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Write an assignment about the importance of technology for the tourism industry ?

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Tourism Assignment help


Tourism has always been a very important component for any country’s Gross Domestic Product. Not only it helps a country to thrive on its socio economic aspects but also it helps in keeping the relationship with the foreign countries at a peaceful level and most importantly earns foreign currency which helps in keeping a healthy foreign cash reserve for the country. Overall, a country with an attractive tourism industry has a better probability to strengthen its economy.

However, travel and tourism industry is an international industry which is very competitive as well as unsteady. It is important for the players of this industry to constantly carry out various researches as well as implement market intelligence which may help the companies in anticipating future transformation. This will immensely help these companies in being equipped for dealing with these sudden changes. In this way they are less likely to be caught by surprise (Sharma et al. 2000).

Implementation of technology is one such way forward for the companies in this industry sector which will help the companies in having a better future forecasting process. Not only this, implementation of technology may also help the travel and tourism industry to increase the ease of access for the potential customers. This will provide the companies of this industry in addition to the whole industry as a whole when compared to other entertainment and leisure industries, with a significant competitive advantage (Gray, 2000).

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