if they try to achieve their goals and demands as individuals would not be successful and will not be able to put forward their demands in the appropriate forums due to the lack of strength in numbers (Klandermans, 1986).

This is the reason why the trade unions became prevalent and acted as an important tool for mobilising the strength of the working class of nations across the world. The working class was typified by working the shifts as required by the factories and living on the low basic wages being provided to them (Freeman et al., 1984). The living conditions were poor and the workers were unskilled which did not allow them to find alternate sources of income that easily. This gave a lot of power in the hands of the factory and mill owners. As evident in the way that the workers were treated by not providing them with proper work related environment and facilities showed the contempt that they were treated with. This cornering of the working class led to the emergence of the trade unions.

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