Time Management
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To Research theoritical concepts on time management and discuss your efforts in implementing your action plan ?

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Time Management


In this assignment we would discuss the various theoretical aspects of the discussion that we had on improving the personal self. In the previous assignment we have discussed various things like time management and how I would utilize my time effectively in making use of the time in studies. One thing that is clear is that time management is one of the most important things that if controlled may be prioritizing the things to be done and at the same time identifying the areas that needs improvement and making the required changes in the same (Duffin, 2009, pg 8). One thing that needs to change here is that there should be a proper framework when work or a task needs to be completed and this is made possible only if we can make sure that the goal is set at the beginning of the task and then there is an action plan that is being set for the same. In this assignment thus e will discuss two things in detail; the theoretical aspects of various factors that were discussed in the first assignment and the second part would highlight the improvements that are being made in the same.

Theoritical Concepts

Time Management is one of the areas where there has been a lot if research in the recent years and at the same time this is one of those areas where there is little focus given. It has been found that in most of the activities that we do we waste a lot of time in doing the peripheral activities without properly focusing on the actual task. Time management may be defined as a set of activities that are a=carried by an individual to consciously cut down the wastages in the time by focusing only on the key thing to be done. This can help the individual in increasing the efficiency and productivity of operations. If the time is managed properly the chances of the errors that are made in a process also comes down drastically which can result in them reducing on the reworks and the costs associated with the same. One of the first things that one has to do at the time of time management is that they will have to ensure that the goals have to be set and at the same time they have to be divided into smaller milestones that should be achieved on a regular basis. One of the biggest errors that happens here is that people gets daunted with the task that is on hand and thus does not find a head way to achieve the goals. They can reduce the overall task by dividing it into simple tasks and at the same time this may be monitored on a regular basis where they can see whether the tasks that have been given has been achieved in the given time framer not. This approach also gives us the time to think over the mistakes that were done at the beginning and make the required changes.

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